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Intro to HPS of Science

by: Hulda Donnelly Sr.

Intro to HPS of Science LB 133

Marketplace > Michigan State University > OTHER > LB 133 > Intro to HPS of Science
Hulda Donnelly Sr.
GPA 3.78

Eric Berling

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About this Document

Eric Berling
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hulda Donnelly Sr. on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LB 133 at Michigan State University taught by Eric Berling in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/207236/lb-133-michigan-state-university in OTHER at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
LB 133 Sec 006 7 Spring 2011 Eric Berling Quiz 2 Study Guide The quiz will be composed of three sections and will be similar in format to Quiz 1 The first section will be True False questions the second will be composed of multiple choice questions and the nal section will require short answers about a paragraph each The quiz will cover everything we ve done from Tuesday 2 8 7 Tuesday 315 consult the reading schedule In preparing for the quiz you have three resources to review the readings we have done the materials available on ANGEL powerpoints worksheets videos etc and your class notes from the lectures and our discussions In general the questions on the quiz will focus on the material that we have covered in class You should also be able to put author s names with ideas For instance you should know that Popper suggested the idea that falsi cationism is at the core of science Below are some central ideas from our course content that you ll want to be very familiar and comfortable with Thagard Why Astrology is a Pseudoscience 0 Be familiar with the more charitable account of astrology that Thagard provides and how previous representations of astrology oversimplified and represented it inaccurately 0 Know the earlier attempts to demarcate astrology from science that Thagard discusses as well as why he thinks those attempts were ultimately unsuccess ll 0 Know the criteria that Thagard uses to demarcate pseudoscience from science and understand why astrology satisfies those criteria Voss Darwin 0r Moses Function and Signi cance of Darwin s Portrait 0 Be especially familiar with the points that were emphasized in the powerpoint and class discussions Endersby Escaping Darwin s Shadow 0 Be especially familiar with the points that were emphasized in the powerpoint and class discussions Darwin Origin of Species Ch VI Ch IX and the background material available in the lectures 0 Be especially familiar with the points that were emphasized in the powerpoint and class discussions Be able to present the major difficulties that Darwin discusses in Ch VI and know the responses he offers to them Understand the relationship between Ch VI and Ch IX LB 133 Sec 006 7 Spring 2011 Eric Berling Lad man Ch 6 162 169 0 Know what underdetermination is 0 Know what the weak underdetermination problem is you should be able to present it in its argument form 7 two premises and a conclusion and understand how it is a potentially signi cant problem for science Know some examples of the weak underdetermination problem Be familiar with some possible solutions to the weak underdetermination problem especially the ones we discussed in class Know the strong underdetermination problem and know that Descartes was the rst to discuss it Prindle Gould and the Politics of Evolution Ch 1 0 Be especially familiar with the points that were emphasized in the powerpoint and class discussion Gould The Mismeasure of Man 1 Introduction 7 p5160 2 Measuring Heads 7 p105l4l 3 Hereditarian Theory of IQ 7 176204 0 For the Introduction 1 and Measuring Heads 2 be able to answer all of the questions found in the worksheet that we completed as a class a digital copy of this worksheet is available on ANGEL in the Powerpoints Handouts etc from Lecture folder Be familiar with key people like Broca and how they t into the history Gould is discussing Additionally from our class lecturediscussions 0 Be able to explain how the various ideas we have focused on interconnect and relate to one another Be able to brie y draw some connections between the NOVA Hunting the Hidden Dimension Video on fractals link available on ANGEL to concepts from the course Additionally you should be completely comfortable with the following past ideas in order to help you draw connections between past current and lture course concepts Bacon 9 Inductivism Science should make unbiased presuppositionless observations and experiments from which we should use induction to arrive at generalizations The context of discovery is the context of justi cation Of course all knowledge produced this way faces the Problem of Induction as presented rst by Hume Popper 9 Falsificationism The context of discovery is irrelevant to science the origin of an idea has no impact on its scienti c merit What does matter is the content of an idea 7 if a claim is falsi able in principle then it may be scienti c Scientists should rigorously put such claims to test


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