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Managerial Marketing

by: Jeanette Orn

Managerial Marketing MKT 300

Jeanette Orn
GPA 3.89

Forrest Carter

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About this Document

Forrest Carter
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanette Orn on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 300 at Michigan State University taught by Forrest Carter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 173 views. For similar materials see /class/207245/mkt-300-michigan-state-university in Marketing at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
MKT 300 MARKETING MANAGEMENT 330 Spring 2012 Section 001 Open only to juniors or seniors in programs for which M80 327 is a cataloglisted requirement TIME MW 3200 4220 LOCATION N130 BCC PHONE 432 6396 EMAIL carterfmsuedu OFFICE N320 North Business Complex TA Robert McElmurry rjmmsuedu MW 1000 am 1130 am amp by appointment Web aCcess on Angel System COURSE OBJECTIVES The fundamental objectives for this course are to provide students with a substantive introduction to the discipline of marketing and an overview of the decisions involved in developing a marketing strategy Students completing the course will have an understanding of marketing s role in society and especially its role in the operation of a business or organization In particular course will focus on the components of a marketing plan and the integration of marketing concepts and customer wants into the strategic objectives of the other functional areas of the business REQUIRED TEXT Marketing F with Customers by Gilbert Harrell NOTE Students should purchase the text without the accompanying course pack Marketing Plan Primer by Forrest S Carter will be made available online 1 TECHNOLOGY The class requires students to use clicker technology specifically iclicker httpwwwic1ickercom GRADING The course grade will be based on exams 64 a marketing plan outline 20 and class participation 16 Grades will be assigned based on the following scale Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Exam 3 100 points nal Exam 400 points Exam 4 100 points Class Participation 140 points Marketing Plan 160 points TOTAL 700 GRADE TOTAL POINTS GRADE TOTAL POINTS 40 700 7 630 20 524 490 35 629 7 595 15 489 455 30 595 7 560 10 454 420 25 359 525 EXAMS There will be four exams during the term and an optional comprehensive final exam The course grade will be calculated one of two ways The four exam scores class participation score Marketing Plan Project or 2 The final exam score class participation score Marketing Plan Project If a student takes all four exams and the final then their score will be calculated both ways and they will receive whichever grade is higher Each of the exams during the term will have 40 multiple choice or truefalse questions worth 15 points each The final exam will have 60 multiple choice or truefalse questions worth 5 points each All class materials including films readings and guest speakers are eligible for exam questions Materials contained in the FYI folders on angel site though WILL NOT appear on exams Students will be notified of their exam scores by email The exams themselves will not be returned Students are free though to review exams and go over results during office hours They should bring a copy of the feedback form that was emailed to them during this visit Students MUST bring a photo ID MSU ID with picture driver39s license etc with them to the exam Exam Scores WILL NOT BE RECORDED until proper identification has been presented Students should also bring a pencil MAKEUP EXAMS will be given only if authorized by professor prior to an exam being missed There will be no exceptions Thus if a student misses one of the term exams without authorization they will have to take the final All make ups must be made at one of two designated time periods MARKETING PLAN OUTLINE As stated earlier one of the primary goals of the course is to familiarize students with the components and process of developing a marketing plan The size and format of the class does not allow for an extensive detailed marketing plan to be developed but students will prepare a marketing plan summary Students will form teams of at least three and at most five members Teams will then select a brand from a Fortune 500 company to analyze and develop an assessment of their marketing plan This outline will be completed in eight sequential parts electronically on angel Each part will be evaluated separately and students provided feedback so that any deficiencies or misunderstandings on one part will not negatively impact the next Each part is worth 20 points Teams have both positive and negative consequences for the learning process The main positive consequence is that it helps builds students collaborative skills which are so critical in today s work environments The main negative though is that freeloaders often take advantage of more serious students and either dilute the group s grade or create an unfair workload on the more conscientious members To address these issues EVERY member of each team will be required to be responsible for a specific portion of each part Clerical activities such as submitting information taking notes at meeting or even attending meetings do not count as areas of responsibilities Students will be required to specifically identify which questions they and their team members are responsible for More than one team member may have responsibility for a given question or task A student s grade will be based on 80 of their performance on the questions they were responsible for and 20 on the overall grade given to that part In this same context Parts will not be accepted late Once the site on angel has closed no additional submissions will be accepted Students should ALWAYS print out a copy of their submission with the angel date stamp in the event of angel going down and the submission lostll CLASS PARTICIPATION The format for the course is lecture Lectures are designed to complement and enhance the text That is to put key terms and concepts into a context in order to enhance students understanding Thus class participation in the form of attendance and attentiveness is a critical part of the course Class participation will be worth 20 of the course grade or 140 points The class participation grade will be based on questions asked in class using the liclickerl system There will be a maximum of seven participations points available for each class Three points will be given for answering more than 50 of the questions asked Two additional points will be given if more than 50 of the questions are answered correctly and another two additional points will be given if more than 75 of all of the questions are answered correctly The maximum points possible for class participation are 140 Excluding the exams and the days allowed students to obtain and register their iclicker there are 23 class sessions Thus there will be enough opportunities to allow students to miss up to three classes class participation opportunities without any effect on their class participation grade Any student found using someone else s clicker will loose ALL class participation points up to that point Attendance records will be posted regularly so that any errors or discrepancies can be addressed in a timely manner EXTRA CREDIT From time to time exercises and activities will appear on angel Extra credit points will be given for these exercises and activities Typically there is a short designated time period to complete these assignments You must complete these exercises in the specified time period COURSE POLICIES This course will be conducted under the Eli Broad College of Business Honor Code It is every student s responsibility to know and understand every aspect of this code The full text of this code can be found at httpwwwbusmsueduinformationnewscfmnewsid767 In addition to the tenants of this Honor Code the following policies will also be enforced Class notes are not available from the instructor What is available will be posted on Angel Any con ict you may have with the final exam must be resolved before finals week Any act of dishonesty will result in a 00 for that particular exam or assignment and may result in a 00 for the course Please go to the necessary room before exam and bring any tissues pencils or other personal items that might be needed Students will not be permitted to leave class once exam has started Cell phones of all types are banned during exams and extracredit exercises Any student seen with a cell phone will receive a 00 for that exam or exercise Cell phones must be turned off and packed away or in pocket or carrying case MP3 players etc baseball caps electronic dictionaries or any sort of electronic device are also harmed Students must make sure that all coats book bags notes and other materials are stored completely under their at There should be nothing in the aisles in front of or beside the student Exposed material of whatever nature will be grounds to have the student moved or exam confiscated DO NOT sit in the first two rows of any section on the day of the exam Also on exam days do not exist through the doors in the front of the classroom Students must present a picture ID when turning in their exam Without picture ID exam can be taken but it will not recorded until an ID is presented A student arriving after another student has completed the exam and left will not be permitted to take that exam unless prior arrangements have been made They may be able to take the make up exam depending upon the situation Please Do not call the office for information concerning grades or other information about the course The secretaries do not have the information All necessary announcements will be made in class placed on web page or sent through email Students should make sure they have a functioning MSU email address In particular make sure mail box is not full on the days following an exam extra credit exercise or class participation assignment It is the student s responsibility to KEEP ALL FEEDBACK FORMS FROM EXAMS CLASS PARTICIPATION ASSIGNEMENTS AND EXTRA CREDIT EXERCISES No corrections to grades will be made unless a corresponding feedback form can be presented It is the student s responsibility to make sure on the days following an exam or extra credit exercise that there is room in the mail box for the feedback form Once the scoring office sends them out they can not be recovered or resent if returned due to mail box being full Students taking makeup exams should get copy of scantron from TA Class participation records are updated each week It is the student s responsibility to review those records and report any discrepancy immediately to the TA CORRECTIONS WILL NOT BE MADE IF DISCREPANCY IS NOT REPORTED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF ITS OCCURRENCE If a student forgets or loses their Iclicker then that class counts as one of the three they are allowed to miss without penalty Any student found using someone else s clicker or passing off someone else s clicker as their own will loose ALL class participation points up to that point SUMMARY OF COURSE CALENDAR DATE EVENTTASK 118 First day class participation scored using iclicker 120 Part I of Marketing Plan Project Due 127 Part II of Marketing Plan Project Due 25 Online help session for exam 1 26 Exam 1 224 Part III of Marketing Plan Project Due 25 Online help session for exam 2 229 Exam 2 316 Part IV of Marketing Plan Project Due 323 Part V of Marketing Plan Project Due 43 Online help session for exam 3 44 Exam 3 46 Part VI of Marketing Plan Project Due 4 13 Part VII of Marketing Plan Project Due 416 Make up exams for exams 1 or 2 100 220 room N022 BCC 424 Online help session for exam 4 425 Exam 4 427 Part VIII of Marketing Plan Project Due Make up exam for exams 3 or 4 100 220 room N022 BCC 51 Final Exam 53 Make up for Final Exam 4 ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE PARTI AN OVERVIEW OF MARKETING Articles Changing Role of Marketing Dreaming Europe in a Wide Awake World ClassDate Topic Presentation Theme Reading 1 Jan 09 Essence of Marketing lIt s Allll That 2 11 The Managerial Role of Marketing Get Down with CCC Ch 1 pgs 3 23 3 18 Core Concepts Part 1 The History of Funk Ch 1 pgs 24 31 4 23 Core Concepts Part 2 Sugu Versus Sequels Ch 7 pgs 190 195 5 25 Dynamics of Growth Acquisition The Mugic of Marketing Ch 9 pgs 250 258 Ch 7 pgs 201 207 Ch 10pgs 280294 6 30 Dynamics of Growth Retention Whut s Love Got to do with It Ch 7 pgs 195 200 7 Feb 01 Marketing Planning Out play Outwit Out lust Ch 2 Primer Ch 1 8 06 EXAM 1 PART II INFORMATION FOUNDATIONS FOR MARKETING PLAN Articles A Study of Business Models quotAttributes Benefits Customer Value ClassDate Topic Presentation Theme Reading 9 Feb 08 Information Dynamics Cun You Be The One Ch 4 Primer Ch 2 10 13 Situation Analysis Seeing The Future First Ch 3 Primer Ch 3 11 15 Competitive Anal amp Bus Model One Store Stunding Ch 15 Primer Ch 4 12 20 Understanding Buyers I In Search of Cool Ch 5 pgs 146 152 13 22 Understanding Buyers ll Murketing MindMelt Ch 5 pgs 134 145 14 27 Understanding Buyers 111 Where the Action is Ch 6 15 29 EXAM 2 PART III DEVELOPING STRATEGIC FRAME WORKS FOR MARKETING PLAN Articles Market Segmentation Target Market Selection amp Positioning Creating Customer Value ClassDate Topic Presentation Theme Reading 16 March 12 Marketing Objectives 1 looking Under Underweur Primer Ch 5 17 14 Segmentation Are they all Just Jeons Ch 8 pgs 215 232 18 19 Segmentation Strategy Now You re Selling SEX Ch 8 pgs 233 239 Primer Ch 6 19 21 Positioning Strategy It s a Gthung Ch 8 pgs 240 243 Primer Ch 7 20 26 General Marketing Strategy Street King to Screen King Primer Ch 8 21 28 Competitive Strategy Co ee Wurs Primer Ch 9 22 Apr 02 lMC Strategy Pussionotely Selling Passion Ch 12 Primer Ch 10 23 04 EXAM 3 ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE CONTINUED PART IV VALUE CREATING DECISIONS Articles The Coming Era of Brand in the Hand Marketing Getting the Most Out of Advertising amp Promotion Adding Social Media to Marketing Mix ClassDate Topic Presentation Theme Reading 24 Apr 09 Brand Management Jones Soda Story Ch 11 319 399 Ch 9 pgs 260 273 25 11 The Communication Mix 1 Making Meaning Ch 13 pgs 376 391 26 16 The Communication Mix 2 Making Mall Tra ic Ch 13 pgs 392 405 27 18 Personal Selling 1 LOVE this 1017 Ch 14 28 23 Pricing Strategy Capturing Value Chs 17 amp 18 29 25 EXAM 4 FINAL EXAM 512012 300 pm 500 pm in classroom um ausmzss comma mug sm wm moan m EMERGENCY GUIDELINES 1 FORANY EMERGENCY i evacunmu GUIDELINES 1 Pull me Nam and can 1 2 Lawva 3 Persunal Radio 1 on campus ircns m m Ham I39Mu East av m we Bogucsv nemOwt n n ME w Mum procedures c u ullv nu nhw luluIII mu mama my Wormliar nun you my muminq naminth mamm Pimenan Can w Famny cmelgancy


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