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Personal Selling & Buying Proc

by: Jeanette Orn

Personal Selling & Buying Proc MKT 313

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Marketing > MKT 313 > Personal Selling Buying Proc
Jeanette Orn
GPA 3.89

Douglas Hughes

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About this Document

Douglas Hughes
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanette Orn on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 313 at Michigan State University taught by Douglas Hughes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/207249/mkt-313-michigan-state-university in Marketing at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Objections and Responses True Stall Paul Wells This is a decision that I am going to have to think over and won t be able to answer today Salesperson I completely understand Is there anything I can do which may help in your decision on choosing Boyne Mountain Resort Paul Wells No we just need more time to evaluate We have to look at our budget and make sure we don t go over Salesperson I understand the budget problem and I think that the Boyne Mountain Resort will be a de nite fit for your Insurance group If we could set up a time next week and talk about your decision about choosing the Boyne Mountain Resort Would that give you enough time Paul Wells Yes next week would be great Salesperson If you have any comments or questions before our meeting please don t hesitate calling me False Stall Paul Wells I am going to need more time to think this over Can I get back to you in the future Salesperson Did I cover everything about Boyne Mountain Res01t which you wanted to know about Paul Wells You covered everything that I wanted to know but I just need some more time to think about Boyne Mountain Resort Salesperson Do you think that Boyne Mountain Res01t will satisfy your 3 day fall spring golf outing Paul Wells Yes but I am concerned with how Boyne Mountain Resort can compare with Grand Traverse Resort or Crystal Mountain Resort Value Paul Wells I am not sure if Boyne Mountain Res01t is worth the extra money Salesperson What makes you feel that Boyne Mountain Resort isn t worth the extra money Paul Wells I feel that we could take our 3 day spring golf outing to another resort for a better price Salesperson I understand but with Boyne Mountain Resort you have better quality which will make your employees happy Our golf course is a wonderful 18 hole course We strive with our customer service so we cater to all of your needs If you look at our reviews everyone is happy with the service and price Also I think you will stay in your 30000 budget Paul Wells After looking at all the features you offer that you have a good price for your value Salesperson Does that make you feel better about the price of Boyne Mountain Resort Paul Wells Yes it does Finance Paul Wells I like the Boyne Mountain Resort and want my 3 day spling golf outing at Boyne Mountain Resort Salesperson Should we start talking about payment options Paul Wells Well money is kind of tight light now I m not sure if I can pay all of the money up front Salesperson Boyne Mountain Resort would be a great t for you If you decide that it is the light fit for you we can set up a payment plan We have another six months till you will be going for your golf outing We can set up a six month payment plan How does that sound to you Paul Wells That sounds great Previous Representative Paul Wells About two years ago we had a company trip and we had talked to one of your representatives about choosing the Boyne Mountain Resort we had issues with the representative The representative refused us time to choose and told us that if we didn t choose at that very moment we wouldn t be able to book at the resort Salesperson I would to apologize for that salespersons attitude and carelessness Our company has dismissed that salesperson and now we have a policy that we give all our potential customers time to choose I also personally guarantee that you will never have to deal with that rudeness from our company again Is there anything that we can do to prove ourselves Paul Wells Thank you for the apology and you proved to us by having a sincere apology that you cared Salesperson Thank You Problem With Company Paul Wells What you are telling me about Boyne Mountain Resort seems good but I have heard bad things about Boyne Mountain Resort from friends who have stayed there Salesperson I am surprised to hear that What have you heard about us Paul Wells I have heard that your maids don t clean properly that the food isn t cooked right that your swimming pool wasn t clean and that you don t have great customer service I value all these things and if Boyne Mountain Resort doesn t value these things then I don t want to have a vacation there Salesperson I can assure you that we don t operate like this I am so sorry your friends have had bad experiences I will make sure I resolve these problems light away and make sure that your friends are happy with us once again I personally guarantee that we have outstanding service and we are very clean We recently just got awarded by our customer service Here is a list of our reviews and 9 out of 10 people tell us that are service is outstanding and would love to come back Paul Wells Wow I am surprised by these reviews I guess my friends just weren t in the greatest mood when coming to your resort and just had a bad time by not being in a good mood I will look into choosing you guys Salesperson Is there anything I can do to prove to you that we have outstanding service Paul Wells No you proved enough and I would like to thank you for your time and showing us that you guys have great service Salesperson No problem Product Objection One Paul Wells I am impressed with what you have showed me so far but I m not sure if your resort has everything that would fit our itinerary


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