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Methods of Social Research I

by: Jan Torphy

Methods of Social Research I SOC 281

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Sociology > SOC 281 > Methods of Social Research I
Jan Torphy
GPA 3.95

Maryhelen Macinnes

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About this Document

Maryhelen Macinnes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jan Torphy on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 281 at Michigan State University taught by Maryhelen Macinnes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207268/soc-281-michigan-state-university in Sociology at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Survey Research Pros O O Cons O O Versatile I 1 use for descriptive research I Main reason why they are so common I A lot ofinformation on a variety of categories Efficient I A lot of data for little money relatively quickly I Generalizable I Use EPSM to be most generalizable Hard to do well ifyou don t know what you re doing I Measurement issues Problems ofnonresponse and nonresponse bias Misinterpretations by survey taker Give more socially acceptable answers than true response I Social desirability bias 12 problems with survey writing 0 00000 000000 0 O O Iargon slang abbreviations Ambiguity vagueness Emotionally charged language Prestige Bias Double barreled questions Beliefs as reality I We don t do things the same that we think we do Avoid leading questions Unanswerable False premise Distant future intentions Double negative or any negatives Overlapping or unbalanced response options I Exhaustive 0 Everyone has a place to go I Exclusive 0 Has only one place to go I Balanced 0 Show as many options for and against Types of questions Matrix I Likert scale question multiple questions with same answers Contingency I If YES go to question 3 Open ended I Smaller group of people not as generalizable have better validity 0 Close ended I Easier to generalize larger groups 0 Types of Surveys 0 Mail I Cost 510cheap I Response rates 50 I Pros 0 Cheap er survey options 0 Good for anonymous I Cons 0 Lower response rates Slower and less control Limit on types of questions Language issue 0 Telephone I Pros 0 Response rate can be 90 o All strengths of face to face with half the cost 0 High cost and time limit 0 High refusal midinterview quitting no anonymity o Inperson I Pros 0 High response rateshigher generalizability 0 Not time limited 0 Decrease number of quotdon t knowsquot I Cons 0 Very expensive 0 Online I Same procons of mail surveys I Cheap quick I Contingencyformatting issues reduced I Problem of access bias 0 Formatting Questionnaire 0 Responses down page rather than across 0 Use arrows for contingency questions 0 Visual aids 0 Experiments 0 Why do experiments 0 Pros I Relatively easy to isolate the effect of a single factor I Easy replication I Great for explanatory research 0 Cons I Not appropriate for many topics


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