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Political Sociology

by: Jan Torphy

Political Sociology SOC 331

Jan Torphy
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jan Torphy on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 331 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/207271/soc-331-michigan-state-university in Sociology at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Nijhoff SOC 331 Fall 2003 a c chapter 6 d z39 chapter 7 39 n39 chapter 8 0 2 chapter 9 Key notes Chapters 6 7 8 9 Barber Chapter 6 Hollvwood McWorld s Videologv quotThe table for McWorld has been set by Hollywoodquot p 88 monocu1ture monopolies and mergers domestic lmmaking in relation to Hollywood in relation to free trade and GATT conclusion p 91 example France conclusion p 93 government regulation and effectiveness of that regulation EU quotThe dismal story of lm in Europe can be duplicated over and over again around the worldquot p exceptions quot the commercial habitations of the new world being imagineered in Hollywood and its satellitesquot p 97 quotWho will get the private sector off the back of civil societyquot p 98 quotFilms are central to the market economyquot p 98 Chapter 7 Television and MTV McWorld39s Noisy Soul Television as the preferred medium of McWorld 7 why examples across the globe conclusion page 104 MTV 7 picture of the rapid changes and global access cultural colonialism dissident radio stations MTV as being part of the process of democratization of Eastern Europe quotTo create the cultural values necessary to material consumption is McWorld s rst operating imperativequot p 109 Conclusion p 109 p 110 quotthe point is neither the words nor even the music quot p 111 goals of MTV executives p 111 quotWhat is clear is that Jackson is neither a boy nor a man but rather a productquot Berlusconi impact television on politics quotStates once did 39 the 39 quot39 oft 1 vi i quot p 112 7 compared to today 39replacement39 of monopolies 7 p 114 Rupert Murdoch39s News Corporation elementary theory of markets common currency of sex and violence dissident poetry example conclusion p 115116 conclusions p 116 quotTelevision is unlikely to enhance learning it is better at annihilating than at nurturing the critical facultiesquot p 117 Chapter 8 T 39 quot and the Theme Parking of McWorld quotDemocracy like a good book takes timequot p 118 teleliterature and status of books today corrupting reach of image makers p 120 relation books and television lm global book publishing 7 global examples quotJeanPaul Sartre once remarked that he had never felt so free as under the Nazi occupationquot p 123 publishing rms and lm industry vertical and horizontal integration Time Warner p 126 global examples p 127128 conclusions quotdisplacement of the actively imaginative reader by the passive receptive spectatorquot p 128 example McDonald s and fast food as more than a quick lunch Theme Parks and Shopping Malls quotcommercial consumption to dominate public spacequot p 130 boundaries and architecture malls quotMalls are theme parks theme parks are whole suburban counties suburban counties are mallsquot p 131 p 132 state in uence the privatization of government example Ossi Park quotWalt Disney World is McWorld39s front parlorquot p 134 p 136 quotAll you can do is buy a ticket to watch watch without consequences watch without engagement watch without responsibilityquot Conclusion p 136 Chapter 9 Who Owns McWorld The Media Merger Frenzvquot Synergy monopoly and uniformity censorship as a consequence of inelastic markets imperfect competition and economies of scale examples quottoday the wonders of synergy permit one entity to control the entire processquot p 138 commercial totalitarianism vertical integration of the media 7 development over time conclusion p 144 example Paramount example QVC conclusion p 146 conclusions p 148 Nation and government regulation pp 148149 Declaration of Interdependence Toward the World in 2005 p 150 original question p 151 questions Nijhoff SOC 33139 Fall 2003 Key notes Chapters 2001 Introduction Introduction 12 Barber 2001 Introduction McW0rld Jihad de nitions relationship to democracy consequences of both quotsecond democratic frontquot fundamentalism p XVi quotglobalization s current architecture breeds anarchy nihilism and Violencequot ne01iberal and market economy sovereignty and interdependence s0ft imperialism Bretton Woods IMF World Bank GATT p XXVi quotMcWorld is everywhere CiVWorld is nowherequot relati0nship democracy and free market global asymmetry res publicae Introduction scenari0s ofrace and soul p 4 parad0X and dialectic of Jihad and McWorld commonality of Jihad and McWorld relati0nship t0 nationalism relati0nship to citizenship right to selfdetermination example Afghanistan defmiti0ns Jihad integration and disintegration quotThe smalling world of McWorldquot forms of interdependence markets and freedom dynamics McWorld and Jihad examples pp 1720


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