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Intro To Human Nutrition

by: Jace Gleason

Intro To Human Nutrition HNF 150

Jace Gleason
GPA 3.82

Dale Romsos

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About this Document

Dale Romsos
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jace Gleason on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HNF 150 at Michigan State University taught by Dale Romsos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see /class/207274/hnf-150-michigan-state-university in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
HNF 150 Spring 2009 Exam 2 Study Guide Study tips 1 Make sure you have done the reading if you have not yet already 2 Go through the study guide Find each concept or bullet point in your notes Make sure you have a full understanding of the concept including the context Work on memorizing your understanding and your notes If you feel like your notes do not fully explain the concept go back to the book and find the answers in the book 8 Remember Giyen termsconcepts you will need to be able to provide the definition of the term according to the readings and lecture notes or examples of the term Given a definition of the termconcept andor an example be able to state the term 4 Pay particular attention to making sure you are memorizing your general understanding to be able to apply your knowledge to EXAMPLES or questions asking for application of your knowledge Examples of applicationexample questions The more animal protein you eat the higher your intake of B Vitamin D C folate D Vitamin B hich of these foods is the poorest source of protein W A hamburger B whole milk r flul c39 D black beans E eggs Which type of vegetarian needs to be most concerned about making sure they eat quotcomplementary proteinsquot A lactoVegetarian A pescoVegetarian An ovoVegetarian A lactoovo vegetarian A c D E Which hamburger and bun toast and strawberry jam pasta with tomato sauce green salad with garbanzo beans mpowz HNF 150 Spring 2009 Exam 2 Study Guide You have a friend who has very little exposure to the sun and she consumes very few calcium rich foods In addition she has a 2yearold child and 3monthold twins Your friend is at very high risk for developing a pellagra b rickets c beriberi A person who has taken antibiotics for several weeks because of a severe bacterial infection may develop a de ciency of which vitamin a vitamin A b vitamin D c vitamin E L r The USDA has designed the least costly nutritious diet for a family known as the Thrif Food Plan Proteins and Amino Acids majority of exam I Termsconcepts protein amino acid essential amino acid conditionally essential amino acid protein synthesis polypeptide dipeptide tripeptide HCl hydrochloric acid breaks down proteins in the stomach first stage of protein digestion electrolyte balance enzyme edema protein quality limiting amino acid highquality protein complementary proteins mutual supplementation positive and negative nitrogen balance nitrogen equilibrium Be able to describe the general structure of proteins and the three components of amino acids amine group acid group EL side chain Be able to state how many essential amino acids exist 9 and why adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids are required for protein synthesis What happens to protein synthesis when we do not eat all of the essential amino acids protein synthesis shuts down Be able to describe what makes different proteins different and the 7 roles of protein in the body sequence of AA affinity for water shape EL composition State the different paths an amino acid can take once it reaches the cells Describe in detail protein digestion and absorption step by step Be able to answer any factual question based on Figure 68 First in stomach where denaturization occurs then to small intestine AA are further broken down then absorbed in intestinal cells then go to bloodstream no carriers then go to liver for processing then to the rest of the body HNF 150 Spring 2009 Exam 2 Study Guide If we don t eat enough protein in the day protein synthesis shuts down Describe the purpose of and how to conduct a nitrogen balance study List the symptomsfeatures and causes of two types of protein calorie malnutrition When is the most common cause of kwashiorkor What is the main cause of marasmus State the consequences of consuming too much protein and amino acid supplements Be able to determine general categories of food sources of protein Vegetarian Diets 2 or 3 questions Terms to describe vegetarian diets Table C61 fleXitarian mostly eats veggies but occasionally eats meat State the health benefits of vegetarian vs meat eating diets Describe considerations when planning vegetarian and meateating diets Be able to list environmental and energy costs of meat NY times article According to the article figure 1 at the same calorie level production of beef steak uses times more fossil fuel consumption than production of vegetables and rice 10 times in the US Vitamins majority of exam Be able to state the definitions and characteristics of watersoluble and fatsoluble vitamins in terms of food sources digestion and absorption travel through body general requirements and toxicity For each of the following vitamins be able to state the main functions of the vitamin in the body deficiency disease symptoms of deficienc ll quot T 39 39 ill v v only ones tested Be able to state the mainobvious food sources of above vitamins and CATEGORIES of food sources Describe the definition function and food sources of antioxidant vitamins beta carotene vitamin E and vitamin C Vitamin E food sources are plants such as nuts oils EL germ of seeds Beta carotene Dark green leafy veggies and orange foods such as carrots sweet potatoes HNF 150 Spring 2009 Exam 2 Study Guide Energy Balance 10 questions Termsconcept1 BMR BMl Set point theory thermogeneis leptin settling zone calorimeter satiety satiation hunger appetite skinfolds underwater weighing bioelectrical Impedance Dual energy Xray absorptiometry DEXA visceral fat subcutaneous fat waist circumference Be able to state the three components of body s energy expenditure and relatively how much each contributes to energy expenditure List the factors affecting BMR and whether or not they increase or decrease BMR ls BMl a good measure of body fatness Be able to state how many calories equal a pound of body fat 8500 calorieslb of fat and be able to calculate weight gain given excess calories Be able to describe the set point theory thermoenesis excess kcals are getting burned in body settling zone takes the environment into account your body wants to stay in a zone and you cannot sway and function of leptin in the body hormone that suppresses appetite State the health consequences associated with low and very high BMl different types of body fat distribution cardiovascular fitness and healthy eating If someone eats 7000 calories how many lbs will they gain 2 lbs Eating Disorders ON YOUR OWN pp 360366 Be able to state the definition characteristics causes consequences and treatment of Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Binge eating disorder How is dieting related to eating disorders Healthy at Every Size Termsconcept1 Intuitive eating healthy at every size normal eating eating behavior continuum weight cycling Be able to identify the relative importance of BMI and fitness for health consequences and mortality fitness is more important than BMI for health consequences and mortality State the psychological and physiological harms associated with dieting Dieting and starvation affects HNF 1 Food I Video 50 Spring 2009 nsecurity and Hunger about 8 questions Termsconcepts2 Food security Food insecurity hunger Low food security very low food security Food Stamps WlC Thrifty Food Plan National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs Summer Food Service Program Senior Nutrition Program Home congregate Temporary Assistance to Needy Families TANF aka welfare Earned Income TaX Credit Emergency Food Assistance Competitive Food Food recovery Be able to state how food insecurity is measured in the US and list reasons why food insecurity and hunger eXist in the US For the Thrifty Food Plan USDA School Lunch Program School Breakfast Progam Food Stamp Program USDA be able to state which agency regulates the program and who the target audience is How often is the Thrifty Food Plan updated and how is it determined What items can be purchased with Food Stamps What are the income requirements for eligibility to the School Lunch Program 180 poverty line for free meal 185 for reduced price Be able to list the nutrient requirements for a school lunch and for competitive foods Who are the targets of the W1C program and how does it work women and children What are the documented benefits of the W1C program Provide low income pregnant women and mothers with nourishing food What does WlC stand for Women Infants Children Be able to state the health psychosocial and academic consequences of food insecurity and hunger for US children and aduhs What are the reasons why women might be both food insecure and overweight Is this phenomenon generally true for men and children as well Why or why not Be able to list and describe US government food security programs and other charitable programs Internationally which groups are most susceptible to hunger children What is the most common cause of death among malnourished children starvation Exam 2 Study Guide MinnesotaKeyes Starvation Study and Garner article What were the purposes of the study Who were the subjects What are the symptoms of semistarvation lrritability What caused edema Protein deficiency


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