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Bowling I

by: Paul Leuschke V

Bowling I KIN 106C

Paul Leuschke V
GPA 3.65

A. Nichols

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About this Document

A. Nichols
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paul Leuschke V on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 106C at Michigan State University taught by A. Nichols in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/207284/kin-106c-michigan-state-university in Kinesiology at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Basic Seere Keeping 1en hemee The ee1ee1 Meach heme 1n eewhne 15 1e knack we e11 1en pm ene1he ee1ee1enhe eeme1e1e have e h1eh eeene 1n1hhhhhhhh 1n h 0151 exampb heme 1 when Juhn mad he he be he knucked eewn a pm en 1he eeeene eeu he knucked eewn 2 pms ene h1e1e1e1 eeene 158 5 mm 1W 1 1n1h1e eeeene exammg heme 2 when Juhn qued h1ehne1 be he knucked eewn 7 pm en 1he eeeene be he knucked eewn1p1ne ene h1e1e1e1eeene1e1e 7 p1ee1 emee hem heme 1 Ennus Seerine awavded e bunus Th1 henus1he11s awavded wm eepene en whe1hev1hey knucked e111en pms eewn en1hehhvs1ee11ve11enhe seeene new The Suite r n nh m1 hemee1 1 1Hhhhhhh 1n1h1e1hhe exammg heme 3 when Juhn qued h1ehne1 be he knucked eewn e111en pms H15 eeene 1s mavked by e1ee1ne en X1n1hehne1eeueeeene We 51111 dam knuw WhatJuhn s eeene en heme3 1s enm he YDHS he nemwe baHs new new new nme nemevnme me 1 1 e11 he knucked eewn a e w 1n h1e eenh exammg heme4whenJehn qued n1h We en ne 1 h1shvs1 e pm e e seeene be he knucked eewn n ne1e1he eesh em heme 3 mesa en1he1he1ee11ene u en 1he eeeene baH emee ne bunus eeenne was eemee m heme A The Spare speve Ceneeeeenhw yuu W1Hnm knuwwhanhe buwevs eeene 1s enh1 1he new heme1 Wu i m n Ms mh exampb name 5 when Juhn heuee Ms ns be he hneehee eewn 8 en en he seeene hau he knucked eewn he vemammg 2 pms H s same 5 mavked by maehe an a enhe ns baH ene a s ne e s ash enhe seeene baH mdmatmg he Juhn sawed a spam m heme 5 We sen dun knuW WhatJuhn s same eh name 5 5 en he YDHS he next baH W W h h h w a n Ms smh exammg heme B when Juhn yuHed he ns be he knucked eewn 3 en pms a smke We can new e back ene seeye we we a EA 44 hem we 4 mes en hem we 5 mes u hem he HEM baHmqun We 51m een knuW WhatJuhn s same emanne E 5 en he YDHS Ms new we baHs h h en h name mus1mHWu addmmva baHsm eennp e e he seeve enhe en h name The eew ev enhe en h name n hewhne a penee game wm same GED ene yuu yen en s1nhee ene eh eaeh vame ene hen we henes she s a he ene ave a se smkes


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