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Survey of Calculus I

by: Donny Graham

Survey of Calculus I MTH 124

Donny Graham
GPA 3.57

W. Deng

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About this Document

W. Deng
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donny Graham on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTH 124 at Michigan State University taught by W. Deng in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/207297/mth-124-michigan-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
MTH 124 FINAL EXAM SPRING 2001 Michigan State University Department of Mathematics Name PID Section Max Point Score Actual Point Score 22 33 40 30 45 7 30 Total 200 Please read the following directions carefully Ni E 4 lt99 000 DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO Write your full name your P I D and your Math 124 section number at the top of this page then nish reading these 139 39 and sign the bottom of this page WITHOUT FULLY OPENING THE EXAM check the page numbers in this exam booklet Including this cover page you should have 7 di erent pages If you do not please request another copy immediately Neither books nor scratch paper are needed for this exam Clear your desk of everything but this booklet your pencils and your calculator If you need more space to write your solutions use the backs of the exam pages Crib sheets precompiled lists of formulas or other information either written or in a calculator are speci cally forbidden Use of a crib sheet of any kind on this exam will result in an automatic zero grade The problems on this exam vary in difficulty You should try to solve these problems in an order that will maximize your score Solve all the easier problems rst then go back to the ones that require more thought Unless otherwise indicated SHOW ALL YOUR WORK If no work is shown no partial credit can be awarded Even for calculator solutions you should include relevant information like the equation to be solved the function whose graph is to be sketched etc Please place your answers in the boxes provided Unless you are speci cally instructed to do otherwise DO NOT ROUND YOUR ANSWERS I have read and fully understand all of the above instructions Signature 1 O V amp 2510522 The following table gives the population of a small town in twentyyear increments between the January 1 1880 and January 1 2000 Year 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 Pop 118 188 273 415 590 868 1252 Be as accurate as possible in calculating your answers to the following questions and show your work carefully a V Find the change in the population between 1900 and 1940 Include the correct units b Find the average rate of change of the population between 1880 and 1940 Include the correct units Estimate the instantaneous rate of change of the population on January 1 1980 SHOW YOUR WORK Include the correct units Within the context of this problem explain the practical meaning of the value that you found in part c 2 2222233218 points The sketch on the right y y x contains the entire graph of f not f Use this sketch 3 to CAREFULLY answer each of the following questions 2 a The graph of the function f is concave 1 up down for 0 lt x lt 2 X b For 4ltxlt6the 1nctionfis 1 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 increasing decreasing c The points of inflection on the graph of f are 2 located at x list all of them d Circle the larger value f l f 4 e There is a local minimum on the graph of the function f atx f Circle the one correct choice At x 6 there is i A local minimum for f ii A local maximum for f iii Neither a local maximum nor a local minimum for f g Circle the one correct choice At x 4 there is i A local maximum of f 39 ii A point of in ection of f 39 iii A local maximum of f h The one Eositive value for c which makes f c f 0 is give your be st estimate E 15 points The graph of the lnction f is sketched in the box 2 1 o 1 2 3 on the right empty grid provided below Sketch the corresponding graph of f in the 2 1 0 1 2 3 3 4 5101025 points In what follows fx 5 3x x2 V39 Grading is based upon method Credit is available only for answers that include complete and correct supporting work f x h f x h a Find and simplify it as much as possible Notice you should NOT find a limit here b Evaluate exactly f3h f3 h c Find the equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of fat x 3 HM 55515 points Short answer questions Very little partial credit is available zln 1dtthen G x 1 a IfGxJ b If Jjgtdt 9 and Jjgtdt 3then Edgar c From the following table of values for F not F 39 we see that LSF 39t dt n 6 966930 points Evaluate each of the following You need not simplify your answers a Find f x for fx sin2xcos3x b Find w for w21n3z 3zln2 Z e3 5 c Find the velocity v I from the position st d Find the marginal cost C 39q for the cost function Cq29 2 q qz 7 5101025 points Use the graph of the function f39 not f that is sketched on the right to answer the following questions a At x l the graph of f is concave up down b Iff0 2then f3 c The total change in the value of f not f 39 between x 0 and x 6 is SHOW YOUR WORK 8 5105 20 points C a is the total cost in dollars required to set up a new factory and produce a units of a product The xed costs in Cq are 30000 and the marginal cost is C39 a 0004q2 5q100 In its first month of operation you new factory produced 200 units a Write a definite integral whose value is the change in the cost that is the variable cost for the first 200 units Write only the correct integral Numeric answers will receive no credit b Find the total cost of everything required to produce the first 200 units ROUND YOUR ANSWER TO THE NEAREST DOLLAR HINT Use your calculator s built in integration function c Find the price per unit which you must charge to break even at the end of your first month of production ROUND YOUR ANSWER TO THE NEAREST PENNY


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