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Res Const Mtls & Methods

by: Margaretta Russel III

Res Const Mtls & Methods CMP 124

Margaretta Russel III
GPA 3.54

Dennis Welch

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About this Document

Dennis Welch
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Margaretta Russel III on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMP 124 at Michigan State University taught by Dennis Welch in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/207319/cmp-124-michigan-state-university in Construction and Management at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Vapor Vapor Movement Vapor Pressure like other gasses move from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure 0 Until equilibrium is established During cold weather the difference in pressure from inside to outside causes vapor to move out through every possible crack andor directly through materials permeable materials Permeance 0 Ability to permit vapor passage It is a measure of water vapor flow through a material of specific thickness or as assembly of several materials Permeability Is the permeance of a 1 thickness of a homogenous material Components of concrete Water Cement Aggregate Sandstone Ratio s everything done with concrete is done in ratios Cement types Type 1 normal Type 2 moderate 3 High early strength 4 Low heat 5 Sulfate resisting Type IA IIA IIIA Airentrained cement Concrete can be done in winter asphalt cannot Desirable plastic qualities of concrete Consistency Workability Finish ability Desirable hardened qualities of concrete Only has compressive strength Durability Resistant to freezethaw cycles Concrete needs to expand and contract Water tightness Wearresistance deals with the finish Rebar is what holds up your cars in parking ramps Hydration Chemical reaction chemical process Curing action Temperature affects the strength and other properties of concrete How do you control these qualities Aggregate 6070 of the volume Common material wt 135160 lbsft3 Light wt slag 85115 lbsft3 Clean no dirt Sand type and quality of material Gravel type and quality of material Cement Type Amount in mixture 94 lb 1 bag of cement 1 cubic foot Ratios ex 6 sack27 cuft Water Too much weakens the concrete Rule less water the better end quality enough for hydration Gean Admixtures additives Variety of purposes Be careful of your selections Types Accelerators eccelera rtes the hydration process Calcium chloride low cost Does not prevent freezing Do not use with steel Duraset Brand more expensive Can use with steel Hot Water costs more but used in winter Reta rder slows down hydration process Buysyouthne Plasticizer makes it plastic Affects workability of concrete makes concrete more flowable Use for flat smooth floors Done use on inclines Air Entrainment Enhancesdurab hy Cement Type A Fibers helps prevent shrinkage cracks Hbergbss Steel Rebar Size placed by 8 h of an inch Location placement near the bottom of the slab 3 inch cover to the bottom of the slab Mesh WWF welded wire fabric Location placement near the top of the concrete slab Stops the cracks from opening up and breaking Tests concrete Slump Test Used as a rough measure of consistency Not a measure of workability or to identify different mixes Compression test Used to determine if the concrete has the specified compressive strength Joints in concrete Necessary in concrete to allow for movement and volume change Controls expansion contraction Control joint cosmetic cut Concrete shrinks as it cures Control the location of the crack Use jointer zipstrip saw Rule of thumb Construction joint cold joint Put a 2x4 down at the end from where they ended for the day like when pouring sidewalk Isolation joint separation joint Concrete Calculations 1 cubic yard 27 cubic feet Formula L x W x thickness 27 cubic yards 4 thick 20 x 40 x 412 27 Purchase delivery of concrete Redi mix Site mix pay what you need Rental companytrailer Factors effecting concrete cost Frost lawsdelivery Winter time Weekend charge Late afternoon charge Colortine wash out fee Additives Flat work placement drivewaysidewalk Base preparation Remove organic material black dirt sod Sand base Form 2quotx4 forms probably Reinforcement WWF welded wire fabric Rebar side walks Fiber mesh Plastic Basement Garage floors Pour concrete Screed Bull float Bleed water and wait Cut joints edges wet cut Wait Hand floator power trowel Finishto desired finish Seal and Cure Basements floors Use plastic vapor barrier Insulation thermal break MSDSmaterial safety data sheets Specialty item for concrete


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