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Media Planning

by: Mr. Raheem Shields

Media Planning ADV 350

Mr. Raheem Shields
GPA 3.65

Mi-Ra Lee

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About this Document

Mi-Ra Lee
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Raheem Shields on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 350 at Michigan State University taught by Mi-Ra Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/207351/adv-350-michigan-state-university in Advertising at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
The final exam will consist of 35 multiple choice and 10 truefalse questions You should focus on lecture notes and use them as a guide for reviewing the assigned readings Note You may use during the exam one 3x5 index card for HANDWRITTEN notes on only ONE side Weighting amp Scheduling Geographic weighting What and Why the practice of giving additional or heavyup media effort in one or more geographic areas than other areas Two general approaches for geographic weighting offensive versus defensive Defensive approach media planners set budget priorities to defend and support the existing strengths message delivery is directed towards the areas of greatest existing sales Offensive approach media planners set budget priorities in an aggressive manner message delivery is directed offensively towards the areas of greatest potential rather than existing sales Differences between dollar allocation technique and gross impression allocation Technique Dollar Allocation technique aocates proportionately more money to markets with good sales potential does not consider varying CPMs more GlsGRPs in markets where CPM is cheap fewer GlsGRPs in markets where CPM is expensive GlGRP Allocation technique aocates proportionately more GlsGRPs to markets with good sales potential Does consider varying CPMs more GlsGRPs in markets with goods sales potential fewer Gls in weak sales markets regardless of cost most media buying is based on GRPs Definition advantages and disadvantages of continuity flighting and pulsing schedang Continuity strategy approximately the same amount of media effort remains constant throughout the entire campaign period Adv works as a reminder covers the entire purchase cycle opportunities for large media discounts disadv ignores competition Flig hting strategy characterized by no advertising period followed by relatively intense flights of high reach and frequency scheduling Adv good for countering competition save money by placing adv just prior to sales peaks and by not placing advertising when people are not buying Disadv out of sight out of mind competitors may add heavyup media effort when I m not advertising at all Pulsing Strategy combo of continuity and flighting characterized by exerting a heavyup media effort just prior to sales peaks and by maintaining a light media effort at all other times during the campaign period Adv represents the best of both continuity and flighting the safest of the three scheduling techniques good for products which have year round sales activity with some key sales concentrations during the year Media Objectives Main elements of media objectives Target Audience 39 quot a a 39 39 39 quot a budget 8085 What to consider when developing each element of media objectives Target audience whom are you trying to reach primary target audience and secondary objective statement should start with an action word ReachFrequency should you emphasize reach or frequency What is more important Geography where should advertising be placed Is there a need for geographic weighting State whether national andor local media will be used Scheduling do you need to cover the entire year and yet add weight to a particular season Or is any other pattern of scheduling necessary Consider seasonal sales skews product purchase cycle and competitors advertising strategies Budget how much money do we need in order to achieve all of the above objectives efficiently What percent of total campaign budget should be allocated to media Relationship between reach frequency continuity and number of markets within a fixed budget size MFP Tutorial What MFP program does Types of reports available on MFP program Media ClassNehicle Selection Advantages and disadvantages of using newspaper magazines broadcast TV cable TV radio outdoor internet direct mail and transit Newspaper Advantages 1prestigious place to adv 2readers tend to be upscale 3readers really use advertising 4require less lead time than other media 5strong local emphasis 6strong sense of immediacy 7catalog value Disadvantages 1print reproduction can vary 2small pass along readership 3can be costly 4may carry adverse editorial 5cluttered 6newspapers are not read thoroughly Magazines Advantages 1deliver specialized audiences 2longlasting 3repeat advertising exposure 4high pass along readership 67 people 5creative flexibility Disadvantages 1audience accumulation takes time 2can be cluttered 3long lead time 3 months Broadcast TV Cable Radio Advantages 1message potential of sight and sound 2has impa 3covers the marketplace 4intrusive 5creative flexibility 6offers a wide range of programming 7prestigious medium Disadvantages 1messages are fleeting 2expensive 3populare TV programs have limited time available 4intrusive and disruptive 5longer lead time 6clutter and zapping TV Advantages 1offers advertisers geographic flexibility 2inexpensive 3delivers specialized audiences 4delivers upscale audiences 5allows a wider variety of ad formats Disadvantages 1low audience ratings 2audience rating reports are inadequate Advantages 1help advertisers reach special target audience 2can be inexpensive making it a frequency medium 3reaches the mobile market 4a flexible medium 5offers advertisers immediacy Disadvantages 1a background medium 2a cluttered medium 3commercials are fleeting Outdoor Advantages 1idea for reaching customers on the go 2can have great visual impact 3can reach particular ethnic groups yet still reach a mass audience within a market 4provides frequency and repetition 5deivers large audiences at a low cost 6has versatility 7can be effective in positioning a business in the audience mind and as a reminder advertising Disadvantages 1exclusively local in nature 2poor demographic selectivity 3imited time limited copy 4can be expensive 5imited availability of best locations nternet Advantages 1 cost effective 2worldwide message delivery 3a precision targeted base of consumers 4messages can be updated or changed at a moment s notice 5personalization available 6no timespace constraints Disadvantages 1limited internet access penetration 2effort needed to advertise Website s existence 3ack of standard audience measurement Direct Mail advantages 1personalization available 2geographic flexibility 3creative flexibility Disadvantages 1High CPM due to postage cost 2difficult to maintain current mailing list 3clutter 4customer resistance Transit Advantages 1idea for reaching customers on the go 2captive audience 3ad message can be changed frequently 4high frequency continuous exposure 5economical Disadvantages 1necessary brevity of the messages 2high competition from other activities 3advertisements subject to vandalism Reasons for using either media concentration or media mix Media Concentration 1lmpact value refers to special media quality that attracts notice and comment gives the advertiser s message a spotlight that showcases the brand 2Negotiation strength the bigger the contract the betterthe deal potential 3Lower creativeproduction cost creating ads for one medium rather than over a number of media reduces creative and production cost Media Mix 1muti audience segmentation can reach both the product user and the product purchaser 2better creative treatments no medium is a creative superhero 3creative synergy media mix produces a better adbrand reca than media concentration 4reach extension diversity extends reach Primary and secondary objective criteria for selecting media vehicles Primary 1coverage the of target audience that reads a magazine watches a TV show or uses other media 2composition the percentage of a media vehicle s audience that is within an advertiser s target audience 3cost efficiency CPM the cost of an ad to deliver 1000 target audience 4Tota ad cost Secondary 1ad positions within a media vehicle for a magazine 4th cover gt 2quotd cover and page 1 gt page 3 20 for TV first or last in the pod position for Newspaper relevant editorial sections 2 match between editorial content and brands image Definitions and calculations of coverage composition and CPM Comparison between using mass magazine eg people and using special interest magazine eg fitness in terms of coverage composition outofpocket cost and waste of money Characteristics of creative media planning one that is different from and more innovative than media planning of competitors the difference must help the advertising succeed should not cost the client more moneyjust because it is creative shoud FIRST prove that it is delivering the objective numbers required but then it may go beyond numbers to subjective proof of quality Guidelines of giveaways Media Cost amp Buying Top 5 media based on US ad spending totals in 2007 Newspaper advertising cost source unit of sale color ad rate cost estimation Magazine advertising cost source color ad rate bleed cost estimation Handout Exercise Network TV supplydemand market dayparts Definition advantages and disadvantages of upfront scatter and opportunistic buying Spot TV amp spot radio advertising cost source daypart cost estimation


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