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Advertising and Society

by: Mr. Raheem Shields

Advertising and Society ADV 475

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Advertising > ADV 475 > Advertising and Society
Mr. Raheem Shields
GPA 3.65

Joseph Wald

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About this Document

Joseph Wald
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Raheem Shields on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 475 at Michigan State University taught by Joseph Wald in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see /class/207352/adv-475-michigan-state-university in Advertising at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
ADVERTISING 475 STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 FOLLOWING ARE TERMS ISSUES CONCEPTS WHICH WE REVIEWED OR WILL DISCUSS DURING THE FIRST SEGMENT OF THE COURSE Definitions Advertising I Traditional and nontraditional I Advertising is a m nonpersonal message from an identifiable source delivered through a massmediated channel that is designed to persuade I Advertising advocates for its sponsors is biased and is targeted Marketing Public Relations I Is a form of communications but not necessarily paid The role of Advertising I Sell Educate Teach Inform Persuade I Economic o Brings the buyer and seller together Paints a picture of quotwhat can be by purchasing product or service Creates an informed citizenry Increases competition Creates quotvaluequot 0 The message must be truthful and not mislead I Information 0 Presents information to help consumers make decisions 0 Influences sales decisions 0 Informs consumers of new products improvements differentiations among products including pricing quality warranties etc I Entertainment 0 Enjoyment 0 Selling us image 0000 Intended Unintended consequences of ads The role of criticswhen to pay attention to them I Other companies can be critics Subliminal advertising 0 Hidden message within another 0 quotmaking meaningquot from the messages ofads The role of Edward Bernays I Father of public relations and modern advertising Why is it difficult to measure the impact of advertising I So many other things come into play Environments Tradition based on the past I ex amish religious based Authority based on direction from the quottopquot I Advertising uses propaganda to reinforce the message Classical Liberalism foundation for modern America 0 Centered on the concept of the sovereign individual 0 Motivations self interest 0 The individual is rational o Requires stimulation to take action Neo Liberalism let s change the perspective 0 Advertising is a quotshaper of society not a mirror 0 New assumptions lead to different conclusions 0 Vulnerable consumer model 0 Creating needs 0 Role of the government is to protect the consumer via regulation Meaning making Consumer culture I Society where people own a lot of goods I You suddenly quotneedquot things you want 0 How do ads wor I Persuasion intentional effort at influencing another person and persuading them to do something I Manipulation trying to get someone to do something against their wishes I Deception lying to get someone to act a certain way Definitions Brand I Have a label to distinguish it Create awareness to create loyalty Brand equity I The quality based in the mind of the consumer Image I Attributed values in the consumer view Branding I What the advertisers do to assign an image to a product How branding works I Identifying images and attributes that will be recognized by the target market then create meaning based on the cultural perspective of the consumer When does advertising stand out Messages that resonate most with consumers I Different and unique I Messages presented in an unusual way I Familiar to us Types of information Functional data data driven information Symbolic data emotionally driven information Four functions of advertising Precipitation induce the buyer into the market Move people more towards action through awareness Persuasion try to get people to make the purchase by appealing to human emotions Reinforcement tell people they are a better person for buying the product and they made a good decision Reminder try to bring the purchaser back to buy again Why is the marketplace imperfect I No perfect match between buyers and sellers I They are biased sometimes not complete wrong info is given to the wrong audience or too much information in given Five primary sources of information for the consumer Memory Marketer dominated sources ads Consumer dominated sources family friends Neutral sources publications Experiential own experience Seven types of risk Functional is the product going to perform as I expected Physical is it safe to use Financial is it worth the cost Social you want acceptance from others for your purchase Psychological Will I be happy Time was the purchase worth my time Opportunity loss What else could I have purchased Decision making models Linear compensatory complex decisions weigh the pros and cons Non compensatory pro cannot outweigh a con Disjunctive if it meets minimum level of function its good enough Conjunctive Lexicographic brand that scores highest on key attributes Affect referred rule our attitudeimpressionemotion makes decision Social Responsibility Theory 0 Suggests that the Press is responsible to socieg to operate for the overall social good Six functions of Mass Media Service political system provide information Enlighten public self government Safeguard rights of the individual against govt Service economic system bring buyers and sellers together Provide entertainment Maintain Financial Independenceselfsufficiency


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