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Media Research

by: Mr. Raheem Shields

Media Research ADV 355

Mr. Raheem Shields
GPA 3.65

Robert Larose

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About this Document

Robert Larose
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Raheem Shields on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ADV 355 at Michigan State University taught by Robert Larose in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/207353/adv-355-michigan-state-university in Advertising at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Nielsen Media Research Lesson Sampling Diaries are used to Collect television measurement data Households record both household tuning and person viewing in a oneweek diary Quarterhour level data recorded Sample Sizes 2 10 Local Markets 2552000 homes per market Samples are selected for 7 measurements Jan Feb Mar May July Oct Nov Final samples are selected about 2 months prior to the start of the cycle Sample is approximately 16 million telephone numbers per sweep Selected via Total Telephone Frame sampling design Nielsen People Meters are used to Collect household tuning and person viewing Minute level detail Sample Sizes National 6000 households growing to 12000 National Hispanic 1000 households Boston LPM Market 600 households Future LPM Markets 600800 households Hispanic LPM Markets 200250 households Selected via Area Probability sampling design Settuning Meters are used to Collect household tuning data only Minute level detail Sample Sizes 50 Local Metered Markets 400550 homes per market Selected via Area Probability or Total Telephone Frame sampling design What Are Our Sampling Methods Nielsen Media Research uses two sampling methodologies to select homes from the universe of television households The list from which the sample is selected is often referred to as the sampling frame and the selected elements are the sampling units Area Probability The sampling units are initially Censusde ned geographic areas and ultimately housing units All housing units vacant or occupied with or without TV and or phone have a known nonzero probability of selection into the sample This allows for complete coverage of the universe since no homes are excluded by design We also know the physical location of every sample housing unit prior to recruitment allowing for inperson recruitment Total Telephone Frame The sampling units are telephone numbers Each telephone number in the frame has an equal chance of selection Households without a telephone number have no chance to be in our samples however the percentage of nonphone households is currently estimated to be less than 5 of the population Additionally past research has shown that nonphone households view similarly to phone households Therefore a telephone frame is a valid source for generating our samples How do we select homes using Area Probability First we use the latest 15 Census data to identify and select geographic areas For our national samples these geographic areas are individual counties or coun is automaticall included in this rst ste Then we select Block Groups BGs within the selected counties After that we select a block within the selected block rou Finally we select a housing unit within each selected block This is accomplished by physicall enumerating each selected block and identifying the housing unit associated with a predetermine I random number The address of the selected housing unit is recorded as well as an accompanying description and map where necessary so that the sample housing units can be easily located during Total Telephone Frame Now let39s discusss the Total Telephone Frame TTF This frame is a widelyused sampling approach applied by many government agencies survey research rms and Universities The TTF is used to select households from a randomlygenerated list of telephone numbers The frame used for selection contains phone numbers within active residential area code exchanges Where do we get TTF phone numbers First Nielsen Media Research purchases a frame of area code exchanges from Marketing System Group MSG For each exchange we also receive a count of listed residential phone numbers within each 100 block Area Code Exchange 100 Block To increase the ef ciency of the frame Only 100 blocks with at least one residential listing are included D Any exchanges designated as strictly cellular mobile and or pager phone numbers are exc luded Where do we get TTF phone numbers cont Each area codeexchange is assigned to a county Statistical Research determines the initial number of sampling units telephone numbers needed to represent each county and randomly selects telephone numbers within the exchanges assigned to that county The sample sizes at this initial selection phase are larger than what ultimately will be needed in order to accommodate changes in expected return rates Where do we get TTF phone numbers cont The initial sample is then sent to Acxiom an outside vendor used as a source for appending names and addresses to our sample telephone numbers Approximately 45 of the phone numbers will be returned with a name and address Acxiom also provides an indicator if the phone number is considered to be a business phone number Using this information 1 We eliminate any phone numbers that have all three of the following no address no name AND has a business indicator more info link 2 All remaining phone numbers are utilized for nal selection more info link Final Selection For Diary samples the nal sample size of telephone numbers needed to achieve the desired target diary intab counts are netuned and a sample is randomly subsampled from the initial sample of telephone numbers For setmeter samples the entire initial sample will be used in conducting a telephone enumeration The results of the enumeration will form a pool of households for possible selection into the meter sample Purpose of the Nielsen Company39s Media Business Data Process Flow Overview The Nielsen Company is in the business of gathering data Clients use Nielsen39s television audience research information to buy and sell television time as well as to make program decisions That information is the currency in all the transactions between buyers and sellers which adds up to billions of dollars in national and local advertising spending in the US each year Without an independent thirdparty measurement system embracing the highest standards of accuracy and integrity the television marketplace could not function effectively Assuring the value of this currency is the number one priority of Nielsen Main Types of Data Collected Household and Persons Data An occupied housing unit An individual or rou of individuals occu in a house aartment rou of rooms or sinle room Nielsen measures households with television In some instances Nielsen collects not only Viewing data from the household but collects Viewing data from persons in that household Persons data is known as demorahic data Reference Data includes identifying what the household ersons Viewed on their television This includes identifying the channel station and program The information related to cable carriage tracking what station service is carried on what cable channel is used in the processing of all Nielsen metered and diary Viewing estimates We also collect reference data about alternate delive s stem roviders such as Direct TV Dish an Princessan Processing Pmnas ng Dmugra phi Honsmmographi Maltar Data Mailer Elma MW DEM


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