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Human Sexuality

by: Clifford Dickinson

Human Sexuality HDFS 445

Clifford Dickinson
GPA 3.53

Sungwon Cho

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About this Document

Sungwon Cho
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clifford Dickinson on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 445 at Michigan State University taught by Sungwon Cho in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207360/hdfs-445-michigan-state-university in Human Dev And Family Sciences at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Chapter 1 Perspectives on Sexuality 1 H Sexual Intelligence Four components of sexual intelligence 0 SelfUnderstanding 0 Interpersonal sexual skills and integrity 0 Accurate scienti c sexual knowledge 0 Having consideration ofthe cultural context of sexuality Increasing sexual intelligence will allow for responsible decisions in sexual behavior Studying Sexuality From A Psychosocial Orientation A Biopsychosocial Orientation takes into account 0 Psychological factors Emotions attitudes motivations I 0 Social conditioning factors Process which we learn our social norms 0 Biological factors Hormones nervous system genetics etc Diversity in the United States Cuture groupsdiverse expressions and values of sexuality 7 Various Culture groups 339 Religious Groups Catholicism Fundamentalist Christians g CrossCultural Perspectives North America 0 Sex for Procreation 0 Definition of sex and intercourse 0 Malefemale gender roles Olnfluence of Slavery g African American Women Matriarch Mammy Smile Slavery is okay 39 Subservient Loyal 39 Religious Maintains her household and work a I Asexual Sapphire 0 Emasculates men 0 Sassy 0 Opinionated Jezebel 0 Black sexuality 0 Promiscuous 0 Advancements through sex 0 Her sexiness excuses abuse and disrespect CrossCultural Perspectives North America 0 Sex Positive Shift 0 Protestant Reformation 0 Value of sex in marriage goes beyond procreation 0 Victorian Era 0 Conflict of women s sexuality I 20th Century Sexuality 0 Social Movements 0 suffrage movement 0 civil rights movement 0 lesbian amp gay movement 0 Obama s acceptance speech gays and straights 0 World War II 0 Roles were expanded amp more flexible 0 Postwar return to stricter roles Media Example HBO 0 197OSBoxing httgyoutubeozRTSSaP694 0 19805Fraggle Rockhtt9youtube397TTk 0XYn4 0 19905Sex amp the City htt9youtubeN350KP4PIE 0 20005 True Bloodreligious fanaticism and sexual energy TRUEBLOOD 539 The Media and Sexuality 0 Television 0 News advice and educational programs 0 Increased access to sexual material 0 Percentages of sexual content 0 Cable 0 Video games w 0 Determining of social norms 0 Advertising 0 Magazines O The lntemet


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