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Human Sexuality

by: Clifford Dickinson

Human Sexuality HDFS 445

Clifford Dickinson
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clifford Dickinson on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 445 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/207367/hdfs-445-michigan-state-university in Human Dev And Family Sciences at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
HDFS 445001 Human Sexuality and the Family 116 Natural Sciences Bldg Spring 2012 Syllabus Instructor Sheena Horsford MA Teaching Assistant Human Ecology Sook In Cho horsford msuedu chosookmsuedu Of ce Hours By appointment Required Text Crooks amp Bauer 2011 Our Sexuality 113911 ed Belmont CA Wadsworth Communication is through ANGEL email or in person scheduled appointments Please allow us 2448 hours to respond to your email Please put HDFS 445 in subject line For all technical problems contact ANGEL there is a 24hour hotline and their number is 517 355 2345 ANGEL requires Internet Explorer 7x or Mozilla Firefox 3x not Safari as browsers Course Description HDFS 445 is designed to help students re ect on topics surrounding sexuality through their personal experience development and background This course will expose students to research findings and diverse perspectives regarding human sexuality The goal of this course is to help students gain a diverse knowledge and understanding of human sexuality Format 39 quot and Reuuirements 1 To develop verbal ease of communication about sexual matters with oneself and other persons 2 To gain knowledge and awareness about sexual health and positive diverse sexual practices 3 To understand sexual development across the lifespan Course Organization Course assignments lectures discussions and activities will be presented in class Occasionally some lectures will be presented on ANGEL The schedule for the course is delineated below Readings are considered a foundation for this course It is important to keepupto date with the materials Course topics will not be repeated TIP for success KEEP UP WITH THE BOOK AND THE LECTURES If you fall behind you will not catch up Course Expectations One of the main goals of this class is to facilitate open and honest communication about sexuality This cannot be accomplished unless students are encouraged to express themselves openly and honestly Since we encourage open and honest discussion of sexuality both inside and outside of the class any personal attitudes or information shared are con dential Information that would identify a person either directly or indirectly should not be revealed in any way outside of class Any violation of this con dentiality could result in a failing grade in the class RESPECT Sexuality is not an easy topic to discuss and we will all have different opinions and beliefs to share Please be respectful to each other You are welcome to disagree with someone s comment but do this in a respectful manner Other Course Expectations 1 Read the book Attend class Participate fully and constructively in all classroom activities and discussions Communicating in a manner that respects and is sensitive to cultural religious sexual and other individual differences in the MSU community 5 Exercising good judgment when selfdisclosing in class 59 Course Policies There will be no late discussion posts added after the Sunday 1159pm discussion forum closing time If unable to complete a discussion due to an emergency the instructor must be contacted immediately Documentation is necessary for emergencies No extensions will be granted for nonemergencies or technical problems The MSU academic honesty policy is in effect for this course Students must not work collaboratively on assignments and exams for this course Cheating on any assignment for this course will result in a failed grade for the course You will have two weeks after a grade has been posted on ANGEL to discuss your grade After the grade has been posted for two weeks it will no longer be available for discussion Students with Special Needs The course is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for students with disabilities Students who feel thy will need accommodations should contact the Resource Center for Person s with Disabilities to determine eligibility if they have not done so already Please approach me as soon as possible for any need for accommodation I will work with you and RCPD to ensure that you have a fair opportunity to perform well in the class Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities RCPD Michigan State University 120 Bessey Hall East Lansing MI 48824 1033 wwwrcpdmsuedu 517 8847273 517 3551293 TTY Learning AID You may wish to visit the publisher s web site to take advantage of the learning materials available to enhance your comprehension of the material The web site offers practice quizzes crossword puzzles ashcards interactive activities infotrac exercises polls and web links You can access this material at httpwwwwadsworthcomcgi wadsworth course products wppl dM 70bTXr 39 quot 39 isbn issn9780495812 944ampdisciplinenumber10 Course Assimments You will be assessed in three primary ways exams discussion posts and inclass activities 1 Exams 20 points each 40 points total There will be two exams worth 20 points each in this course The exams will be multiple choice and about 40 questions in length The questions will be taken from lectures and the books There is NO comprehensive nal exam in this course Documentation is necessary for any special circumstances Any student needing assistance during the exams should contact the instructor within the rst week of class 2 Discussion Posts 6 discussion forums x 10 points each 60 points total You will be assigned a discussion team to engage in an online discussion board The purpose of the discussion board is to facilitate safe respectful conversations related to the lectures notes textbook readings or supplemental materials provided by the instructor For each discussion forum you will be required to make 1 original post and respond to 2 posts You will have a total of 3 posts for a topic One original post and two responses Each discussion posts should be a minimum of four significant and meaningful sentences There will be a total of 3 paragraphs for each discussion forum 1 original post and 2 responses Must be completed by the end of the week Sunday 1 159pm INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION POSTS For your speci c discussion team 1 Open your groups DISCUSSION BOARD 2 Read the topic for discussion posted by the instructor 3 POST ONE ORIGINAL RESPONSE a A minimum of four complete and meaningful sentences eg I agreeI disagree is not a complete meaningful sentence I agreeI disagree because is a good sentence 4 RESPOND TO TWO POSTS WITIHN YOUR TEAM a A minimum of four complete and meaningful sentences for each response Discussion forums will open at 800am Thursday and original post must be posted by Saturday 1159pm If your original post is not posted by Saturday 1159pm you will be deducted 1 point from your discussion grade All other response posts must be posted by Sunday 1159pm The degree of selfdisclosure within this group is up to you Participation at all times should be courteous and respectful of other group members If this is violated the student may FAIL the class 3 In Class Activities20 points Throughout the course you will participate in various inclass activities that will be related to the course lectures and readings Inclass activities will only be completed in class NOTE Extra Credit is not given in this course Course A 39 Points 120 quot L39 Due Date Exams 2 X 20 pts 40 MidtermFinal Discussion Forum Posts 6 X lOpts 60 Due by Sunday 1159pm InClass Activities 20 Varies Grading Points possible Percentage Points 40 110 120 91 100 35 99 109 82 90 30 88 98 7 3 81 25 77 87 64 72 20 66 76 55 63 15 55 65 45 54 10 44 54 36 44 00 43 or less 35 or less Course Outline Week Dates Tonic Required Readings Week 1 19 Monday Introduction to Syllabus Human Sexuality 111 Wednesday US Perspectives on Ch 1 Sexuality 116 Monday Observance of NILK Week 2 NO CLASS DAY 1 18 Wednesday Sex Research Ch 2 123 Monday Cultural Ch 1 Week 3 Perspectives on Sexuality 125 Wednesday Cultural Ch 1 Perspectives on Sexuality 130 Monday Female Anatomy Chapter 3 Week 4 21 Wednesday Male Anatomy Chapter 4 26 Monday Communication amp Chapter 7 Week 5 Love 28 Wednesday Communication amp Chapter 7 Love 2 13 Monday Sexual Arousal and Chapter 6 Week 6 ONLINE Response LECTURE 2 15 Wednesday Sexual Behaviors Chapter 8 220 Monday Contraception Chapter 10 Week 7 222 Wednesday Conceiving Chapter 11 Children Process and Choice 227 Monday Sexuality through Chapter 12 Week 8 ONLINE Adolescence LECTURE 229 Wednesday MIDTERM Week 9 35 Monday SPRING BREAK N 0 CLASS Week 9 37 Wednesday SPRING BREAK NO CLASS 312 Monday Sexual Orientation Chapter 9 Week 10 3 14 Wednesday Sexual Orientation Chapter 9 319 Monday Gender Issues Chapter 5


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