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Introduction to Fluid Mechanic

by: Jolie Shields

Introduction to Fluid Mechanic CE 321

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Civil Engineering > CE 321 > Introduction to Fluid Mechanic
Jolie Shields
GPA 3.85

Roger Wallace

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About this Document

Roger Wallace
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jolie Shields on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CE 321 at Michigan State University taught by Roger Wallace in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/207369/ce-321-michigan-state-university in Civil Engineering at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Lecture 6 Forces on Curved Surfaces Forces on Curved Surfaces Associated ppes tas ew We can approximate a curve as a series of planar surfaces and then integrate the forces involves too much work We would like to develop simple formulas for forces on curved surfaces Forces on Curved Surfaces F1 and F2 are forces acting on planes AB and AC that bound the curved surface BC For the force system to be in equilibrium the horizontal lira force FH must be equal and collinear with F2 Similarly in the vertical direction Forces on Curved Surfaces F H 2 F2 FV 2 F1 W FR FH2 FV2 Buoyancy Flotation amp Stability When a body is submerged the Seawarei acting on the body is called the buoyant force A net upward force F results since P increases Came I W 1 m l iessnre envelope with depth forces acting from below are larger thban those acting from F V a ove Archimedes Principle B 7 Buoyant f0rce we39ght Center of Buoyancy CB of the uid displaced Problem 245 p 63 2 i395 A 3 m diameter open cylindrical tank contains water and has a hemispherical bottom as shown in Fig P2 l395 Determine the magni tude line of action and direction of the force of the water on the curved bottom w h h nd 6 a V d V Ttdz 4 8 Ill Water 245 Solution Lac3974 9 am u ur e d by hemspheym39d 1ng 7 o vaum sf MImilquot VAum a Aem39xPer l 1 V Fora 12 WNW The Ame 39439 divected VeV39tlclllly downward fwd due to Symmeh j H act on re hempwe 1M3 Thr vev ma axis mi 111 Cylinder 5 35 2Jlll A 3mlong curved gate is located in the side of a reservoir containing water as shown in Fig P2344 Determine the magnitude of the hor izontal and vertical components of the force of the water on the gate Will this force pass through point A Explain and Fa ebuA39lfbram Z F 0 5 If 0V Fv M 5 pa 342 4 quwhmam so I N 1 PH 920a smmm ngw 2F 0 IL F M where E hu am x34quot 39 iglo fg q m 39uz cw 3r19w f xwa Thu 5 Fy39 7802 rw3 r377 m 3 Vwc 39 Irene sf wn rr on jaz c bll e cawmk I dirk217039 774 Shaun 4 71042 9 77m 4Eci70n 4 cIlyfrrfvfA rres 4140quot en 7 11 Emae Janine I 77 rffr39fI 4 4w swn ce and WIVA lt VIMHid mas Pass 777rawyh 771 kHzInlIah 015 4 77m rce winch 1 fo f A es 290 The ZO long gate of Fig PZH39L is a Garter circle and is hinged at H Determine the horizontal force P required 0 hold the gaie in place Neglect friction at the hinge and the weight of the gate l a x Iquot Fy P 5r ashham from fe ady allaljr m l a 15le mass L 5 My FL 2 9 gt F T 51 71115 T TFV 0 AK 5 5 3 A 24 sygf g xh1 z 22500 lb Simitirj 2F 0 50 7714f Fv W A21 Vaum 9 14m 51142039151351300IL A 39 gag g LI 7 5 Ft 522556ng a f2 JV 2 WM 11 5r eju f rwm 14mm ff yd7 dm7l lm cf 3414 2 MD 50 mi Pam F gnh FMS 2200 1122015 amW H H 2 22500 I 258 The hydrometer shown in Video V26 and Fig P258 has a mass of 0045 kg and the Crosssectional area of its stem is 290 mmz Determine the distance between gradualions on the stem for speci c gravilies of 100 and 090 Lef AS S H m 4N4 am or Jr 5 Wm med volum amp UAW 77M hyammeier is oa39 mq 27 s why1t WJ and The buwgmi rm are egua sing ZErr a Ear Hm my saga Pa W W 0 W M w Slmrlnrg Icy 1441 141771 561 01 55 a h za W 67nd JuHMdnq 771 65M aws le1 V V 4 W 2 551X4m mix X Julyfmqu 177 Egmhms 3214 v W 2 W sal X m any rm slim 497 7 M A 11 A l J Ayn 5 54L 0 045 W 3 1 I I 2 x af rm yam03 7 2 72xngt m 7Zwrr1 2 60 A closed cylindrical tank that is 8 ft in diameter and 24 ft long is completely lled with gasoline The tank with its long axis horizontal is pulled by a truck along a horizontal surface Determine the pressure difference between the ends along the long axis of the tank when the truck undergoes an acceleration of 5 ft 52 9 53 22 in re 7 to Mini 6 M be Jr9 as y dl39rem m m CHM 2 35 r a 77mg f 24 4 fayJ 7 0 Where 7b l 425 yo and 7oz 475 524 ctJ and I l zi 45 24k 5 f 32 g3er gym 7 I59 121 or 16 fz t EL


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