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The World of Media

by: Miss Cristian Upton

The World of Media JRN 108

Miss Cristian Upton
GPA 3.81

Bonnie Bucqueroux

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About this Document

Bonnie Bucqueroux
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Cristian Upton on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JRN 108 at Michigan State University taught by Bonnie Bucqueroux in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/207393/jrn-108-michigan-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
World of Media Chapter 2 Notes Society s Uses of Mass Media 0 Correlation the responses of society 0 Transmit the social heritage o Marketplace of Ideas Invest in infrastructure Protect the environment Prochoice Cut the debt Cut regulation ProLife Media Consolidation 0 Contemporary Concerns Media power in fewer and fewer hands 0 Companies are merging 0 Saving money Economic Convergence Media Convergence o Devices changing and becoming better nfotoxins Digital Divide 0 Half the world nearly 3 billion people live on less 2 a day 0 Lack of nfodiversity Media and Society 0 First Amendment Congress shall make no law 0 Respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof 0 Or abridging the freedom of speech or fthe press 0 Clear and present danger 0 Or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances The Zenger Trial 1735 0 Andrew Hamilton An evil magistrate entrusted with a power to punish words is armed with a weapon most destructive and terrible Under the pretense of pruning off the exuberant branches he frequently destroys the tree Truth as a defense for libel Enlightenment Philosophy 0 Thomas Paine llThese are the times that try men s souls 0 Pamphleteers 0 Age of Reason I Scientific reasoning democracy right to criticize government 0 Dark Age of Journalism 0 Partisanship o Naturalization Enemy Alien amp Sedition Act 1798 I Illegal to criticize the government 0 News Values 0 Press Responsibility I Responsible to whom o Objectivity 0 Fair balanced and complete I Over time 0 News Values 0 Impact 0 Timeliness o Prominence I Prominent people get their news produced more often 0 Proximity I Only if someone of prominence dies will it be covered in distant papers 0 Conflict I News finds conflict easier and more interesting to cover 0 Weirdness I Dog bites man not a story man bites dog story I Weird YouTube videos go further than boring ones 0 Currency I What people are buzzing about I The kind of story that for a period of time had a real level of interest on the people 0 Who is a journalist o A trade or a profession I You don t need a license to be a journalist I Shield Law You don t have to reveal your sources 0 Not all states have these 0 No federal shield law 0 Ethical standards 0 Legal protections o The Narrative Tradition 0 Tell me a Story 0 Point of View 0 A Magazine is lla periodical containing a collection of articles stories pictures or other features 0 000000 Definition ofa Magazine I Most published monthly I Some published weekly I Mechanical printing process I Content not necessarily news I Often high quality I Most rely on postal system or newsstand for distribution I Higher perissue cost than newspapers The Numbers Game I 1500 daily newspapers in the United States I 18267 magazines 6325 quotconsumerquot magazines Four Elements Contributing to Magazine Expansion in the Late 1800s I Literacy I Technology 0 Now possible to produce slicker looking magazines I Emerging class of professional writers I Evolution of national brands and national advertising I Congress enacted new postal regulations of 1879 Magazines help correlate society Unifying force in American life Industrial Revolution and Magazine Technology Era of Democratic Reading Specialization of publishing Economies of Scale I Fixed Costs 0 Personnel 0 Office Space 0 Technology Genres of Magazines I Intelligentsia 0 Atlantic 0 Harper s I Literary o Granta o Glimmer Train 0 The Sun I Political 0 Weekly Standard 0 National Review 0 The Nation 0 Mother Jones Newspa pers O 0 Religious Cooking 0 Cooking Light 0 Bon Appetite o VegetarianTimes Music 0 Rolling Stones 0 Spin 0 Vibe Movie 0 Premiere 0 Film Entertainment 0 EntertainmentWeekly 0 People Humor 0 NationalLampoon 0 Mad 0 Spy Crafts Business Trade Publications 0 MichiganMedicine o CJRjournalism ScholarlyJournals NewAge HomeLifestyle Ethnic Geographic Children s Magazines CHAPTER 6 A newspaper is lla daily or weekly publication on folded sheets contains news and articles Historical Periods PreRevolutionary 16861784 0 Silence Dogood in the New England Courant wrote that Harvard was corrupt elitist and all its students learned was how to be conceited


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