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CreatingMarketing Journalism

by: Miss Cristian Upton

CreatingMarketing Journalism JRN 450

Miss Cristian Upton
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Cristian Upton on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JRN 450 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/207396/jrn-450-michigan-state-university in Journalism and Mass Communications at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
JRN 450 Creating amp Marketing Journalism Media Spring Semester 2012 830 am 950 am 246 Communication Arts amp Sciences Building Michigan State University Instructor Bonnie Bucqueroux Office Hours Fridays 1015 1215 301 CAS Course Overview The field of journalism is undergoing massive and rapid change in large part as the result of the impact of the Internet and the changing economic realities in the United States and around the world However as the Chinese proverb says out of crisis comes opportunity How should local newspapers magazines and local TV news change as they move onto the web What kinds of new publications are needed How can journalism embrace these new digital opportunities and help people become better informed As breakthroughs such as social media and smartphones expand our horizons the possibilities for creating innovative news vehicles that that can provide people the news they want and need are exploding The challenge for the next generation ofjournalism students will be to learn how to navigate this new digital world and to contribute to inventing this new futureThis course is designed to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit whether you intend to work for existing journalism enterprises or you envision yourself as the person who will invent tomorrow s news products today Class Objectives and Format The class will model the entrepreneurial incubator approach that is designed to spark creativity You will work individually and in teams reflecting the importance of learning how to function in a collaborative professional environment Instead of the model where the instructor pounds information into your head and you spit it back we will work together to discover and share information and ideas about opportunities to take journalism to the next level Our process will be enriched by guest lecturers in person and through Google hangouts and Skype We will also use social media for information ideas input and feedback The class will be roughly divided into two phases investigation and creation The investigation phase will focus on learning about the current state of journalism innovation and trends for the future We will explore the latest thinking from thought leaders in the field as well as mavericks at the cutting edge of innovation In addition to searching for information on current trends student teams will read and critique current texts from noted authors in the field and share case studies on innovations that succeeded or failed explaining why The creation phase of the semester will focus on your efforts to develop a plan to create and market your own journalism innovation whether it is a new publication or a new delivery strategy such as a smartphone app an aggregation strategy or a new tool that journalists can use to gather information During the class you will a business plan from which you will derive various quotelevator pitches that explain your idea to a broad crosssection of different audiences including a presentation to your peers and also to a panel of faculty and professionals in the field Theproject planswill be showcased on our JRN 450 website which will also house a repository of links to useful tools and information we uncover along the way It should be noted however that both the investigation and creation phases will crossfertilize each other We will begin thinking and discussing creation during the first phase of the class and we will continue our investigation during the second half By the end of the class you should be able to 1 understand today s competitive media landscape and the opportunities for innovation 2 identify career opportunities that match you talents and interests 3 learn to work collaboratively in teams in an entrepreneurial environment 4 create and develop an idea for an innovation in journalism 5 develop a comprehensive business plan and 6 create and deliver appropriate pitches about your innovation that can be presented to potential investors Class Structure and Requirement Investigation Phase For the first half of the semester you will work as individuals and as part of three to fourperson teams Individualcontributions As individuals you will be responsible for searching for information and examples to share for each class assignments You will be expected to spend time outside of class finding items to share such as examples of excellence concept papers and articles on relevant topics and free tools we can use 0 Case Study During this phase you will produce a paper on a case study of media innovation The paper will focus on why the enterprise succeeded or failed and you will present your findings to the class 0 Team contributions You will selfselect into three or fourperson teams Each team will be responsible for reading and analyzing a relevant text and then preparing and presenting a presentation on it for your classmates 0 Book Review The following are approved texts for reviewing Your team may suggest a different text however you must secure instructor approval before proceeding Mediactive Dan Gillmor Entrepreneurial Journalism Mark Briggs Cognitive Surplus Clay Shirky Free for All The Internet39s Transformation of Journalism Medill Visions of the American Press Eliot King Free How Today39s Smartest Businesses Profit by Giving Something for Nothing Chris Anderson 0 Public Parts How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live Jeff Jarvis Creation Phase We will regroup for the second half of the semester as you shift focus to concentrate on developing plans for your own innovations You can choose to work as individuals think David Talbot who launched Salon or in new twoperson teams think Arianna Huffington and Ken Lerer of Huffington Post or Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple or Larry Page and Sergei Brinn of Google By then you should know more about your classmates interests and skills as well as their strengths and weaknesses for certain kinds of tasks In this phase your challenge is to develop a complete business plan and the promotional pitches needed to sell the idea Business Plan You will prepare a completely business plan for your individual or team idea using the templatesrubrics created during the investigation phase 60SecondElevator Pitch and a lO Minute Presentation for Potential Investors You will prepare and deliver these presentations to classmates and then to faculty and other professionals in the field Textbooks and Resources There is no textbook for the class but instead teams will read analyze and report on a relevant book from the list provided above You will also be expected to download and refer to Andy Goodman s book quotWhen Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causesquot Andy coached Al Gore on messaging for his quotAn Inconvenient Truth climate change presentation and we will rely on his advice for the required pitch presentations You will be expected to search for information online You will also be expected to post links to those materials on our class website s Resources section Reading Room Free Tools or Sites that Matter URL available soon You should also download the free Business Canvas Model at Business Model Alchemist httpwww 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 mm tools You are also expected to follow the tweets and Google postings of thought leaders such as Dan Gillmor Jeff Jarvis Jay Rosen and others who have something to contribute Let s work to make this list more diverse on our website Students are encouraged to visit the following sites regularly Media Bistro Mashable PressThink Buzz Machine Business Insider GradingYou can earn up to 100 points as follows Phase One Investigation details above 0 20 points for book review o 20 points for case study 0 10 points for participation You can earn up to 10 points for your participation in class discussion creation of the rubrics for the final projects and contributions to the class website Allocating 10 of your final grade to participation during this phase reflects how much your engagement is valued and required Phase Two Creation details above 0 35 points for your final project plan The final project must be presented in the form of a business plan that includes a marketing plan and an economic model to sustain the enterprise We will develop the templatesrubrics for the plan during Phase One 0 15 points for developing and presenting your 60 second and 10 minute pitches to your peers and to appropriate professionals Grades will be recorded and maintained in the Angel Gradebook based on the following scale 90 100 points 40 85 89 points 35 80 84 points 30 75 79 points 25 70 74 points 20 65 69 points 15 60 64 points 10 59 points and below 00 Extra credit opportunities Participate in Hackers amp Hustlers Participating in one or more Hackers amp Hustlers facetoface activity can earn you up to 10 points toward your final grade Seek startup funds from Kickstarter or another approved crowdsourced funding site If you develop and launch a Kickstertype funding appeal you can earn up to 20 points toward your final grade Develop a working prototype You can earn up to 50 points toward your final grade if you develop a working prototype of your innovation whether it s a new publication an app or some other appropriate journalism innovation Apply for grant funding There are various foundations that offer grants for journalistic innovations The Knight Challenge and the New Media Women Entrepreneurs are two popular programs You can earn up to 50 points for develop a full grant proposal for a specific grant offering Attendance Tardiness and Participation We will treat this class as a professional incubator You must be prompt and present for all of each session If you have an approved emergency that requires you to be absent you must notify me in advance and share the reason for your absence You must also provide appropriate documentation upon your returnYou must also notify me in advance if religious holidays or observances conflict with your class participation It is your responsibility to work with your team members to provide you information on the material you missed Tardiness is unacceptable For each two times tardy you risk a 05 reduction in your grade for example from 40 to 35 You must be attentive engaged and eager to participate We are fortunate to have room CAS 246 that has the flexibility to shift from discussion to team collaboration and individual enterprise as the situation warrants If you are not enthusiastic and excited about the opportunities to envision and potentially help create a new journalism for the future then you have signed up for the wrong class You may use your laptop tablet or smartphone in class to search for information to share or to crowdsource ideas and answers to questions posed during the class However you may not use these devices for personal communications or general web surfing during presentations It is also essential that you are respectful and attentive during guest lectures My goal is to invite people who have expertise and advice you will need to complete the class successfully so please give them your undivided attention Please also be prepared to ask questions when called upon and you will be called upon Honors Students Honors students who would like to earn Honors credit for the class should contact the instructor to discuss developing an appropriate project Academic Honesty and Plagiarism Students are expected to do their own work Students who cheat fabricate or plagiarize will receive a grade of 00 on the assignment and may fail this course Such transgressions can also result in expulsion from the School of Journalism Plagiarism is defined as presenting another person39s work or ideas as one39s own The School of Journalism subscribes to the quotGuidelines on Academic Dishonestyquot specified in the quotGeneral Student Regulationsquot and in the quotAllUniversity Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and Gradesquot which are described in Spartan Life Student Resource Guide and Handbook and in the quotGeneral Procedures and Regulationsquot section of the University Academic Program publication Handicapper Accommodations If you need or want an accommodation for a disability call the Office of Programs for Handicapper Students at 3539642 You will be required to provide instructions from OPHS to your course instructor Schedule of Classes PHASE ONE INVESTIGATION Week 1 Introducing our Incubator Tuesday January 10 Goals and Expectations Establishing ground rules for our incubator Review the syllabus Pick teams Assign tasks for the class website and Facebook page Sign up for individual and class Twitter accounts Thursday January 12 Searching for Information Using search engines surveys SurveyMonkey and social media Facebook Twitter Quora etc to extend your reach Class Assignment for Week 2 Use social media to solicit suggestions about attributes common among successful entrepreneurs Prepare three questions for each of next week s guests use search and social media to learn more about them Week 2 Understanding Entrepreneurship Tuesday January 17 How Entrepreneurs Operation Guest Bill Castanier Mittenlitcom and Lansing Online News Thursday January 19 Unbundling the News Research on How We Got Here Dr Stephen Lacy MSU School of Journalism Class Assignment for Week 3Prepare three questions for each of next week s speakers Week 3 Understanding Disruption Journalism Then and Now Tuesday January 24Bret Kopf Palo Alto Incubator Thursday January 26 The Digital World Skype with MSU Alumnus Jeffrey Van Camp Writer at Digital Trends Class Assignment for Week 4Write a paragraph describing a news product you might want to develop referencing its roots in existing media Week 4 Exploring Sustainable Economic Models Tuesday January 31 ForProfit and NonProfit Models Thursday February 2 Revenue Streams Advertising banner ads display ads stalker ads Googleads Sponsorship Affiliate Marketing Donations Subscriptions GiveAways Truthout Allied Services Mittenlit Targeted Contributions Spotus Grant Funding Class Assignment for Week 5 Refine your idea decide whether to go for profit or non profit and identify one or more potential revenue streams Note that your book review is due next week Week 5 Presenting Ideas to Others amp Securing Startup and Venture Funding Part One BOOK REVIEW DUE AT BEGINNING OF TUESDAY S CLASS Tuesday February 7 Andy Goodman s Tips on PowerPoint Presentations Thursday February 9 Terms and Strategies for Financing a Startup Class Assignment for Week 6 Post at least one link to a useful article on startup funding to the Reading Room in the Resources Section on our website Prepare your team presentation on the book review using Andy Goodman s tips and techniques Week 6 Presenting Ideas to Others ampSecuring Startup and Venture Funding Part Two Tuesday February 14 Sources of Support Jeff Smith Technology Innovation Center East Lansing and a representative from MSU Thursday February 16 Advertising Revenue Tom Culligan Washington Times quest speaker Present Book Reviews Using Andy Goodman s Strategies Class Assignment for Week 7 Post at least one link to both Free Tools and Sites that Matter in the Resource Section on our class website Note that your case study is due next week Week 7 Building Business Plans CASE STUDY DUE AT BEGINNING OF TUESDAY S CLASS Tuesday February 21 Traditional Business Plans amp the Business Canvas Model Thursday February 23 Financias Startup Costs Cash Flow PL Class Assignment for Week 8 Develop an outline of the main elements to include in the rubric for developing the business plan Prepare an initial 60 Second Elevator Pitch for your idea using tips from Andy Goodman Week 8 Marketing Solutions PART OF EACH CLASS THIS WEEK WILL BE DEVOTED TO HAVING YOU PRESENT THE 60SECOND ELEVATOR PITCH OR lOMlNUTE PRESENTATION Tuesday February 28 Branding Messaging Persuasion Storytelling Thursday March 1 Traditional and Social Media Channels Class Assignment for Week 9 Use the feedback from your 60 second elevator pitch to revise your presentation Prepare to share your case studies after spring break SPRING BREAK IS MARCH 5 MARCH 9 no classes PHASE TWO CREATION Week 9 Sharing Case Studies THE TEMPLATESRUBRICS FOR THE PROJECT PLAN WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE TuesdayMarch 13 Success and Failure Individual presentations on case studies Thursday March 15 MiniDiscussion on how to protect original ideas NDAs patents copyright etc Finish up sharing case studies Class Assignment for Week 10 Write a paragraph describing the problem to be solved in terms of your audience and your widget Week 10 Stating the ProblemSolution Your Audienceamp Your Widget Tuesday March 20 Share your concept statement Workshare Thursday March 22 Workshare Class Assignment for Week 11 Write drafts of your marketing plan and your financial plan Week 11 Your Economic ModelFinancials and Your Marketing Plan Tuesday March 27 Share your draft plansWorkshare Thursday March 29 Workshare Class Assignment for Week 12 Prepare your draft business plan for submission Week 12 Protecting Your Ideas DRAFT OF YOUR BUSINESS PLAN DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF TUESDAY S CLASS critiqued but not graded Tuesday April 3 NonDisclosure Agreements Contracts Patents Copyright Thursday April 5 Workshare Class Assignment for Week 13 Prepare your Elevator Pitch and 10 Minute Presentation for delivery to your classmates Continue work on revising your business plan Week 13 Making the Pitch Internal Tuesday April 10 Practice Pitches to Class Thursday April 12 Revise pitches based on feedback Class Assignment for Week 14 Prepare your Elevator Pitch and 10 Minute Presentation for delivery to the professional panel Continue work on revising your business plan


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