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Selected Topics

by: Donnell Kertzmann

Selected Topics CSE 891

Donnell Kertzmann
GPA 3.97

Laura Dillon

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About this Document

Laura Dillon
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donnell Kertzmann on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 891 at Michigan State University taught by Laura Dillon in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/207406/cse-891-michigan-state-university in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Reviewing CSE 891 Sec 4 8809 httpwwwcsemsued uldilloncse891 L mlomcssaaxm Suriname Why review ltgtThe peer review system eessential for progress in any eld of research ltgtYour duty as an author ereview at least 4 papers for every 1 submission ltgtApproach it as an opportunity eDevelop reading skills critical reading eBuild reputation for good judgement knowledge amp evaluation skills eEarly access to latest research results eBetter understanding and longer retention of ideas L Dillon CSEaa mtmaaumaeueepe Paper Review Worksheet mm Just 36 L the an MS Jsmg ms hetpml grace sgeex to new yam teammatel No new Mussan Papal we uscs mm m colorurbe Wm tan mu m per nesluts u it Dptgladdo l megih Er out Eager cures mr Lan v20 m l a elm 3 wrresu39s EV BDD on W Y TOTAL Paints Recommendation lt0 Recommend Dulwnle scathing New ma39ll take V sm manms to ratus phdcomics com man Recommend but lHSlS yourworx be uteri mare Dromtnsnll gtlZU Recommended and deservmg at an award L ulmcssaaxm A SDMQZOW Different kind of reading ltgtReading for understanding Gathering info eCan you use the results in your research eDoes it contribute to the context of your research eHow does it compare to what you are working on ltgtReading to evaluate research contribution eAre the results signi cant and sound eAre they clear presented eAre they of interest to the expected audience eHow could the paper be improved L ulmcssaaxm A SDMQZOOS Main question Should the paper be accepted ltgtAre the results important ltgtAre they surprising ltgtWill the paper spark new research ltgtAre the ideas expressed cleary L Dillon CSE 891Sec A Spring 2000 Evaluate 0 Motivation Is the problem important Will a solution advance the state ofthe art ltgtContribution conclusion Is there an important intellectual contribution Are the results sound Does the evaluation support the conclusions 0 Learning Did you learn anything from the paper Will the paper spark new ideas Will it generate discussion andor debate L Dillon CSE 891Sec A Spring 2000 Read and reread ltgtRead once for main ideas and contributions Will you recommend acceptance majorminor revision or rejection ltgtRead again taking notes Strong points weak points Check details for soundness Identify improvements Begin organizing arguments to substantiate your evaluation L Dillon CSE 891SecA Spring 2000 0 Other considerations Background of intended audience 0 Will they care about the results 0 Are assumptions made of readers warranted 0 Is level of detail appropriate Standards of venue 0 Workshop more permissive of vision without full evaluation em phasis on stimulating discussion 0 Conference depends on selectivity of conference and usually also on quality of other submissions ltgt Journals highest expectations significant contribution careful evaluation clear and complete presentation L Dillon CSE 891SecA Spring 2000 5 Other considerations Purpose of the paper 0 Research paper are results significant and sound 0 Survey paper is treatment sufficiently comprehensive and balanced does the paper provide insights appropriate comparisons ltgtTutorial is the description correct and clear are appropriate examples provided L Dillon CSE s01Sep A Spring 2000 0 General tips ltgtBe constructive not destructive Be polite and respectful not insulting Criticize the paper not the authors ltgtConsider the authors perspectives How would you react to receiving the review ltgtGive concrete suggestions for improvement 0 Don t miss the forest for the trees Significance of contributions may outweigh other flaws Papers are never perfect setting too high a bar can stymie progress in a research area prevent publication of important research results L Dillon CSE 5013 A Spring 2000 11 Writing the review ltgtStart with a summary in your own words show you understand the main pointsclaimed contributions of the paper help you remember for later discussion andor rereviewing a later version ltgtDiscuss extent to which paper delivers on individual claimscontributions ltgtDiscuss positive aspects of paper find some ltgtDiscuss negative aspects ltgtProvide highlevel suggestions for improvement ltgtEnd with detailed comments nits and corrections L Dillon CSE s01SepA Spring 2000 1 Some example reviews L Dillon CSE s01SepA Spring 2000 12


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