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Strategic Mgt in Agribus

by: Armando Dare

Strategic Mgt in Agribus AEC 857

Armando Dare
GPA 3.64

C. Peterson

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About this Document

C. Peterson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Armando Dare on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AEC 857 at Michigan State University taught by C. Peterson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/207430/aec-857-michigan-state-university in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
l THINKING STRATEGICALLY l Ll Dr Chris Peterson KEY ISSUES I What is strategic management I Why does strategic management always come last Strategic Management I The PROCESS of CRAFTING and IMPLEMENTING an organizational game plan for Creating customer value Sustaining competitive advantage Achieving performance targets E Strategic Management I NOT operations management Wrong question Are we doing things right operations management question E Correct question Are we doing the right things strategic management question g The 6 P s of Thinking Strategically I PlanConscioust intended action I PonMove to outwit competition r I PatternLongrun consistent success I PositionSustainabe market presence I PurposeCollective direction I PushMeans to stretch the firm a E The Strategy Process Asmmptinns amp Beliefs q DEVElnment upmunns 9 21mm the n smug Wu P erfnrmance 39 a quot W Effective Strategy E I Delivers value to customers 7 I Builds on strengths overcomes weaknesses a I Captures opportunities avoidsthreats I Is sustainable acrosstime I Can fit any level in the firm g 51 Why Plan Strategy I Builds a bridge between intention and action iv I Demandsthat you focus ratherthan be all thingsto all people I Minimizesthe risk of incompatible 7 actions I Supportsthe communication of the firm s identity H Why Does Strategic Management E Come Last I Managers are more comfortable with tightening control Loop 1 I Managers have manythingsto do Operational planner organizer liaison supervisor resource allocator task delegator gurehead coach technical problem solver entrepreneur monitor disturbance handler Why Does Strategic Management E Come Last I It is very difficult You must Ask tough business questions Give honest answers E Make decisions in the face of substantial uncertainty and ambiguity Take concerted deliberate action a Case Study Questions 7 I What is the problem in the case I lsthe problem a strategic one I lsthe managerthinking strategically la Overview of Strategy Process lit i ll Dr Chris Peterson The Strategy Process Assumptinns amp Bahm Deveinpmem q Open nns 9 PM My nrmance 21mm the nf Strztgy WW Finn39sWnrlrl Challenge AssumptionsBeliefs Assess Reality Strategic Analysis Imesz Anzlys39s EX Erml Anzws39s Marketing o um eFuvces Finance Customers suppleis Vivas new Human entrants substitutes iesuuices Opeiaiiunspiudumiuniechnulug OWEEWBES y market growth globalization customer ManagEmEm Eadmmp demand regulation producymarket Oigamzaiiun Wmmam mm business NSK the emnomy gives use in gives vise m OPPORTUNITIES a THREATS Strategic bsuvs synthesis What are the lm s cure cumpeiencies7 Cumpeinwe advantages7 What luluie scenaiius ace the lilm much change is neede 7 Huw e What strategic issues must be vesulved m a sueeesmimimw Challenge AssumptionsBeliefs Assess Desire Strategic Plan I Vision and Mission Addresses business boundaries values and ture success Inspires Represents commitment Strategic Objectives sionmission based Doable Challenging Measurable


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