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Geography of the U.S. & Canada

by: Lenore West

Geography of the U.S. & Canada GEO 330

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Geography > GEO 330 > Geography of the U S Canada
Lenore West
GPA 3.79

Catherine Yansa

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About this Document

Catherine Yansa
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lenore West on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 330 at Michigan State University taught by Catherine Yansa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/207448/geo-330-michigan-state-university in Geography at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
GEO 330001 Exam 1 Thursday January 31 2013 Exam will be held in our classroom 300 Human Ecology Bring your Student ID Don t be late to the exam Exam breakdown O 42 multiple choice and truefalse questions worth 2 points each 84 points These questions will be based on lecture notes which include comments about the YouTube video clips shown in class no video guides were given out Study the map ofthe five boroughs of New York City and the two images that show a crosssection across the Appalachian region and adjacent Piedmont and Coastal Plain including the close up ofthe Appalachian region these were saved as separate files on ANGEL For this portion ofthe exam students will fill out scantrons that will be graded by the Scoring Office which will send scores to students via email Students may look overtheir exam booklets and answer key in the TA s office Note that some multiple choice questions have more than one answer correct such as d all above answers a b amp c are correct e only answers a amp b are correct Handwrite 2 longanswer questions expected 8 to 12 detailed sentences per question worth a maximum of 8 points each 16points There will be limited choice you will pick 2 out of 3 questions This will be handgraded by Albert and scores will be posted on ANGEL Exam 1 will cover all material from the first class re regions and regional geography Jan 8 to the end of Tuesday Jan 29quot 5 lecture on the Inland South SAMPLE QUESTIONS Note these questions will not be on the exam but questions like them will be A key is provided on the last page PART A SCANTRON MULTIPLE CHOICETRUEFALSE QUESTIONS 1 Which of these mountains isare considered based on geology and location to be part of the Appalachians a C e svosvlv b White Mountains d all above answers a b amp c are correct Green Mountains Adirondack Mountains only answers a amp b are correct The headquarters of the United Nations is located in which city Washington DC b New York City Philadelphia d Albany Boston In West Virginia and parts of neighboring states it s a common practice in coal mining today to do mountain top removalquot where with heavy equipment they remove some mountaintops and fill in the adjacent valleys with the waste rocksediment a 4 a C true b false Ben amp Jerry squot first ice cream shop was in a building that was originally a in the city of laundromat Burlington b laundromat Montpelier gas station Burlington d gas station Montpelier 5 The Shenandoah Valley isconsidered part of the Great Valleyquot based on its geologyphysical geographyphysiogeography a true b false 6 Which statement is true about the Lorraine Motel after Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated at this site a The hotel was demolished and the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site was built on this lot Here Dr King and his wife Coretta Scott King are buried and the site is open to visitors b The hotel was renovated and became part of the National Civil Rights Museum which is open to visitors c The hotel was demolished and a corporate building of an insurance company was built on the site The only remembrance of the event that occurred there is a plaque placed on this building 7Which of the following is today considered to be the global cityquot of the megalopolis region a New York City b Washington DC c Boston d Philadelphia 8 Which state has a significant amount 75 of its land owned by numerous gt450 privatelyowned logging companies more so than any other state in the US a Arkansas b WestVirginia cNew Hampshire dMaine eGeorgia 9The western boundary of the New England region as defined by New Englanders and in class includes New York State In other words NY State is part of New England a true b false 10 Which one of the following headquarters of a corporationcompany is not located in the Ozarks a Tyson b Walmart c JB Hunt d Prime lnc e CocaCola 11 The largest group of EuropeanEuroAmerican immigrants to the southern Appalachians from 17101770s and later to the Ozarks in the 1820s1830s are the a Germans b ScotchIrish c French dWeshlrish 12 Live free or diequot is the slogan on the vehicle license of which state a North Carolina b Kentucky c Vermont d New Hamsphire e Massachusetts 13 Which of the following natural areas is not a national parks but is instead a wellknown state park a Acadia b Adirondack Mountains c Great Smoky Mountains d Shenandoah 14 The Occupy Wall Streetquot movement began where in New York City on September 17 2011 a Greenwich Village b Central Park c Zuccotti Park d East River Park e Harlem Sample questions for Exam 1 2


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