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World Regional Geography

by: Lenore West

World Regional Geography GEO 204

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Geography > GEO 204 > World Regional Geography
Lenore West
GPA 3.79

Morris Thomas

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About this Document

Morris Thomas
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lenore West on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 204 at Michigan State University taught by Morris Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/207449/geo-204-michigan-state-university in Geography at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
GEO NOTES EXAM UNO Lecture I We use a spatial viewpoint in Geography Historical viewpoint when and why did it occur vs Geo viewpoint where Regions are artificial lines The Globe in the BEST representation of the Earth 4 properties of a Globe l True area 2 True direction 3 True scale 4 True shapes 0 it is impossible to get all 4 of these with a map Maps are distorted but Projections reduce these distortions 3 types of Projections l Conic use cone to unfold globe into a map mostly used for Europe and US 2 Cylindrical use cylinder to unfold globe emphasizes true direction right lt s 3 Planar Takes a sky view of the globe and turns it into a map US POPULATION STATS 305 mill ppl 3rd in world Arithmetic density 80 pplsqmile Physiological density 450 sq mile of CROP land Rate of Natural Increase Crude Birth Rate Crude Death Rate 4 ways to change population I birth 2 death 3 in migration 4 out migration Doubling time of years it takes a country to double its population Formula 70 RM CENSUS l 790 rst one taken every l0 yrs l790l930 is open to the public LECTURE 2 4 Most Populous State California 36 mill ppl 2 Texas 3 NY 4 Florida n gray belt a high percentage of people over 65 yrs old TOTAL FERTILITY RATE of births to women l545 yrs of age yr If the TFR is above 2l then pop is increasing below pop is decreasing l955l957 LARGEST BlRTHlNG PERIOD IN US Baby boomer l946l964 US is 79 urban living in metropolitan areas NORTHEAST 54 mill ppl Albion Seed 4 groups from England came to US and left their distinct imprint l PURITANS settled in Mass have a unique dialect 2 QUAKERS settled in Penn created blue laws restricting activity on the Sabbath day 3 DUTCH Maryland area settled but then the British took over 4 GERMANS Philly area Metes and Bound Land Survey using natural boundaries to map out and purchase property Used only in NE states produced odd shaped counties Megalopolis large urbanized are 44 of NE lives there BostonWashingtonNY there are only 8 of the largest cities in US in the NE 5 Parts of NY I Bronx only portion on mainland 2 Queens 3 Kings AKA Brooklyn 4 Richmond AKA Staten Island 5 Manhattan New York is considered the manufacturing seedbed bc lron Ore NJ Coal gtPenn Hudson River Labor lmmigrants Market9 large population Physical Characteristics of NE Humid 9Acidic Soil limits plant growth9Forests 0 Where there is HUMID climate there are Trees Riparian Lavm you are not allowed to alter or diminish the ow of a river Riparian Land Owner owning an edge of property along a river Agricultural Seed Bed19 SE Penn at topography rivers precipitation market big cities nearby 0 Overall expensive crops are produced in NE such as cranberries in MASSTabacco in CONN orchards thus farmland it expensive Von Thunen Land Use Theory The closer to the market consumer you are the more expensive the land is 8 Ivy League schools and 7 historically women s colleges SOUTH 27 of US population resides here Physical Landscape Appalachian Mts Piedmont hilly area Coastal Plain generally flat with lots of pine trees losing populations the Fall Line marks a territory of hard metamorphosed terrain and many waterfalls N Carolina has a unique terrain with Mts on west Piedmont in middle and Coastal Plain on East Albion Seed New Culture groups I Cavaliers came to Virginia as wealthy class and brought indentured servants 2 Back Country Folk considered the armpit they were sent to Appalachia to deal with Native Americans then moved out West to Texas 3 Cajuns Arcadians displaced from Canada brought the French tradition of long lots strips of land extending from Mississippi River 4 Blacks settled in the old cotton belt MissLouisiannaS Carolina have highest of blacks and highest of slaves Slaves Planter a person who owned many slaves and ruled politics in that area l0 mill total not all came to US There are l00 Black colleges and Universities in South County Sheriff is the most important political figure in the South People refer to their County they are from opposed to the city they are from Has only 3 of the most populous cities in the US but slowly urbanizing Manufacturing Increases in Piedmont area chicken belt nearly every state has chicken farms hog countryquot NC Vidalia Onions SE Georgia is the only place in world where you can call them Vidalia CENTRAL REGION 9 mill305 mill 3 l of pop Tornado Alley Most MAJOR ClTlES in this region are found on GREAT LAKES or in TEXAS 0 Chicago is 3rd largest city and a mix of agricultural West and Industrial East Cultural groups Native Americans Dakotas and Oklahoma Hispanic Texas migrating to NE Whites North Central Region Amish TEXAS is a TRlCultural Region AGRICULTURE flat topography fertile soil Summer rainfall Max Close to the market CornHogSoy Bean area Ethanol Plants Dairy and Veggies closer to market Wheat further away Fossil Fuels and Windmill farms US Public Land Survey System USPLSS Used on lands WEST of Ohio Started off by carrying a 66 ft long chain to measure the land Started at meeting pt of WV OH PA Each 6mi X 6mi square is a township Each township is broken up into 36 sections one section 640 acres Section I6 was designated School section Everyone had their own unique LOT that is found on a DEED l00 W Line When you go from E9 W dryer climate higher elevation more grassland lower pop density more widespread fewer cities less industrial WEST REGION 72 mill ppl 24 of US pop Sparse discontinuous population areas on West Coast but its increasing WHY POP increase discovered water in dry region cheap hydroelectric power automobiles A MOUNTAIN INFO Mountain Passes areas where you can drive through MTS first one found byJames Beckworth AFRAMER lntermontane area btw mountains Death Valley lowest elevation in US 200ft Central Valley one of greatest and most important agriculture production areas 60 diff everyday crops CLIMATE most has sunshine year round Most areas have irrigated farming bc rainfall is lt500 mm year Increase in elevationcooer temp Rainshadow side of the mountain that is dry with no rain Desert any region that has lt250 mm of precipitation year NEVADA LOUSANNA IS WETEST STATE AND NEVADA IS DRYEST Water LAW in WEST Prior appropriation first in time first in right AKA first come first serve Most land is owned by Gov t and must be leased Dine Bekayah Sacred Navajo homeland made up of 4 mountain peaks It is believed that if you stay in that area then life will be good Lots of Hispanics in SW


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