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Problems in GIScience (W)

by: Lenore West

Problems in GIScience (W) GEO 425

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Geography > GEO 425 > Problems in GIScience W
Lenore West
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lenore West on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 425 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/207451/geo-425-michigan-state-university in Geography at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
GEO 425 GIS Assets and Constraints Wednesday April IS 2009 GIS Group Project Report Due Friday 5pm Web Page Email me the URL of your report It will be posted on the weekly schedule Check out your page and those of the other projects Report Contents Explain project motivation and objectives Include a flow chart of the methods Include software employed Use maps teXt graphs and tables to communicate the results of your project Conclude with a discussion about what you learned Include any challenges you encountere Some good to really good examples httpswwwmsuedubarkumes425hawai39iprojecthtml httpswwwmsuedusaltieldgeo425 Project Report Evaluation Worth over half of your project grade I will assess based on these factors Completeness Did the page cover all the desired contents Clarity Clearly laid out Writing decent Figures easy to read Quality Does the project engage thoughtfully with the problem Report Peer Review Go through the other reports Decide which is best and why Besides your own page Will be a final eXam question Presentation Schedule is Up httpwwwmsueduashtonclasses425presentationshtml Or simply from the weekly schedule page Project web reports will be linked from this Presentation Guidelines 12 minutes per presentation rigorously enforced Practice Questions from audience Powerpoint OpenOffice fine Load on my machine Email it to me or come early to get presentation loaded Cover objectives methods results implications But focus on methods and results Suggestions Practice Public speaking ability is really valuable In front of audience or mirror Use maps and graphics to talk around your points Not too many words on each slide Don39t read your slides Check timing with yes practice Presentation Evaluation Instructor and Peerevaluation Clarity and Quality Objectives Methods Results Implications I39ll have a form for you Legal Issues Intellectual Property Rights Copyrights and Patents Good or bad for the GIS industry Copyright Traps Property Rights Designed to enable individuals to benefit from their property People can39t just take your car your book your cat What about your ideas and creative work That39s where copyright and patents come in Innovation versus Diffusion Society benefits from Innovation GIS amp IT are great examples How to protect the innovators so they can profit from their ideas We don39t like monopolies Competition is generally good Profiting by restricting access to an otherwise readily sharable commodity is dubious Fails to maximize utility The Social Balance Protect innovators but promote innovation diffusion Medicine Software Art Ideas Tec Legal Protections for Innovation Copyright Creator of an original work gets eXclusive rights Fair use and other eXceptions ap I Copying original work may be a copyright violation File sharing amp software piracy Patents Inventor can eXclude others from utilizing an invention Implementing ESRIpatented concepts in your software might be a patent violation Patents Rights granted to an inventor which eXclude others from making using seIIing etc the patented invention Innovations are publicly disclosed Available once patent eXpires 20 years License Agreements Agreement with a patent holder Abuse of Protections Most patents amp copyrights are not obtained by individuals Obtained by large corporations May never act on the patents Used to defend against innovation Patent Trolls Holding companies that make money by suing others Patents on intellectual property Highly fragmented and trivial eg web 39shopping cart39 Problematic when applied to ideas GIS and Information Protection ls Geodata property Yes But rights to that data may be disputable Normally US protections don39t apply to 39facts39 But compilations of facts are bought and sold Maps may be creative works One can copyright an address list but the data in it are facts Electronic databases are subject to US copyright Easy to copy difficult to enforce Digital watermarking Artificial features Copyright Traps Agloe New York Esso road map from 193039s Moat Lane London quotExistsquot in Tele Atlas Google Value added GI GIS adds value by combining data sources Same data for different places Multiple themes Information is gained thereb In the mashup map era be cautious about sources Accuracy Quality Liability Assigning Value to GI Assets Government pricing Free Access Cost of reproductiondistribution User Pays Cost of production cost recovery ForProfit pricing By perceived value not production cost Product differentiation for valueadd Firstmover advantages and economies of scale Pricing Gov39tproduced Data Cost recovery Reflects actual costs avoids subsidizing users Clearer funding mechanism bigger projects get approved Cost of Reproduction GEO 425 Epilog Wednesday April 29 2009 Major Themes Spatial Databases the heart of GlSystems Distributed GIS amp Geovisualization GIS Analysis amp Modeling beyond the button Management Partnerships and Information Assets Future of GIS Technology Integration Data with applications GIS functionality within other software Virtual organizations via GIS Portability lnField GIS mobile GIS wristwatch GIS Networked access Location based services Modularity Internetbased service amp application distribution Data and model search engines Future of GIS Profession Growth in management consulting amp analysis More programming and DBMS skills Web mapping and distribution More people skills Integration amp Interoperability More automated widespread availability Increasing demand for SAPs Less in software and data Less in 39routine39 GIS stuff Future of GIS Science Handling modeling uncertainty Truly dynamic GIS Realtime GIS collectionanalysisresults Social consequences Virtualworld level representation Technological Change will continue to reshape the profession and the discipline If GIS will be your profession what will you do to keep up Professional Michigan GIS Meeting IMAGIN Annual Meeting Great place to meet GIS employers May 45 Lansing Causeway Bay Hotel See httpwwwimaginorg for more Register with IMAGIN as a student 25 Conference is free


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