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Clin Emergency Med Research I

by: Samir Roob

Clin Emergency Med Research I IM 401

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Medicine > IM 401 > Clin Emergency Med Research I
Samir Roob
GPA 3.83

Margaret Hughes

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About this Document

Margaret Hughes
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samir Roob on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IM 401 at Michigan State University taught by Margaret Hughes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/207472/im-401-michigan-state-university in Medicine at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Last updated October 24 2008 IM 401 Clinical Emergency Medicine Research I w v EMERGENCY CINE RESIDENCY RESEARCH ASSOCIATE SPRING SEMESTER 2009 Course Faculty Course Coordinator Course CtyDirector Assistant Coordinator Mary Hughes DO Ted Glynn MD Steve Stone Professor Emergency Department B315 West Fee Emergency Medicine Ingham Regional Medical 3533211 lntemal Medicine enter stonest msuedu B311 West Fee Hall B309 West Fee Hall 3533211 3342358 hughesm msuedu te 1 comcastnet Course Information Introduction Statement IM 401 is a course designed to help the prehealthcare professional student develop skills that apply knowledge gained in the basic sciences with reallife exposure to patients in the Emergency Department set around clinical research in Emergency Medicine Incorporation of medical terminology in an online module introduction to clinical research through the UCRLHS tutorial at MSU certi cation through the BLS for healthcare providers course in CPR and AED use classroom and didactic sessions dedicated to discussions including the history of Emergency Medicine Advanced Directives and Durable Power of Attorney communication in the healthcare eld the practice of procedures in the newly deceased and the conduct of clinical research are all highlights ofthis program NOTE A TB test with results to Dr Hughes is required before the start of clinical exposure THE VACCINE HISTORY FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE START OF CLASS BRlNG TO ORIENTATION In addition the hospital orientation must be attended ID cards must be obtained from Human Resources at Ingham and worn at all times While in the hospital In lieu of an Ingham ID the student may wear their MSU ID card ATTIRE Khakis clean shoes and socks no sandals Research Associate Shirt ID badge must be worn When acting in the role of the Research Associate 1 Goals and Objectives Upon completion of IM 401 Clinical Emergency Medicine Research I the student should understand the history of the development of the specialty of Emergency Medicine and the importance of Lansing Ingham and Sparrow in this process be able to identify the meaning of commonly used anatomic and medical terms be able to perform CPR on an infant child and adult as well as operate an Automatic External Defibrillator Understand and be able to formulate an opinion on the practice of procedures in the newly deceased be able to make decisions about advanced directives and durable power of attorney situations based on clinical scenarios provided be knowledgeable of the requirements to conduct a clinical research study through the UCRIHS tutorial and inclass discussions Understand and be able to demonstrate the different types of communication techniques necessary to interact with the patients and staff in the Emergency Department be able to apply knowledge learned in previous science course work as it relates to the diseases being studied through the research projects and patients that are seen be able to assess the ability of a patient to give informed consent Become aware of the socioeconomic gender and race factors that play a role in effective communication styles especially as they apply to the research process Understand the development of a research project from the thought stage through the approval by the IRB and then data collection with attention to study design Develop a current personal curriculum vitae ANGEL web site Please View the ANGEL website regularly for announcements and other instructions All reading links are posted to this site In addition all forms necessary for hospital orientation obtaining your ID badge and TB test may be found on this site REQUIRED TEXT Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider 7 American Heart Association can be purchased in the Fee Hall Book Store basement of Fee Attendance Examinations and Grading N Attendance at ALL Sunday classes is mandatory 7 failure to attend a class without an excused absence will result in a loss of 75 points per session missed All reasons must be communicated ahead of time unless they occur on an emergency basis which will need to have documentation If a session is missed that has other materials covered it will be the responsibility of the student to nd and pay for an appropriate substitution or forego the points 7 the most obvious example is BLS certi cation in which we can only offer the practical station portion on one particular weekend Must attend 13 7 4hour shifts in the Emergency Department over the semester These must be completed during your scheduled time unless arrangements are made in advance If you cannot attend a shift due to illness or other acceptable con ict you must email Dr Hughes at hughesm msuedu and let her know in advance Failure to complete 13 shifts will result in a 000 grade 3 Papersprojects will be graded as follows Paper 1 CV or Resume 50 points Paper 2 advanced directives scenarios 100 points Paper 3 Procedures in newly deceased 100 points Project 7 design research project 7 50 points Complete rough draft and submit on time make corrections and submit by final deadline 7 potential to receive full credit The rough draft receives no points but if late will subtract 10 points from your nal grade on the paper lVIiss the rough draft deadline 7 subtract 10 points from nal grade on paper lVIiss nal deadline 7 subtract 10 points from nal grade on paper Fail to complete the assignment 7 receive 0 points for the assignment 5 Quizzes All late quizzes will be given a grade of 0 points Final course weighting Sunday sessions 713 of grade complete all attendance in a satisfactory manner 7 420 points includes UCRIHS completion 50 Basic Life Support certi cation 100 Quizzes in class and on line 120 Class participation 150 Please note that missing multiple Sunday sessions will count severely against your grade because they deduct 75 points per session In addition being late will result in a small deduct each time it occurs 7 except the Sunday 12pm4pm who is expected to be there by 4 15pm Clinical shifts 713 of grade complete all attendance during your assigned time 7 400 points Each clinical shift lt13 not done will result in a half point deduction from your grade 7 ie only complete 12 shifts final grade will be a 35 and then other points missed will be subtracted from that Of course medical emergencies will be dealt with on an exception basis 02 shifts varied from assigned time for reasons other than illness 7 400 points 35 shifts varied from assigned time for reasons other than illness 7 300 points 68 shifts varied from assigned time for reasons other than illness 7 200 points Writing assignments 7 13 of grade complete all assignments as above 7300 points Determination of Final Grade 40 9901120 points 3 5 93 5989 points 30 880934 points 25 825879 points 20 770824 points 00 lt 770 points Academic Honesty Integrity of Scholarship and Grades AllUniversity Policy and General Student Regulations pp 77 Refer also to Integrity of Scholarships and Grades pp 108 and 109 of Spartan Life 20032004 If any instance of academic dishonesty cheating plagiarism signing in for another student or having another student sign you in etc is discovered by an instructor it is his or her responsibility to take appropriate action Such action may include giving a failing grade to the student in the course andor referring the student for judicial review and possible disciplinary action which may include disciplinary suspension from the University


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