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North Amer Indian Ethnography

by: Samson Kemmer

North Amer Indian Ethnography ANP 411

Samson Kemmer
GPA 3.56

John Norder

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About this Document

John Norder
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samson Kemmer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANP 411 at Michigan State University taught by John Norder in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/207475/anp-411-michigan-state-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ANP Native North American 411 Ethnography Instructor I John Norder nordermsuedu E32 McDonel Tue 100 7 4002nd by appt Office 43275621 I Course Description I In this course students will be introduced to thecultural diversity of the Indigenous peoples of North America while being challenged tothink critically about therepresentation of Native peoples by anthropologists and others Students are expected to study a range of ethnographic writing and film and re ect on how these have depicted various aspects of Native culturesincluding family and religious life and social economic and politicalorganization We will examine the central role of the study of Native peoples to the development of American anthropology as well as the critique of this relationship by Native and noniNative writers We will also look at theethnographicrepresentation ofNative cultures in popular media and consider its relevance to the history and socioieconomicdevelopment of the state and the legacy of colonial oppression A Companion 10 iheAnihrwolqu ofAmm39mn Indium Biolsi Thomas ed Blackwell Publishing 2008 Blackwell Reference Online This book can be accessed EA through the MSU library and downloaded in PDF format lg Additional readings or links to readings can be found on ANGEL Course Reauirements I Class Participation You ve read the articles you discuss and answer questions in class and you come to class regularly Daily attendance will be taken Oral History Project You are responsible for presenting a traditional story in class and discussing the learning that story offers These will be done at the end of the semester Instructions may be found on ANGEL Article Reviews You are responsible for turning in a typed or legibly handiwritten article review for one articleday for any ten days when articles are as signed The review should not be just a summary but a critical reading response as well Please limit to two pages doubleispaced or handiwritten text Exams These are two in class short essay questions that are 0 en notebook Exams are nonicumulative There is no final exam Grading I I Grades Class Participation 10pts 40 937100 Oral History Project 10pts 35 88792 Article Reviews 2 pts each for 20pts total 30 83787 Exams 30 pts each for 60pts total 25 7882 TOTAL POINTS 100 20 73777 Grades are calculated on a straight point scale 15 68772 10 60767 ANP Native North American 411 Ethnography M W 12407200 Course Expectations Additional Information I 0 This course uses the ANGEL online system for grade posting course announcements and archiving of course materials including copies of the syllabus and lecture outlines Students should check the system regularly at httpangelmsuedu in order to con rm the accuracy of recorded grades 0 With the exception of the Oral History Presentations attendance is not mandatory but daily attendance will be taken in order to use in evaluating class participation For the Oral l listory presentations attendance will be part ofyour score for the oral history project See the instructions posted on ANGEL for details 0 Please notify the instructor if you will be showing up late or explain why Also notify the instructor if you have to leave early lfyou fail to do either and you repeatedly do so this will negatively affect your class participation score at the instructors discretion In general such behavior is disruptive to students 0 Ifyou miss any of the exams or assignments for medical or personal reasons you will have to provide documentation in some form acceptable to the professor and in accordance with university guidelines in order to makeiup that assignment This must be done within one week of the missed assignment or scheduled exaIn If no arrangements are made the score for that exam or assignment will automatically become a zero 0 For students observing religious holidays that fall on scheduled class days if the observance will involve missing an exam or other assignment please inform the instructor beforehand to make suitable arrangements If informed after the fact you will need to provide documentation as noted above 0 All exam makeiups will consist of comprehensive short answeressays Other makeiup assignments will be at the discretion of the instructor 0 The films used in this class cannot be made up outside of class If you miss a film you will need to make arrangements with another student in the class to get the notes from the film for that day 0 Do not ask the instructor for notes Please make arrangements or seek another student in the class for missed notes on any given day 0 Be respectful to other students in the class Do not talk or do things that distract or silence other students or the instructor during lectures in class discussions or films Anyone who is noted as being disruptive will receive a verbal warning If it continues you may be asked to leave class for that day Disruptive behaviors include reading outside materials in class talking sleeping getting up to leave in the middle of class without notifying the instructor of the need etc 0 Please tum cell phones off while in class If for some reason you need to use your cell phone on a given day please seat yourself near the classroom door and inform the instructor that you may be expecting a call If you need to use your cell phone it must also be set to vibrate 0 Ifyou are using a computer to take notes in class please sit either in the rear or side of the classroom to avoid distracting students behind you 0 Students who commit acts of academic dishonesty on either the exaIns or class participation exercises will be given a penalty grade to be determined by the course instructor after meeting with the students involved The university requires that are all instances of academic dishonesty be reported to the university and are put into the student s penmanent record 0 Commercial note takingis not allowed in this class If you are caught providing commercial notes ie selling them for money to anyone or on any of the available online venues you are subject to removal from the class pending a heating by the student judiciary 0 Extra credit is at the discretion of the instructor to allow and will be made available to all students if it is ANP 411 Native North American Ethnography Course Schedule subject to change with advance notice I Imd alrea rem uniiropologz39iii ring old 101735 10 Naiz39vei in examngefor mi objmfi and I Imd wifmmed Hurting behavior on 1173 Im of me uniiropologz39iii and I ndz39mz Women On 1173 oilier mild I lmd rem 1173 aqua horrendous M3713 ofa bge aggressive La oia womanfom39ng a 117239 young iniz39rIidaied arrideology 10 dame 112217 her and by beer in a borderJMn imem 7 Bea Medicine Aug 31 Sept 05 Sept 07 Sept 12 Sept 14 Sept 19 Sept 21 Sept 26 Sept 28 Oct 03 Introduction and Overview of the Course Readings none Class does notmeet Labor Day Holiday Readings None Class does notmeet Dr Nelda13911 the eld Readings None Basic concepts Readings Lobo and Talbot excerpts Friederes view and download maps for reference to future readings and discussions Thinking Critically About Ethnographic Representation Readings C ompmzz39on 10 1173 Anibropoqu ofNalz39ve Ammmm referred to CANA from this point forward Chapter 18 Strong King Medicine Origins and History of Ethnographic Representation Readings CANA Chapter 23 Whiteley Browse these online resources and come prepared to talk about one 7 Excerpt from Cortez s Second Letter to Charles V 1520 httr fordham erln halsall mod 1S70corte a n 7 Fr C Dablon Jesuit Relations of the Missions to the Outouacs 1670771 htt virtual arklandedu lstelle1 len center for social research inoca ethn ohistogg projectzMichelle Dablon39s 020relation200f 020167071671html 7 Catlin s Campfire Stories 1820 s71840 sSelect George Ca in to listen to from around the campfire of each topic to listen to httr americanart iedu quot 39 39 online quot clhtml 7 Schoolcraft s Personal Memoirs of aResidence 0 Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes 181271842 see chapter X or XIhttn L ebooks 11119multiple formats available 7 Lewis Henry Morgan The League of the Ho7de7no7sau7nee Vol 1 see chapters 3 or 4 httr book U rwle com L 394 XF5914nTno 39 if quot lewishenrvmorgan 1 0 quotf I Ts M 7T G AI 4sLi7 DAXI a o Iquot 0 i 0 1ampVed0CCOOGAE AA on eamp ampffalse Salvaging the Vanishing Indian and the Science of Ethnography Readings Kroeber Film The Last ofIIis Tribe The Vanishing Indian cont and Discussion of The Last of His Tribe Readings Hinsley Darnell Browse this online resource and be prepared to discuss 7 Transactions of the Anthropolo 39cal Society ofWashin on Ethnography and Native American Federal Policy Readings CANA Chapter 14 Castile Chapter 16 Nesper Comparative Ethnography Theory and Policy in Canada and Mexico Readings Hedican Gonzales


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