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Mesoamerican Archaeology

by: Samson Kemmer

Mesoamerican Archaeology ANP 453

Samson Kemmer
GPA 3.56

Helen Pollard

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About this Document

Helen Pollard
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samson Kemmer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANP 453 at Michigan State University taught by Helen Pollard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/207478/anp-453-michigan-state-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ANTHROPOLOGY 453 MESOAMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY FALL 2011 Instructor Dr Helen P Pollard Office E25 McDonel Hall Phone 3533135 Emaipollardhmsuedu Office hours Thursday 230400 pm and by appt Class Tu Th 10201 1 40 am C102 McDonel Text Ancient Mexico and Central America second edition by Susan Toby Evans Thames and Hudson 2008 Additional readings will be required of honor39s optiongraduate students They will be assigned after the 2nd exam and available in the Archaeology Consortium E37 McDonel Requirements for undergraduates There will be three inclass essay exams one of which is the final The dates of the exams are included on the course outline Study guides with potential short answer and essay questions will be distributed one week prior to each exam Makeup exams will be given only in cases of need choice on essay questions will be forfeit The rst exam will include a map quiz Each inclass exam will count toward 30 of your final grade The final will count toward 40 ofthe grade Class participation and consistency of effort will be taken into consideration Requirements for graduates students and honor39s options In addition to the two inclass essay exams and the written final a short paper based upon the additional readings is required The readings and topic will be assigned after the 2nd exam and the paper is due on the day ofthe final exam Class attendance policy The course is designed as an introduction to the prehistory of Mesoamerica Class lectures discussion overheads and lms are designed to inform and direct the student and material from these various sources will be included in the exams Students are expected to attend all classes Academic integrity policy The policy for this course includes the adoption of the University de nition of cheating see MSU ombudsman s website for definition Any student found to be cheating will receive an automatic zero 0 for the final grade ANP 453 092011 First evidence of mayan ceremonial centers Appearingin northern and southern Yucatan LPC is the time period when tical is found During the Olmec period san josenugotebtwn 400200bc montealban is founded Btwn 200bcad100 it takes over political control of all three branches of the oxaca valley Artistic evidence of the conquering of communities and emergence ofa single political power Monte Alban grows from 0 to 15000 people Buildings expanded sideways originally referred to as quotdancersquot but when looked at individually they are writings referring to places and markers of military captive Recording the conquest ofindiv communities or chiefdoms throughout central Oaxaca They know they are captives by showing of quothumiliationquot Valley of O evidence of a separate hieroglyphic system Zapa language Unlike the mayan HGL system Zapahieros end by the end of the period Basin of Mexico Amount of water in lakes related to rainfall and evaporation levels 3 sites 1 Tetiempa little village 2 Cuicuco southern mexico city 3 3 Teotilaachan Tetiempa Eruption ofpopo in the time It all goes east so the village is completely covered by the ash of the eruption Ash Pumice 1990 s a company was mining pumice from this area and found walls under several meters The pumice preserved things that normally wouldn t have survived Cache was found long stila 3m high no one knows how to interpret it Pottery is no different than other regional potteries Teotilaachan Almost impossible to get below all of the construction to get to the buildings built in 200 bc Mesoamerican intellectual Tradition 1 Recording systems writing 2 Counting Systems 3 Prediction Systems All of the interpretation of the earlier systems come from either of two groups For the mayan region interpretation is based on the 3 survian hiero books Others burned by the Spanish Written after ad 1000 1 Dresden Codex 2 Madrid Codex 3 Paris Codex Brought to mayan priests in northern yucatan to translate Two groups of sources ofinformation Secondly is the codesies of the mishtec tradition and Aztec documents


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