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Social and Cultural Analysis

by: Samson Kemmer

Social and Cultural Analysis ANP 320

Samson Kemmer
GPA 3.56

Brandt Peterson

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About this Document

Brandt Peterson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samson Kemmer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANP 320 at Michigan State University taught by Brandt Peterson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see /class/207481/anp-320-michigan-state-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ANP 320 Social and Cultural Analysis SPRING SEMESTER 2012 T Th 1020 1140 106A Bedtey Hall Department of Anthropology Dr Brandt Peterson Michigan State University 517 353 1736 312 Baker Hall peter622msuedu Of ce Hours Tuesdays 1230 230 or by appointment Course Description and Objectives This course explores the principal theoretical approaches that have shaped the discipline of cultural anthropology focusing primarily upon developments in anglophone theory in the 20th century Although in uenced by and in uential on the wider philosophical traditions of Western thought anthropology is self conscious ofits own history This course will introduce students to the central concerns raised by anthropological theory including the constitution ofand relations between human communities the development ofhuman subjectivity the construction ofsystems ofknowledge and belief and the role played by power Students will read key primary texts in the history ofanthropology and develop analytical reading and writing skills Course Objectives 39 Students will become conversant with the major theoretical traditions ofsocio cultural anthropology 39 Students will be able to evaluate and compare those traditions and their utility for understanding society and culture 39 Students will understand the relationship between contemporary anthropological writing and the history ofanthropological theory 39 Students will develop analytical reading and writing skills that will be applicable to other coursework Required Texts available in the Student Book Store Erickson Paul A and Liam D Murphy Readingsfarl Hamy afAntampalagz39ml 77480731 3 d Edition Kwon Heonik After the Massacre Course website We will use MSU s Angel system to post assignments and other class information You must have an MSU email account in order to receive important information regarding the class Rules Requirements and Evaluation Attendance in class is required and expected Expect poor attendance to affect your grade Late Exams 3 points will be deducted for each day your exams is late Extensions will be granted for unusual circumstances only If you want to ask for an extension do so at least 24 hours before the due date NOTE Late thought pieces will not be accepted Make up policy No makeup or rescheduling of assignments or exams will be allowed without proper documentation and timely action on the part of the student Decisions will be made on a casebycase basis If a con ict arises between your obligation to attend class and an obligation to the University it is your responsibility to see me in advance to hand in all assignments on time and to make up work missed during your absence Etiquette 39 Cell phones must be silenced and stowed for the duration ofthe class 39 No recording devices or commercialization ofcourse materials are permitted 39 Always bring your text and notes to class 39 Laptops netbooks and other electronic devices must be stowed during lectures discussions and film screening though they can be used during group work sessions Please e mail or come to office hours ifyou have any concerns questions or difficulties Please adopt a professional tone when emailing the professor and THINK BEFORE YOU SEND Assignments 39 Thought pieces 0 There are thirteen opportunities to write 1 2 page analytical papers on key readings throughout the semester You are responsible for handing in nine of the thirteen thought pieces 0 Please note thought pieces 11 12 and 13 April 10 12 and 24 are required you MUST do these three thought pieces 0 Each thought piece is worth up to 2 points for a total of 18 points on your final grade Thought pieces are graded on a 0 2 point scale where 0missing or ridiculously bad 1 incomplete andor too vague or general and 2 complete and demonstrates thought and analysis Please see the guide to writing thought pieces on Angel for more information 39 Class participation is required and expected as is attendance We will have regular in class discussions ofthe course readings films and lectures and all students are expected to contribute to these discussions Participation means partitzptlzian not simply being present Participation is worth 10 points on your final grade 39 Exams There are three take home exams each worth 24 points on your final grade Grading Overview 39 Thought pieces 18 points 39 Exam 1 24 points 39 Exam 2 24 points 39 Exam 3 24 points 39 Class participation 10 points 39 Total 100 points Grading Scale 40 91 100 25 75 79 10 60 64 35 86 90 20 70 74 05 55 59 30 80 85 15 65 69 00 lt55 A quot 39 for Persons with Iquot 39 Din Lilith Michigan State University is committed to assisting students with disabilities Reasonable accommodations may be made once a student has registered hisher disability and has the appropriate documentation on file with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities Call 353 9642 voice or 355 1293 TTY for an appointment with a counselor More information is available at httpWWWrcpdansurduHome Additional Rules and Regulations Academic honesty Plagiarism is a growing problem in universities in the United States Please understand clearly what constitutes plagiarism and be certain you are not guilty of committing plagiarism in your work Please understand that the same resources that make plagiarism from the Internet appear so easy make detecting plagiarism equally easy Plagiarism in this course will result in the issuing ofa penalty grade which can include but is not limited to a failing grade on the assignment or in the course Refer to MSU regulations regarding plagiarism at the following website httpwwwmsueduunitombudplagiarismhtml Article 233 ofthe Aalde Freedam Repart states The student shares with the faculty the responsibility for maintaining the integrity ofscholarship grades and professional standards Unless authorized by the instructor you must complete all course work without assistance from any source Students who violate MSU rules may be penalized with a failing grade in the course andor other penalties Observing Major Religious Holidays You may make up work missed to observe a major religious holiday only ifyou make arrangements in advance with the instructor Participation in a Required Activity To make up course work missed to participate in a required activity for another course or a university sanctioned event you must provide the instructor with adequate advanced notice and a written authorization from the faculty member ofthe other course or from a university administrator Disruptive behavior Article 235 of the Amdemz t Freedam Repart AFR for students at MSU states that The student s behavior in the classroom shall be conducive to the teaching and learning process for all concerned Article 2310 ofthe AFR states The student has a right to scholarly relationships with faculty based on mutual trust and civility General Student Regulation 502 states No student shall interfere with the functions and services ofthe University such that the function or service is obstructed or disrupted Students whose conduct adversely affects the learning environment in this classroom may be subject to disciplinary action through the Student Faculty Judiciary process Commercialization of course materials You may not commercialize any of the materials from this course including course notes presentations or lectures Weekly readings and topics Please uate Readings are t0 he tampleteel hqizre class on the date they are listed in the syllabus SECTION 1 CULTURE SOCIETY AND ETHNOGRAPHY 1 IanuarV 10 12 7 J 39 t0 the Caurse and TheIelea afpmwess 39 Tuesday Introduction to the course 39 Thursday Overview pp 3 16 stop after Darwin Marx and Engels chp 1 Guide to Thought Pieces and How to Read ANGEL 2 anuary 17 19 TheIelea a ngress 39 Tuesday Darwin chp 5 Morgan chp 3 9Thought Piece 1 Darwin and Morgan due 39 Thursday Tylor chp 2 Spencer chp 4 3 Ianuarv 24 26 Rate Culture and the Orieius afAutampalaml 39 Tuesday Haller Race and the Concept of Progress in Nineteenth Century American Ethnology ANGEL 9Thought Piece 2 Haller due 39 Thursday Boas chp 10 Stocking Franz Boas and the Culture Concept in Historical Perspective ANGEL 4 anuary l February 2 Struetualism I 39 Tuesday Benedict chp 14 39 Thursday Levi Strauss chp 15 9Thought Piece 3 Levi Strauss due 5 February 2 2 Strueturalism 2 39 Tuesday Leach chp 16 9Take home Exam I handed out in class 39 Thursday Exam 1 discussion FILM Trobriand Cricket Gary Kildea and Jerry Leach 1976 SECTION 2 SYMBOLS BELIEF AND CHANGE 6 Februarv 14 16 Symhalie Struetures and Belief 39 Tuesday Durkheim chp 7 39 Thursday Saussure chp 9 9 Exam 1 due at the beginnng of class 7 Februarv 14 16 Ritual Relieizm and Culture 39 Tuesday Geertz Religion as a Cultural System ANGEL Thursday Turner chp 25 9Thought Piece 4 Geertz and Turner due 8 Februarv 21 23 After the Massacre E 39 Tuesday Trouillot The Power in the Story ANGEL 9Thought Piece 5 Trouillot due FILM Regret to Inform Sonneborn 1998 39 Thursday KwonA er the thtltre Foreword Introduction and Chapter 1 9 February 28 March 1 After the thtltre E 39 39 39 Tuesday After the thtltre Chapters 2amp3 39 Thursday Kwon A er the thtltre Chapter 4 9Thought Piece 6 Kwon chp 4 due SPRING BREAK Monday 3 5 Friday 39 10 March 6 8 After the Mmsrltre E 39 39 39 Tuesday KwonA er the thtltre Chapters 5amp6 9Thought Piece 6 Kwon chp 5 OR 6 due 39 Thursday Kwon A er the thtltre Chapter 7 11 March 13 15After thethtltre E 39 39 39 Tuesday KwonA er the thtltre Chapter 8 and Conclusion 9 Take home Exam 2 handed out in class 39 Thursday Exam 2 discussion SECTION THREE CULTURE SUB IECTIVITY AND POWER 12 March 20 22 Culture andldealagl 39 Tuesday Hebdige Introduction From Culture to Hegemony ANGEL 9Thought Piece 7 Hebdige due 39 Thursday Simon Grew156139 3P0h tz39ttll Thaught Ideology and Hegemony ANGEL 9 Exam 2 due at the beginnng of class 13 March 22 22 Pawer and Suhettiw 39 Tuesday Althusser Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses Notes Towards an Investigation 9Thought Piece 8 Althusser due 39 Thursday Foucault chp 32 9Thought Piece 9 Foucault due 14 April 3 5 Languge and Parrer Rate 39 Tuesday Bourdieu chp 33 9Thought Piece 10 Bourdieu due 39 Thursday Omi and Winant Racial Formations ANGEL


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