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Intro Study of Public Aff II

by: Lisette Skiles

Intro Study of Public Aff II MC 202

Marketplace > Michigan State University > 0100 > MC 202 > Intro Study of Public Aff II
Lisette Skiles
GPA 3.95

Rita Edozie

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About this Document

Rita Edozie
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lisette Skiles on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MC 202 at Michigan State University taught by Rita Edozie in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/207488/mc-202-michigan-state-university in 0100 at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
C E MC202 SPRING 2012 FINAL EXAM REVIEW GUIDE Professors Edozie Craig Jezierski Qing ElRayes and Friedus INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES Tile exam is on Hide May 4 2012 to 000 am to 1200pm in c102 erson Hall i You will have two hours to complete the exam Due to the processing of 300 ofyou we may need an extra IO mins and thus begin at 1010 In that case please prepare to end the exam at 1210pm Note dzatyour nal exams are 30 ofyour total course grade Here Will be 2 sections A11 H3 SlwrtAaswer Section and an Essay Section Mae Will be 9 slzort auswa 1D questions clzoose 6 wesdons to answer i H H lt1 There will be three sub7sections in this section 7 choose two questions from each subsection 7 Middle East NasrModule 4a China Bergsten et alModule 4b and Euro7America AshModule 5 s For each short answer yOu must draw your responses from the books course materials lectures and media assigned in class from the date after spring break to April 20th For each short answer question response your answers must contain a definition conceptualize theorizephilosophize an explanation topics are usually contested so be analytical about your response referring to arguments or counter argumenm about the concepttheme and provide one illustrative example that deepens the definition of the concepttheme cite detailsevidence Spend approximately 45 minutes on this section7 write no more than five sentence responses for each question This section will be 30 of the total final exam grade TIIHe will be 2 required essay questions darts to say you must answer bod oft lzem H H H iv For essay organization and coherence use paragraphs tO delineate clusters Of complex ideas Introduce your response to the question in your beginning paragraph of the essay posit as an argumentthesistheme that guides the rest of the essay synthesize your argument if there are multiple questions or iterations to the question provide support for your response in a sequenced order using as much course referenced detailed evidence as possible be illustrative and analytical and conclude by summation even ifa small paragraph at the end For essay question responses reference books course materials including lectures and movies assigned since after spring break to April 20 Spend at least 30 minutes on EACH question 7 write at least four to five double7spaced exam pages for each question This section will be 70 ofyour toml final exam grade 5 Purchase 2 blue books a write die exam i Bring in two exam books to exchange for I one stamped JMC blue book MCZOZ Faculty will inspect your second un7exchanged blue bOOlC g Please mine clearly boldly leg1lgtly try slclppthg lines double yaced 11 Review all readings scheduled AFTER the micwlhtmidverm examspng break including supplemental readings posted to Angel and both extra7curricular movies SECTION I ID SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS STUDY ALL SAMPLES BELOW BUT FOR THE EXAM YOU WILL CHOOSE THREE FROM EACH SECTION We will ask you to 39de ne explain and illustrate key terms that we have drawn om the lectures and readings We have Provided sample examples below SubSection A De ne Explain and Illustrate the following terms Anatolia Tigers Kemalism Muslim Democracy Ataturk Arab Spring AKP Turkish secularism Islamic Calvanists US Middle East Economic Development Policy Islamic Capitalism Dubai 7 the dreamland Prophets of Change SubSection B De ne Explain and Illustrate the following terms Chimerica 672 7 Old and New Gradualism Tiananmen Square Mri Y China for a Day Common Prosperity and Getting Rich Together MarketASocialism Shifts in China s developmental strategy Class monitor Luo Lei quotthe dictatorquot the con dent Cheng Cheng quotthe managerquot and the shy Xu Xiafei quotthe gentle oneH Five principles ofpeaceful coexistence China s economic and political reform strategy China s Asian democracy route Director Weijun Chen s notion of democracy in Please Vote or Me


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