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Facility Maintenance & Systems

by: Ms. Ambrose Hills

Facility Maintenance & Systems HB 349

Marketplace > Michigan State University > OTHER > HB 349 > Facility Maintenance Systems
Ms. Ambrose Hills
GPA 3.99

Barry Latoszewski

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About this Document

Barry Latoszewski
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Ambrose Hills on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HB 349 at Michigan State University taught by Barry Latoszewski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 117 views. For similar materials see /class/207498/hb-349-michigan-state-university in OTHER at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Overview Facilities should be clean and safe Should be well designedmaintained Generate revenue Hold real estate value Required for growth In Hb aim to increase stockholder s value ROI Costs development construction planningexpect deviations Abbreviations FF ampE furniture fixtures and equipment POM property operation and maintenance shows salary and fringe benefit separately Energyutilities Reserve for replacement capital expense budget save a percent of profit to upkeep Climate Change Legislation global warming Water and Wastewater Systems Water is a critical resource to H3 establishments Restrooms cleaning recreation drinking cooking cooling fire safety 180 billion gallons Cost of use and disposal Submetering measuring drain usage for reimbursement Hot water 420 times cost increase Sources municipal utility most common Wes near property Water systems for properties isolated into subsystems Pipes galvanized iron copper plastic PVC CPVC PEX steel Lead in pipes is an environmental and safety issue Pressure typically supplied at 90 lbs usually result of water tower Valves and pumps control direct and isolate Backflow Preventers stop flow from one subsystem to another Prevent contaminated water from flowing into potable water AKA Check valve one way valve water out not in No pressure automatically close Storm sewer system disposes rain water to lakes rivers ponds Sanitary sewer system water containing waste directed to sewage treatment plant using gravity Grease Trap can be outside in floor in equipment etc Must be emptied periodically and cleaned Some properties operate their own sewage treatment Simple septic tank and drain field Potable water for guest rooms designed vertically back to back in blocks of two plumbing risers Hot water recirculating pump constantly available Plumbing traps required to vent obnoxious potentially dangerous sewer gasses Pipes insulated to prevent condensation save energy Sprinkler systems and fire stand pipes for fire safety Checked for functionality in case of emergency Clearly marked or tagged pipes valves etc Plan available Blueprint accessible to everyone accurate Dropdown sprinkler system Water Quality can involve many elements Potability most important Contaminants bacteria nitrates trace metals naturally occurring organic chemicals Other concerns color odor taste clarity minerals pH Public water supply generally safe Private water test periodically Treated w chlorine to control bacteria Wells susceptible to pesticides fuel hazardous waste disposal Water softening replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium to prevent hard water scale iron magnesium stain grainy etc Maintenance keep brine salt tank stocked check timer Further maintenanceservice provider Monitoring sewage systems a b c Legionnaires Disease 1967 BellvueStratford Hotel in Philedelphia Flu like symptoms fatal pneumonia for weak immune systems Cooling towers increase this bacteria Water Heating HB industry requires large amounts mornings in hotels Americans with Disabilities Act cannot be over 115120 degrees F Mixing valves prevent scalding correct temperature required by plumbing codes Food service 180190 F for sanitation Achieved with booster heater added expense and maintenance Chemical Sanitizer 135 F to dissolve and remove fats Options 1 Directly fired storage water heaters homes small restaurants Gas fired requires exhaust flue chimney Separate storage tank not efficient waste energy 2 Indirectly fired water heater n facilities use steam steam coil res halls restaurants 3 On demand hot water heater as needed newer homes 4 Heat pump water heaters extract heat from environment uses a refrigeration cycle to remove the heat and transfer it to water 5 Waste heat recovery commonly used with heat from refrigerator 6 Solar water heating requires a solar unit and tank Fuel Options casebycase point Generally electric hot water heating most expensive Natural gas and high efficiency heat pumps are generally most effective Maintenance preventative water treatment cleaning lubricating checking pressure settings backflow devices monitoring for repairing leaks filtersstrainers Sacrificial anode rods every 5 years Corrosion erosion concerns caused by highlow pH 7neutralideal Galvanic corrosion steel pipegtcopper pipe corrosion Water temp exterior corrosion to underground pipes amt oxygen chemicals Water is quotuniversal solventquot Avoid 4ftsecond corrosion water heater maintenance Wastewater systems P traps in dry areas may need filling w water periodically Storm drainage guestroom drains lines checked periodically Emergencies know where main water valve is layout available and accessible appropriate clean up equipment available wet vac sump pump etc Entertainment and Recreation pools fountains expensive Natural water kayak raft camping etc get involved with preservation environ safety Conservation lowflow shower heads toilets water control for faucets controlled irrigation Reuse of quotgrey waterquot non potable doesn t contain human waste black water Use an indirectly fired heater from far away avoid ventilation issues Back injuries caused by slips and falls are 1 injury in hospitality Electric Systems Edison AC vs Westinghouse DC Electricity is the most widely used energy source in H3 Also most expensive up to 5090 property s energy cost Safe comfortable environment for employees and guests Correct design proper operation attention to maint Issues Must have power sourcegtpower distribution systemsgtequipment control devicesgt50 we can power electrical equipment Most get electricity from local power generating utility Proper voltage and frequency is key measured by meter Amount of power and rateconsumed Electricity is delivered to a device at 115120 volts and 1 phase with capacity to deliver10 amps 60 hz Concepts Voltvoltage unit of electrical potential difference Frequency the rate at which alternating current power supply alternates the direction of current flow Measured in cyclessecond or hertz Amps measures the rate of energy flow through a device related to wire size and wattage consumption What kills people as little as 05 Watts How we measure the useconsumption of electrical energy 100 watt light bulb 100 wattshr Cost of electricity depends on watthours Memorize formulas Voltsamps watts Wattsampsvolts Wattsvoltsamps Single phase power residential Three phase power found in H3 often bc large energy requirements motors in 3 phase are simpler in design last longer more efficient cheaper Example Small restaurant 120208 volt 500 amp 60 hz Hotelslarge restaurant 277480 volt 1000 amp 60 hz Main electrical split into feeders lf voltage is not appropriate transformers either step up increase or step down voltage National Electrical Code electrical systems must be designed to operate according to codesstandards Requirements est by local ordinances proper wiring wire size circuit load capacities proper wiring conventions updated at regular intervals OSHA provisions for electrical safety Maintenance program requires current electric system plans good housekeeping practices around equipment knowledgeadherence to rules Training safely maintain operate repair Emergency generators breakers important electrical circuts and devices Good Op procedures clean avoid wet areas pull plug not cord Fuses and circuit breakers designed to cut flow of electricity in overload Can be reset after problem is corrected Ground fault Interrupter GFI for wet areas Panels can be locked to avoid vandalism key avail System components distribution panel and wiring preventive maintenance done by licensed electrician motors controls and drive devices Epact efficiency motors minimum efficiency motors Variable speed motors efficient The higher the power factor the more efficient the device Emergency Power Systems Local ordinances dictate where and when required Lighting Fire safety Public safety communications Standby power switches to battery power or UPS computers other Batteries generators maintain and test Maintenance Equipment Multimeter tests electrical circuit measures volts current Hydrometer measures batteries Utility billing several companies different billing procedures Energy charge how much depends on whenat what capacity measured in kilowatt hours based on highest demand Rachet clause highest peak demand used for billing Also fuel clause expensive fuelexpensive electric Power factor energy waste generally with old equipment Charge more sometimes will work with you Meter Reader from left to right read as lower if in between Checking for errors maintenance review bills also can outsource check for leaks Use rates when considering replacing energy conservation equipment Utility Deregulation choose your provider reliability contract pricing over time Telecommunication Systems not profitable for HB anymore bc of cellphones Expectations free wireless connectivity etc PBX Private Branch Exchanges several calls to one for reservations room req etc Wake up calls towels room service house keeping etc Connected to UPS uninterrupted power supply OEM original equipment manufacturer guaranteed reliable part Diane Barker on RHS sustainability Environmental Economic Social Equity Terms fair trade carbon neutral Lighting Affects employee efficiency customer comfort design of HVAC system interior design electrical design safety and security investment Visible light radiated energy that is visible to the human eye Roy g biv Not all radiated energylight is visible various frequencies and wavelengths We see reflected light Color Retention ability of a light source to provide perceived color similar to that of sunlight CRI color incandescent index Sunlight and incandescent 100 CRI Color appearance color temperature Correlated color temperature CCT measured in degrees Kelvin lt3500k warm light reddish orangeish gt4000k cool light bluish green Lamp specs usually CRI and CCT value Lumen unit of light Illumination strikes a surface Footcandle measurement in metric LUX 1 lumensquare foot Sources Natural light common least expensive Solar heat gain can cause glare 1000 foot candles appeals Consider types of glass drapes blinds reflective surfaces nature of views Two basic sources of artificial light 1 Incandescent Lamps short life lack efficiency instant on low cost dimmable generate heat high op cost replacement will be phased out by 2012 a quotlong lifequot bulbs not as much light b Rough surface blubs moving resist electricity friction causes light c Tungsten halogen white high intensity silver coating to direct and focus light 2 Electric Discharge Lamps generate light by passing an electric arch through a gas a Require ballast power regulator start operate limit current separate and replaceable some newer smaller have ballast included b 1015 energy turned to ballast heat c Rated based on operating temperature noise d Long life efficient less heat more lumens e Compact Florescent Lamps CFLs becoming standard dimmable ballast in base i Florescent lamps poor color retention foodservice florescents avail f Number of starts life expectancy correlation High Intensity Discharge HID Strike time between time on and full intensity Mercury vapor lamps Metal Halide lamps w better color retention Sodium Lamps orange yellow light LEDs Light Emitting Diode extremely efficient blue light the future of lighting Design attracts communicates atmosphere ES Illuminating Engineering Society Lighting standards spacebyspace Must match fixtures Coefficient of Utilization CU more is better Emergency Lighting Egress exit also back up fixtures Generator or battery system Group relamping change all lights to save labor Lumen Depreciation decrease in light output over time Disposal mercury hazardous waste material Energy Management Conservation Purpose Utility Costs increasing Develop energy management team and establish incentives Know how to reduce consumption Preventative maintenance when to replace Follow up and continuous evaluation Each department should have two reps to balance responsibilities Educate staff savingreduction incentive programs concernsobstacles messages to guests Energy management budget labor costs equip training costs activities incentives marketing Benefits reduced energy fuel water costs reduced maintenance costs extended equip life improved moralework env awareness of operations positive public image environmental benefits Training achievable goals measurable outcomes each dept involved in small groupsby dept short Incentives awards recognition visible group activity rewards newsletter press community recogn For guests rating box keep aware awards benefits Tools Historical audits provide records of energy req 3 years number of guest rooms sqft occupancy energy use and cost calculate energy use index Diagnostic energy audit to eliminate inefficiencies specific energy usage area Track daily records Degree day difference between 65 degrees F and outside Heat measured in Heating Degree Days Cooling Degree days based on 74 F Building Thermal Comfort Perception of heat balance of heat produced by body Convection transfer of heat by air movement Radiation transfer of heat between two surfaces Evaporation heat energy to water for evaporation Comfort Zone region of temperature and humidity to 80 population Psychometric Chart gives range of temps and humidity of comfort Defn Sensible heat heat does not change somethings state of mater quotthe heat you feelquot Latent heat changes state of matter Dry bulb 39 Wet bulb temperature Enthalpy heat content of the air Dew point temperature temp of moisture out of air Relative Humidity amt moisture held in the air 0100 Air conditioning treatment of air in a building not just cooling Heat transfer movement of heat by convection conduction or radiation high gtlow Heat is always absorbed by cold Comfort zone ranges Winter 68F 60 rh to 76 F lt30 rh Summer 73 F 60 rh to 80 F lt30 rh Summer and winter differ by about 5 degrees Older people may require 36F warmer Air Quality impact of mold spores bacteria airborne particles Odor moldbacteria problems Noise some noise necessary white noise AddSubtract Heat solar energy human heat equipment lighting windows bathrooms vents Sick building syndrome no infiltrationnot enough fresh air Solar Loads People Loads Consider time temp loads etc Electricity most expensive Natural gas disadvantage carbon monoxide Liquidifiedpetroliumpropane Fuel oil dirty Steam byproducts of heat Geothermal Wood Biomass Solar Efficiency how well fuel is combusted Cooling Equipment and Sources Extracts heat from air Most commonly through vapor compression refrigeration process Transfers hot air to rejectedexhausted area Evaporator heat removal Condenser heat rejected or exhausted Compressor liquid to gas to liquid Expansion valve Refrigerant is corrosive must check regularly for leaks Compressors 3 types 1 Reciprocation auto littlebig refrigerators most common a Cylinder moving win chamber compresses refrigerant 2 Centrifugal larger units 3 Rotary smaller room sized units Measurement 1 ton refrigeration cooling 12000 BTUs hr Commonly expressed in tons Rating by efficiency Most amt of cooling for least electricity use Used to use EER Energy Efficiency Ratio SEER average of BTUs used for an entire typical cooling season Btu seasonwatt hr season Higher more efficient Match unit size with conditioner size Noise level average use all factors r I39I39 r I II n c 1r CFCs HCFCs known for ozone depletion phased out Freon used to be used for everything phased out HVAC 1 Centralized pipes circulate steam or hot water a Two pipe one at a time versatile quiet low cost b Three pipe not very efficient least common see in Europe c Four pipe efficient effective expensive 2 Decentralized can turn onoff budget hotels Baseboardwall mount electric heat Through the wall and split unit 1012 year life expectancy costly to operate Heat pumps used in south Effective in places that need more cooling than heat Uses refrigeration rejected heat Water source heat pump Geothermal heating and cooling Balancing system equal amt air going in and coming out Make up air fresh air that replaces air that has been exhausted Cooling towers use evaporation Articles Tapped Out Husseini says oil production peaked in 2004 Global demand could outstrip supply before 2020 After 2015 supplies of easy to access oil will no longer keep up w demand America s Untapped Energy Resource Energy efficiency wasting less energy Efficient machienery technology green construction Needs marketing Cash is king upfront costs vs paybacks The Great Pacific Garbage Patch garbage plastic soup created by current One estimated to weigh over 3 million tons size of texas North Pacific Gyre Bioplastics reduce reuse recycle etc Miami Hotel Evacuated after 1 guest dies 2 sickened by bacteriatainted water Epic hotel evacuated 300 guestsLegionella Spreads contaminated mist or vapor Water filter powerful enough to remove chlorine from city supplied water Water Conservation facts 25 gal per person per day much of the world 80 to 100 gal Americans 30 outdoor purposes lawn 70 worldwide used for farming 263 rivers cross international boarders 1430 gal per capita in US 88 deaths from contaminated water sources 113 billion dollars for safe drinking and waste water in Africa and Asia 35 billion spent on bottled water in developed countries 15 million barrels oil used to make bottles 27 tons plastic used on bottles 86 becomes garbagelitter Conservation 1 No Drips New Fixtures Good Water habits Stay off the Bottle Go beyond the lawn Harvest your rainwater Harvest your gray water At the car wash EPWNQP PP E J Keep your eyes open 10 Don t spike the punch Plugging into the Sun What is a Heat Pump Refrigerant absorbs heat and exits Two major fires Cocoanut Grove Night Club in Boston 1942 492 died Station Nightclub Fire of 2003 pyrotechnics around 100 died Quiz Answers Visible marketable identity Style of signage distinctive color scheme used in interior or exterior design characteristic appearance of the building itself Two primary facility related operating expenses for HB property operation and maint And utilities Major element of utilities expenditure electricity The more a building costs initially to constructs the more it costs to maintain Replacement reserve funds cover FFampE building repair emergency services not expansion Routine maintenance generally upkeep on regular basis minimal training Oil production leveled out at 85 mill barrels per day exceed supply by 2015 Automatic renewal not usually in maintenance contract frequency duties cancellation clause fees etc Largest portion of POM expenditure wages and benefits Benchmarking based on comparisons Source reduction yields greatest savings in resources and energy Sustainability Equity Environment Economy Capturing heat from exhaust air recovery and reuse Waste transformation pulping foodservice waste Use more efficient machinery and existing machinery more efficiently Power demand to increase 30 by 2030 Xeriscaping makes extensive use of native landscape materials Photovoltaic cells generate electricity Strom sewer system disposes rainwater Deduct meter lowers sewer bill Chapter 9 Laundry Systems Introduction handling laundry in HE Facility Disposable linensamp napkins rent buy your own and outsource cleaning on premises facility offsite centralized facility combination of these US generally in house changing w energy and labor costs nternationally generally outsourced On site Advantages cost savings smaller inventory extended life quality control Disadvantages cost of equip maintenance labor energy etc space taken up Equipment depends on size of property Transport equip carts avoid sharp edges easy to cleanamp load Chutes clean regularly Automated overhead transport systems for heavy loads Washers vary from 35 lb to 700 lb capacity Most common Washerextractors conventional washers clean laundry amp extract h20 Front or top loading large ones tilt Often computerized for wash amt temp and chemicals Utilize cooldown cycle to prevent wrinkling Thermal shock can cause wrinkling cool water is slowly added to prev Tunnel Washers aka batchcontinuous washers Series of interconnected washers Keep each bath in separate cylinder Top Transfer machines lift laundry in baskets or nets and drains the water in between loading the successive cylinders Bottom Transfer machines transfers both the laundry and water to the next cylinder Disadvantage dirty water is forwarded with the load Have become more popular take fewer people to operate Can be connected w conveyers to dryers Can save energy and water 13 gal of water tunnelconventional Processed faster Energy demands more constant reduces peak demand concerns Highly adaptable and can be configured to take advantage of space avail Laundry can be processed quickly and continuously reducing overloads in the finishing section Extractors extractquotremove water by centrifugal force spinning Reduce drying time and energy use Two speeds fast for natural fiber slow for polyester and noiron Usually used in large facilities Dryers dry laundry by tumbling it in a basket exposed to heated air Can be fueled by gas most economical electricity quiet or steam used in facilities with access to steam generation ex MSU laundry across from power plant Becoming more sophisticated special needs of fabrics energy concerns Most costly mistake is underloading Simple machines reduce training labor and energy costs Use microprocessor driven control systems most now Program various cycles for particular types of laundry Many automatically shut off when sense laundry is dry Cool down cycles to avoid wrinkles Antiwrinkle cycle tumbles the dry laundry to help prevent wrinkling Common features energy savings include electric piezzo ignition pilot rather than a standing pilot for gas Heat reclamation systems Features that position wettest laundry closest to the hot air Reverse drive cylinders to prevent laundry from bunching and balling up Nosnag baskets to protect delicate fabrics Self diagnostic maintenance systems Flatwork Finishers roners give linens the crisp finished look Can be heated by gas electric steam or thermal fluids Vary from40100 pp hour to 1500 pphr Usually wide enough to handle linenbed sheets Dualfinisher irons iron on both sides Folders can be small devices that act as an extra pair of arms to assist in folding Can be large machines that iron and fold Can be primary folders cross folders or both Some use infrared photo sensorsmicroprocessors to calculate fold pts Can have counters and graders Valet equipment body presses sleeve finishers collaryokecuffpresses vacuum spotting boards form finishers utility presses mushroom presses pants toppers Finishing cabinets amp tunnel presses can be used for employee uniforms Other valet equipment includes hand irons water spritzers and sewing machines and button replacement devices Laundry Design right type of equip proper installation for successful operation Well designed facilities and systems reduce maint and labor costs Designer must know criteria since laundry is often outsourced Before redesigning consider alternatives inventory employees forecasting scheduling etc Justify ROI add total direct and indirect costs salaries supplies maintenance repairs util depreciation etc pounds of laundry per period cost per pound Cost reduction should be gt 15 Location as close to existing laundry as possible redesign Newfar from guest areaavoid noise Consider plumbing and electric access 160180 F water large drains Ease ofaccess ventilation located in basement moisture resistant Equipment size versatility ease of use manufacturer heavy use warranty etc Washerextractors usually TWO smaller units depending on costspac Size is as important as speed one high one low speed extraction Large accessible door features depending on needs 25 larger than washer Layout no backtracking newredesigns consider work flaws ease min dist 18 inches between washers less between dryers Utilites 3phase 208240 volt 115 and 220 volt outlets 15 gallons per pound of laundry peak demand Test water chemicals Water hammer rapid filling of machines causes water flowing rapidly in a pipe to abruptly stop Labor 80 lbs per hour small facilities Allow space to accommodate workers Maintenance Shared by housekeeping and Engineering and Maintenance depts EampM responsible for maintenance and utility cost issues Housekeeping does day to day Depends on size of operation Ongoing preventative maintenance HVAC is major concern Chapter 4 Security systems Motivations moral ethic responsibility costs of losses legal liability corporate policies and procedures govt regulations employee welfare rentention productivity market issues HB one of the most hazardous occupations according to US BLS 14 elements for successful program Hazard recognition evaluation control 2 Workplace design 3 Safety performance management 4 Regulatory compliance 5 Occupational health 6 Employee involvement 7 Motivation behavior and attitudes 8 Training and orientation 9 Organizational communications 9 Management and control of external exposures 10 Environmental management 11 Planning and staffing 12 Assessments audits and evaluations Safety committee encourage safe working environment Should reduce and severity of accidents Policy outlining organization I 39 39 and r 39 for the committee each dept should be represented Track injuries and lost work days Effect on profitability and employee morale Communicate utilize employee input conduct regular safety expectations Set goals tracking progress set rewards for accident reduction accountability Modified or transitional duty program to get injured back to work asap Heightened sense of safety awareness through signs meetings contests rewards info programs training amp retraining Design and maintenance of property illumination reduce slips and falls ADA mandates Tempered safety glass sliding patio exit doors Label wide expanses of glass Furniture amp equip free of loose parts Pay attn to product recalls or defect notices Guests wdisabilities greater risk ADA requires visual fire alarms accessible guestrooms offer same choices floor direct grade level egress or designated area or rescue assistance backup plans ICE identify disable GRs Bathrooms special concern Hot water slippery floors electric shock construction features Scalding set temp at 120 at source 110 at tap separate laundry and kitchen Install mixing valves Slip resistant bathroom floors comply with ASTM F462 standardcleaning prod Grab bars 2448 inches w blocking for secure anchoring Glass glazed and tempered Outlets ground fault protected Fire Safety PREVENTION DETECTION SUPRESSION Maintenance and testing market factors favor improving systems business Fire safety programs reduce frequency and severity of fires Develop checklist Fire protection must operate during power outage Everyones job linked to maintenance but also laundry electric kitchen trash and renovations are of concern training must be a priority Heat detectors where smoke detectors might not operate properly Use either fixed temp rate rise or combination Smoke detectors Photoelectric react to scattered or obscured light Ionized small amts of radioactive substance to establish ion flow Nuisance alarms dust insect webs decreased sensitivity loss of power Some sprinkler systems have alarms triggered by flow of water in pipe Notification all means Emergency instruction and floor plans horns alarms voice and visual alarms public address communication systems exit lights Local fire codes dictate standards instructions usually on door Do not use elevators for firemen Selflocking stairwell doorsproperty specific instrctions Signage international voice alarm multilingual Check alarms regularly audible in all areas reactivate tripped alarms Visual alarms hallways stairwells applicable guestrooms Clear of obstruction exit signs and emergency lighting Not An Exit dead ends marked Keep exits and stairwells clear Fire Suppression adequate maintained trained equipment Sprinklers newer more upscale larger properties more likely have sprinklers Wet Pipe sprinkler systems most common Pipes are filled with water individual temp activated heads High rise fire pumps Stock supply of replacement heads Portable extinguishers correct types for specific fires Must be operated correctly Extinguisher types should match possible fire hazards in the area Classified by type of multiple application A common combustibles like wood and paper ASHES B Flammable liquids and gasses BOIL C live electrical equipment ELECTRICITY D combustible metals K cooking media Suppression materials Foam A ampB Water A Loaded stream AampB Dry Chemical A B C Dry Chemical Foam B C Wet Chemical K Carbon dioxide B C Halon A B C banned for refill by Montreal Protocol Number before letter denotes amount of materialtotal sq feet covered 2A approx 25 gallons 20B suited for extinguishing 20 sq feet Pull the tab ring Aim the nozzle Squeeze the handle Sweep the fire Elevator Keys required to calloperate elevators kept in metal box main floor Lock type cover separate key for each elevator Kitchen fire suppression Older dry chemical sensitive to pipe runs Newerretrofitted wet chemical agents K type fires K creates foam layer smothers cools reduces reignition Dry agents use corrosive sodium biocarbonate Wet agent is easier to cleanup less corrosive Hood system proper connections nozzle caps in place aimed correctly Fusible links cleaned operative replaced regularly System activation should interrupt flow of fuel to equip Link will melt at 212 DEGREES Training maintenance staff proper operation Kitchen staff how to handle K fires C02 extinguisher can spread fire if improperly handled Extinguishers properly placed w wall mountings Control construction and operation elements Fire dampers w fusible links installed in ductwork Smoke dampers controlled by smoke sensors installed in ducts Smoke detectors shut down HVAC system Stairwell pressurization systems positive air pressure smokefree Fire doors w automatic release devices never blocked or propped Egress walls meet min fire resistance ratings Smoke and fire stops installed in plumbing and wiring chases Fire protection system maintenance schedule ampchecklist Designed for unique features or property Evacuation plans easy to understand and well thought out Staff members supervise Rally Points designated gathering locations List of guests and room numbers Designated staff care for special needs guests Plan for dealing w guests valuables Security high level is product of good design and management Restrict access to guests only Inhibit forced entries Adequate supervision of entrances Adequate lighting at entries and parking lotsramps Provide info security and safe behaviors phones allow emergency calls Doors self closing and self locking deadbolts view ports security chains Lockable patio and window doors Safety deposit boxes for valuables or safes in guestrooms Closed circuit television cameras and monitors Employees w D name tagsbadges D suspicious persons Key Control 5 R s Rationale key schedules who has access Records Info about room status and occupants key separate from room Retrieval keys left upon checkout avoid giving to outside contractors RETRIVE immediately from terminated employees Rotation Locks rotated from room to room Replacement f security is compromised main door and BOH regularly Electronic locks eliminate many issues mater and submaster concerns Maintain batteries Smart Cards most systems Security for making cards Chapter 11 Building Structure amp Finishes The Building Referred to as Iquot Roof most critically important most often ignoredneglected Essential in terms of structural integrity Water that gains access from the roof can damage entire building Life expectancy is determined by materials workmanship prev maint 15100yr Basic Structure Deck surface usually made of wood metal or concrete Materials that cover the surface asphalt or fiberglass shingles roll rubber or felt roofing wood shakes or shingles slate clay concrete tiles steel aluminum Depend on economics shape climate heatcold resistance durability aesthetics Primary purpose prevent penetration of water and natural elements Flashedoverlapped materials prevent penetration of runoff water Roofing felt asphalt impregnated or rubberized usually added as deck base Flat roofs or builtup roofs Moisture barrier base Insulation usually Ballast surface layer usually gravel or small stones Helps reduce ultraviolet light damage weighs in place fire protection Paving or flag stone on perimeter to walk on during repair Singleply roofing systems Membrane usually rubber place in large sections then hot sealedglued togthr Adhesive membrane to deck surface Gravel used to cover material in some cases May require special factory approved maintenance contracts Sloped roofs primary consideration is flow of water run off Directed into gutter or diversion system Prevent water from standing in gulliesgetting under roofing system Ice and snow can cause damming All subject to penetrationdamage make sure other equip installed properly Insulation to save energy Maintenance inspection debri removal surface blisterdamage repair flashing maintenance roof drain missing gravel replacement damage shingletile replacement Inspection and documentation infrared equip detects leaks Prorated warranties document time and location Exterior Walls wood concrete steel masonry material Enclose building and protect from elements Support the floor and roof systems Can be integral units or preassembled and joined at the site Load Bearing structure bears weight of roofceiling something resting on it Painting quality prep climate high quality paint Tuck pointing western wood framed wall Enemrwaktmne rguhrMa mmmnhmxhex praien reezmy mmnmmmn i a a man nonopeniny emenmy e rankamenherup awnarmewav Vennw Hungkingkar dame m mavirgxidewzvsarupand dawn Smgle auhkarmpk ghze panem Carma Vttm AN w mm m m Dom waa enmen ILwhmarm bw nipeman damaged mngex mg mmwuemmmumze praperahgnmem RexWing mmquot haipmhwheauseahirretembn Wemde requires reguunm mam We med aw Spam pumaiea prevemmgiprem awe swam mme ke e39lanahhe Dmmmg ee remiarze mntrete pame m phtear wean prernrey mum waa Prevenwe mmenme ampme wipemamweatherpruaimg magmy we pram Faun man mnmamwnane mm mm pawe mnzrete Se ar nven mung may he needed orunattemme aun amnrengmeer denim mm 1H pm eamamaquotwaugcmmcmmannnm a mm mm wewgmaDmmmgwpeapleenmpiurmmn mm mm unhqwke humaneggrwn wner mmnu e naw nmnmw aver m pm mam whhmnd marewearan tear seean mm mm Man paNener abhnauyk ax y Wm 30 m DenxnyaHateimer men m mtara mum P ewewgm maimed m htewegm wewgh uehher m qwmamrpm Fatehhemmzhe w pnmmnmmg mama m summary mm mm arMeyame1memhher Pad in residences glued directly to floor in H3 Looped Pile Cut Pile Plush Pile Sculptured pile Shag Pile Tufted more common or woven more expensivehigh quality Elevators cost and maintenance issues stringent fire codes Cable shaft car guide rails cables counterweights safety devices motor Hydraulic Elevators 6 stories or less Mounted on piston pump forces fluid into cylinder displacing piston quot Maintenance generally contracted out for major repairs perceptionsafety State fire marshall specific materials subject to review Inspection floor leveling emergency phone sounds vibrations alignment Cleaning and lubrication cable replacement Exterior facilities often forgotten and neglected but first impression Parking lot neat clean adequately maintained Concrete versatile durable economical most used Paste portland cement water and trapped entrained air Aggregate sand gravel and stone 6075 volume 85 weight Quality depends on paste proper mixing each particle coated HardeningHydration more hydrationstronger cures for years shrinks Cracking uneven shrinkage also curls when top shrinks faster Joints built to control amount and location of cracking Crazing fine hairline cracks shrinkage cause disintegration Leaching water takes part of cement with it weakens concrete Freezing and thawing freezethaw cyclecracking and damage Spalls surface pops metal bars and wires prevent Metal corrosion causes cavities Depth is important aspect of construction Salt and other chemicals lead to deterioration Repair cleaning sealing reconstruction Asphalt further refined semisolid substance Strong durable waterproof and resistant to acids and salts Asphalt cement and aggregate heated when combined Spread over soil base compacted to remove air Compaction Most important factor affecting quality Parking Lots Sub Grade compacted soil that supports surface course Sub Base layer of sandgravelstone cushion area between Surface course concrete or asphalt that covers the surface of the lot Considerations traffic controls parking spaces well define entrances NP F PS JE JE Local ordinances define number and size of spaces ADA reservedlocated shortest route from accessible entrance designated Min width 13 feet 5 foot access can be shared w adjacent 4 with 1100 spaces 2 with 1000 handicap spaces 3 feet cut outscurb ramps 36 inch wide route 5 ft recommended Universal Design 11 feet for accessible spaces 5 feet between Storm Drain System carry water away from property Sheet flow uniform flow of water across a surface can cause erosion Open Channel flow directed into a defined channel or ditch Underground drainage can be problematic in freezing or ice damming conditn Keep manhole covers and storm sewer grates in place Landscaping many factors Maintenance key Xeriscaping quality landscaping that conserves water and protects environmt Planning and design Soil improvement Appropriate plant selection use of natives Practical turf areas Efficient irrigation Use of muches or gravel and stone Appropriate maintenance Irrigation systems need not universal Consider water loss through evap infiltration through soil absorbtion capacity depth of infiltration plant roots drip irrigation becoming standard v sprinklers Water conservation rain catchments ponds lakes gray water Sprinkers fixed pop up or pulsating Winterized drained and sealed to prevent bursting pipes Chapter 10 Food Service Equipment inherently dangerous Mixers combine solid and liquid foods many applications w types of attachments Vertical Mixer 5140 quarts 20 table 30 floor Safety issues moving parts Sanitation issues difficult to clean sanitize after use Food Processor various attachments to slice dice chop grind usually for further processing Safety issues safety guards in place sharp blades safety glove when cleaning unplug Buffalo Chopper cutting chopping grinding foods mother food processor Buffalo NY Safety issues safety guard safety glove when cleaning unplug before disassembaly Sanitation cleaned and sanitized between uses Slicer slices foods Safety sharp motorized blade severe cutting hazard safety devices in place Sanitation particles can adhereaccumulate on blade Range open burner system used to distribute heat to pans and pots Safety burns


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StudySoup has more than 1 million course-specific study resources to help students study smarter. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our customer support team can help you find what you need! Feel free to contact them here:

Recurring Subscriptions: If you have canceled your recurring subscription on the day of renewal and have not downloaded any documents, you may request a refund by submitting an email to

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us for further help. Contact must be made within 3 business days of your subscription purchase and your refund request will be subject for review.

Please Note: Refunds can never be provided more than 30 days after the initial purchase date regardless of your activity on the site.