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Hospitality Information Sys

by: Ms. Ambrose Hills

Hospitality Information Sys HB 337

Marketplace > Michigan State University > OTHER > HB 337 > Hospitality Information Sys
Ms. Ambrose Hills
GPA 3.99

L. Zhang

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About this Document

L. Zhang
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Ambrose Hills on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HB 337 at Michigan State University taught by L. Zhang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/207507/hb-337-michigan-state-university in OTHER at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
HB 337 Notes for Exam 1 1142015 Why technology 0 Zombies werewolves vampires are they real No we can imagine them but with technology they can become real 0 Examples 1 Robot 2 004 amp incredibly real Japanese Robots amp Aloft Hotels MeetBotlramp Demolition Video Conference 1993 amp Holograms 0 Whatever you dream today can be real tomorrow Defining TECHNOLOGY 0 The automation of a traditional process 0 Doing things faster better amp cheaper 0 Enhanced accuracyreliabilityconsistency 0 Example 1 hotel reservation processing 0 Example 1 The revolution of how we make reservations in hotels From index cards to reservation systems then browser with access everywhere amp now mobile 0 Example 2 Restaurant POS processing 0 Manual data entry nonautomated capture 0 Systemsupported POSbased workstation o Selfservice mobilewebkiosk 0 Example 2 How we take orders Recent Hospitality Innovations Revenue Management 0 Airline dynamic pricing 0 Hotel industry 0 Homecoming MSU Kellogg Center 200 0 Technology MAC vs PC 0 Idea of dynamic pricing the price you pay today will be different then next week Cashless Transactions 0 Hospitality industry 0 Examples credit cards debit PayPal mobile gift cards charge to your room amp pay key Auto Posting of Charges 0 Post the charges to an account 0 Automatically integrated application 0 PMS Property Management System POS Property Operating System WIFI Mobile Devices Social Media Database Distribution Channels 0 OTA s Outside Travel Agencies Expedia Hotelscom Etc SST SelfService Technology Kiosks airports Hate Technnlngy Frnnt 0 Ice Mndules Guest Accounting General Management Back O zce Mndules General Ledger Inventory Control u an Resources Financial Reporting NzGuest Interfaces EMS Interfacing 5 1 o o E lt m 5 an In room Guest Info Restaurant Technnlngy riented Server Accountability Management Oriented Menu M1 Analv 1 Financial Reporting S eciaI Inter aces 39 A Iicatinns Recipe Management Wireless terminals PrePostCosting Paging Systems Forecast Modeling Bill Sharing em Management AutoCoursing 12115 Hardware 0 Inputoutputs 0 Examples 0 Central Processing Unit he box that sits on your desk or the oor May be integrated into the monitor 0 0 Computer memory Just like yours 0 Read only Memory ROM 1o t term 0 RandomAccess Memory RAM on term Computer Operation 0 1 Register 0 Z Arithmetic ogic Unit ALU t 0 3 Control Uni 0 4DataStorage Ports 0 Physical device connection 0 Parallel 8 bit transmission 0 Serial single bit transmission 0 USB universal serial bus 0 ECP extended capabilities port 0 IrDA infrared device accessibility 0 Wireless no physical connectivity Key concepts for hardware ee main components 2 ROM vs RAM 3 Computer operation 4 PnP plng in play Software DEF Software is the detailed instructions that control the operation ofa o m lt m r 5 mm o g n a m 0 Maintenance Operating Systems Application Software 0 Generic Software 0 Industry Software n Multiprocessor Interfacing e 39s Confidence test each system separately Contracts analyze existing provisions Communications what how amp when Comparisons identify installed users 0 Contingencies plan downtime strategies Software Questions 1 Shouldbusiness procure hardware or software first ARE ooooiJ1 n 2 What ongoing IT expenditures are reasonable a ROT Maintenance and Support Expenses b Not to excess 1 market value 3 Should enhancements be including in pricingplanning a NO It wouldbe like paying for an update Pro ram Develo ment Conce ts lNGREDIENTS Key Concepts for Software 1 Definition manages and controls of a computer 2 System software vs Application software 3 Operating systems 4 Generic vs integrated 5 The 5 C s 6 Issues related to software System 0 What is a system 0 The way of doing something how 0 What is the information system 0 How the computer works 0 Data 9 System 9 Information o How does this apply to someone in hospitality management 0 To determine how things will be paid for 1262015 EDP Electronic Data Processing 0 Input 9 process 9 output 0 Arranging sorting combining mathematical operations 0 EDP Advantages 0 Speed 0 Reliability consistencyintegrity 0 Accuracy precision quality 0 Retention storage retrieval 0 Con trol internal external Signals 0 Digital vs Analog o Modem devices Database 0 DEF an application for rapidly storing and retrieving data 0 Database a collection ofinterrelated data 0 File a group ofinterrelated records Database Basics 0 Flat files 0 Waste of time amp energy to retrieve data Types of database 1 Hierarchical a Parentchild relationship among data b Starts at top and moves downward 2 Network a Have circular less ordered relationships 3 Relational a Organize data in tables b Flexible 4 Object oriented a New form of database b Multimedia amp graphic based data DBMS Database Management Systems Each department only needs access to some information Linking tables Keys 0 Primary key unique identifier 0 Foreign key connector 0 Combine files record amp enable users to manage database Data Extraction tructured Query Language SQL function for data extraction 0 A query format providing instructions for building and modifying the structure ofa database or for modifying data stored in tables 0 Make queriessame as asking questions 0 Eg find out which food items are at or below their recorder level Data Storage 0 Data warehouse massive collection of enterprise data 0 Just about data storage 0 Data mart limited to a singe division or line of business or functional area 0 Used plenty on specific departments 0 Data cube data segmentation for intense application analysis 0 The smallest one of details quottoppingsquot Data Mining 0 DEF process of finding relationship in data 0 Profiling collect all information about customers even past 0 Clustering separate them into different groups 0 Targeting finding which customer would be more attracted to the productservice 0 Example Profiling would be pictures of Taylor amp all her ex boyfriends Clustering would be putting them into groups by hair color 0 Brand Index a measured perception of quality value amp reputation 222015 0 Definition of social media webbased services that allow individuals to 1 construct a public or semipublic profile within a bounded system 2 articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection amp 3 view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system Why things catch on Word of mouth is important Social media is important People will always be talking amp sharing Focus on psychology amp not technology


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