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Adult Learning

by: Grant Bauch PhD

Adult Learning EAD 861

Grant Bauch PhD
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Grant Bauch PhD on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EAD 861 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/207508/ead-861-michigan-state-university in Business Administration at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
5 7 c771 rare r 1 ca M caIE A problem of process Issues ih Foster iris Collaborative Lear hihg ih Ohlihe Ehvir Ohmehts Higher Adult arid Lifelor lg Education Center for I eaching and rechnology and enter for the Scholarship of Teaching Online Teaching and Learning Colloquia Series December 3 2008 My Interests in Ohlihe Learhing I he self arid the Ohlir ne COhteXt Studehts experiehces Of Ohlir ne group arid collaborative learhihg I he idea Of presehce I eacher social COQr nitive quot 39 7 quot lt39 Riff7 r 1quot L r Hggm presentation Outline Backgrour nd to use Of collaborative learr nir ng Ohlir ne Cor nceptual Assumptior ns arid I heoretical Framework Fosterir ng Ohlir ne collaborative learr nir ng Lessor ns learr ned arid Implicatior ns quotquot 39 quot 7 quot7777 7 r r 7 V r m Sg s sbwm Our focus today Issues in fostering Ohlihe student learning that is Deep Ehgagsd Cor Istr uctivist Process arid COhtsht orishtsd Emergence of Ohlihe Collaborative Learning Early experier nces Of Ohlir ne learr nlr ng Problems Of studer nt dissatisfactior n alier natior n arid attritior n I urr n to collaborative participatory methods Examples of I ypical Approaches Adoptior n of cooperative leer hth strategies to the Ohlir ne ehvir or nmer nt Learr jir ng hetwor KS Developmeht of Ohlir ne Iearhihg commur nities Foster iris of trahsformative Iearhihg 7 quot lt39 Riff7 r J39 L r 7 7 m I he Idea of Collaborative Learning Learning is interactive when learners are actively engaged in a variety of activities and along With their peers and teacher they are CO Constructors of Knowledge The learning environment provides a sense of learning community Within Which participants collaborate With others to negotiate and Share meanings Chamberlair amp Vr asidas ZOO I Proceedings of the 1 7th Annual Conference on Distance 7 eaohing and Learning Madisoh WI 7 r I V r 147 gt rm 7 S Characteristics of present Approaches Ir nstrumer ntal arid techr nique orier ntatior n Cor nceptualized as collectior n Of ir nteractir ng ihdividuals FOCUS Oh what is Ohe the surface quot 39 7 quot lt39 Riff7 r 1quot L r Hggm Issues with present Approaches lacgtllt of recogr nitior of studer nt ambivaler nce towards group work Dor n t address epistemic Challer nges associated with collaborative group work lgr nore process arid emotior nal requiremer nts of collaborative group work 7 39 7 777 7 39 7 ki r gird am r Reflections on Experiences EAD 86 l Adult Learning 2000 2008 Cor nceptual Assumptior ns arid I heoretical Framework Conceptual Assumptions Differer nce betweer surface arid deep learr nir ng Learr nir ng as lhstrumer ntal adaptir ng to outer reality Expressive Givir ng voice to ir nr ner reality Learr nir ng arises from ir nteractior of self Gor nter nt arid Gor ntext I he process of Learning Self Deep Iearhihg Coritext Cor iter It I heoretical Framework Guiding Design of EAD 86 l Problem based Iearr nir ng Col Iaborative Iearr nir ng work Group dyr namiCSgroup relatior ns theory Ohlihe er nviror nmer nt as evocative Gor ntext quot 77 397 r 139 N77as v i m I he IgtBl process in EAD 86 l I he COhteXt of the case scer nario The problem Recommer datior ls Research ar nd theory prior I r nowledge related to the case ar nd experier noe 7 a 3954 4 r I he IDBI process in EAD 86 I Defir ns the problem arid Why it is importar nt Idsr ntify What may be Gor ntributir ng to the problem Develop rscommsr ndatior ns to specifically address the Gor ntributir ng factors Iclsr1tify possible barriers or Challsr ngss to Implsmsr ntir ng rscommsr ndatior ns strategies for addressir ng these barriers 397 39 w 7 r m a r Characteristics of Consensus Group Work Work ir n small heterogsr nsous groups Collectively ar nalyzs arid resolve complex messy ill defir nsd arid real life situatior ns that are problematic Participate ir n shared Classroom authority arid CO Cor nstructior n Of msar nir ng arid l r nowlsdgs 39 quot3977 7 r quot C 7 rr r v Avehues for Ohlihe Collaboration Asyr Ichr or IOUS ir Iter actior n I eam ahd Classwide diSCUSSiOr I forums Syhchr or IOUS ir Iter actior n Chat IlI Audio or Video COhfer ehcihg phor ne Skype etc 539quot if 7 quota J Kquotquot quot 2 5 quot 7 XM Group Dynamics Associated with Collaborative Learning Self authorizatior n Ihterpersor nal ihter actior IS arid relatior Iships I hter depehdehce gt quot x lt39 quotquot 7 77w 7 1 aquot my 7 7 N Ohlihe Learhing as Cinematic projection I he subjective computer Ihfluehce Oh how we thihK about ourselves arid other S Evocative hatur e of computers Potehtial to stir up stror ng feelihgs arid emotior IS Ohlir ne ehvir Ohmeht as locatior n for imagihed selves arid other S quot quot 777 r r r mm Lessor18 Learned Epistemic arid process issues Emotional Demands of Ohlihe Collaborative Learning Struggle for voice arid ider ntity Authorizihg self arid other S Establishihg meahihgful arid authehtic relatior nships i rite ractio hs 7gtr v 7 Evocative hatur e Of Ohlir ne 7 quotquot7777 r 139 r aagg Voice and Identity Car you be ar n irjdividual ir n a collaborative settir ng That is the ter nsior n Ir ndia Everyor ne s voice ir n the group Should be heard arid seer n ir n the product Jar nis Fear Of beir ng abar ndor ned Doriald 7 W 7 quot397777 r 139 r quot ia w 37 Authorizing Self and Other Ws shared our Visior of the problem 80 through the ir ntsractior with my team the Isarr nir ng process occurred Nickie rr l very sr ntrsr nchsd ir traditior nal Isarhihgwhsrs the teacher is the expert This is very very hard for me to get away from I Ihdia If we do all thisfssl good stuff arid everybody shares sxpsrishcss r cgtt everybody is goir ng to bsr nsfit from that Doriald quot39 7 r 397 73 Ma si3 gt g fm Establishing Relationships We permitted ourselves to be over Uh with Civility Nat d The hight we had the Chat Where She got mad arid left I was just havir ng a lot of stror ng emotior n about it like it was SO stror IQ I thought okay somethihg s goir ng Oh her e Lihda It became hard for me to trust some people s wot K Paul I he Computer as Evocative Image I was gettir ng tired of ir nteractir ng with my group It makes you war nt to turr of your computer You start to become tired of computers Gir nger I was about ready to put my foot through the computer Haver n t you read Ihdia I might be Sittir ng there yellir ng at my computer arid sayir ng that this persor isr n t the brightest persor Doriald iquot r 39 lt quot3977 7 r quot 7 V r V m Conclusion Corjssr nsus group work creates a complex epistemic amp smotior nsl Issrr nir ng sr nviror nmsr nt Despite tsr nsior ns there is svidsr ncs of ir ncrssssd sslf swsrsr nsss arid ihdividustior smor ng group members I schr nology both troubles arid fosters these processes 7 r r 2 7 r 1 r gt r m J S I he process of Learning Self Deep Iearhihg Coritext Cor iter It I rocess as Context 1 Group 4 earher I WO Dominant I ehSiOhS In Ohlihe Collaborative Learning lr ndividualized arid self paced VS Collaborative arid social lr ndividual goal orier ntatior n VS Group goal orier ntatior n


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