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Writing Science & Technology

by: Dr. Mafalda Rutherford

Writing Science & Technology WRA 110

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Culture > WRA 110 > Writing Science Technology
Dr. Mafalda Rutherford
GPA 3.94

Christine Daniels

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About this Document

Christine Daniels
Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Mafalda Rutherford on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to WRA 110 at Michigan State University taught by Christine Daniels in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/207509/wra-110-michigan-state-university in Culture at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
WRA 110 Writing Science amp Technology InClass Response 1 In Lu s piece she mentions an experience of her early childhood in second grade elementary school She was the only one in her class that knew how to speak some English but the school only allowed to speak Standard Chinese in school However her teacher was just learning English and they sometimes spoke to each other in English and the teacher would ask Lu to do things that the other children did not understand This meant that English was also an official language of the classroom and Lu became proud of knowing how to speak English Lu learned the English language from her parents and siblings Lu would also use the English she knew to make metaphors mainly with colors For example she would use the word red in a sentence and to her the color red meant love Lu also used two different languages in what she referred to as two different worlds One of her worlds was inside her home where she would speak English with her family The other world was outside of her home where she had to speak one of the Chinese dialects that she knew This particular experience in Lu s piece relates to the Lived Literacies assignment especially mine because it focuses on a special bond between two people through the usage ofa special language Lu and her second grade teacher were the only ones in the classroom that knew how to speak English and they used that language to talk secretively The same goes for me and my best friend that I talk about in my paper We have almost created are own language to the point where we only have to say one word and we both instantly know what we really want to say I can also relate to Lu s piece with what I wrote about in my personal Lived Literacies assignment because Ifirst learned to speak from my parents and siblings just like she did As Lu said she had in her piece I also have two different worlds The only thing is that my world s WRA 110 Science and Technology 1 N E In Class Response 2 The creators of this video are targeting children from ages 813 This age group is the target group because they are the ones that play computer games the most The creators are also targeting anyone outside of the 813 age group that plays World of Warcraft This is the targeted age group because the entire episode is about playing the World of Warcraft computer game so the creators must have wanted the audience to be people that played the game The depiction of this group of people is video game fanatics that are very interested in video programming I also believe this group of people would be relatively lazy because the effects of playing the game for extremely long periods of time are shown in the episode The effects are over dramatic because in the episode the period of time playing is weeks However if you did play the game every day you would see some of the effects shown in the episode but not to the same degree I believe the creators purpose in depicting this group of people is to tell kids that they shouldn t stay inside and play on the computer all day South Park is made to be humorous but Ithink humorous shows can also state very important lessons as well If you watch South Park you wouldn t think that there would be a lesson in any episode In this particular episode however Ithink the message is that kids need to get out of the house and exercise Ifthey don t they could end up like the old guy in the episode who dominated World of Warcraft Lived Literacies WRA 110 Writing Science amp Technology There are many differences in the way I communicate with people both in the form of communication and in language usage In my personal life I have the most differences in communication between my best friend and my parents I talk differently with every single person that I know but my parents and my best friend are on opposite ends of a wavelength I only use digital devices with some people while I only talk in person with others When it comes to my best friend or my parents however I do a little of both With my best friend I usually only communicate with him facetoface or by texting We rarely call each other or talk via a digital device other than cell phones and it has been that way for 6 years now and continues today If we are both in the same place we obviously talk faceto face Other than that teXting is the only form of communication Talking with my best friend is so much different than talking with my parents because I would never use the language I use with my best friend with my parentsMy best friend and I always swear at each other when we talk however it is in a joking manner Swearing is just a part of the nature of how we talk to each other In almost every sentence we say to each other there is at least one swear word because we feel that it puts emphasis on the sentence When he is trying to sleep and I has music playing or the television on he will say Hey turn that fucking noise down I m trying to sleep It is not only swearing that differentiates my best friend from my parents but also references to sexual terms I feel comfortable talking about anything I need to talk about with my best friend Iknow he can give me the advice Ineed to boost my confidence and even convince me to do things I wouldn t normally do only because I have that much trust in him The one thing that I do with my best friend that I don t do with any other person is recite movie lines back and forth Anytime a new movie comes out that both my best friend and I find funny we will take lines from that movie and laugh about them for days I can tell my best friend anything that comes to mind because the nature of the language we use is so comfortable to me and there is no second guessing what I say to him I come back from class and I immediately say You should ve just seen the girl I walked passed on the way back here she was a dime I don t think twice before I say anything because that is the type of relationship we have My best friend and I communicate so well that all we have to do is say one word and we both will know exactly what we are talking about That one word could stand for an entire story or just a line from a movie but we both are always on the same page about thingsThe most frequent word we use that relates to a video is when either of us say boom We both immediately think of the YouTube video Boom Goes the Dynamite and then we cannot stop laughing This is also the same for many other words that relate to scenes from movies or past experiences Talking with my parents I communicate in person with them or by talking on the phone My parents are not very tech savvy so they don t text often and only like to talk on their cell phones I try my best to talk to them like the good kid they raised me to be I admit that they can get really annoying at times but I just think back on all the things they have done for me already in my short life The language I use towards them is not bad language at all because I don t swear in front of them out of my respect for them but Ihave gradually become more comfortable saying whatever comes to mind There are times when I walk down the street and hear a kid say to his mom Hey bitch buy me a damn ice cream The kid is usually between the age often and twelve and I am completely shocked by the situation I don t know how parents let their kids talk to them like that and I also don t know how children can be so disrespectful to their parents Ihave sworn in front of my parents before on accident and I immediately felt awful about doing it and then I punished myself for it I just have too much respect for my parents and they raised me to be better than that I really appreciate the way my parents raised me to be because I now have a standard for the way I am going to raise my children I will not tolerate anything less than the relationship my parents and I had My children will not be allowed to swear in front of me because I believe it is very disrespectful for children to swear when their parents are around I will also not allow my children to talk back to me when any argument that may occur can be more easily resolved between us When the time comes for my children to believe they can swear in front of me I will always confront them when they do I cannot believe it when young kids go off on swearing tantrums in front of me and if they were my kids they would be taught a lesson At this point and time in my life I have no desire at all to talk with my parents about sex I just feel that some topics such as sex should stay between people of your own age group It s not that I don t feel comfortable around my parents because I do I just don t think I could talk to them about atopic as big a sex with them at this point in my life Of course my dad gave me the talk when I was younger but that isn t the same as talking about a certain girl with him I can go to my parents to talk to them about just about everything except for the topic of sex When my mom and I went shopping for college before I moved up we came across a certain aisle in the store This aisle consisted of toiletries and there was a shelf full of condoms in the aisle My mom asked me how many packs she should buy me and my face instantly turned red because it was a very uncomfortable situation Thankfully she ended up not buying me any because I would have been very embarrassed at the register I will always use protection at all times but I just didn t want my mom to be the one to buy the protection for me I have all the respect in the world for my parents because of everything they have done for me but some things Ijust need to take care of by myself or with someone else I am happy with the fact that I communicate so differently with different people Whether I am communicating with my parents my best friend or really just about anyone it opens up the opportunity for me to be exposed to more and learn new things as well I am able to do this because by communicating I have the ability to go out to new places and meet other people My parents are the ones that communicated to me how to converse with others They taught me to be polite to anyone new that Imeet and appreciate them making me the gentleman that I am This teaching has helped me greatly here at Michigan State because of the diverse group of students that attend school here Imust say that I cannot always understand what some people say when I m standing in line for food or walking to class However if need be I would try to communicate with them to the best of my ability I use all the communication skills Ileamed from my parents and even use hand signals if I have to I consider myself a polite guy and do not want people to think I am ignoring them if I can t understand them In many of my classes here I sometimes sit by students of a different race than me and they are not always the best at speaking English Even in this WRA class I have been in a situation where I had to figure out how to communicate to a student how to get to the WRA website I did a lot of pointing and shaking of my head and eventually got the student where he wanted to go I don t ever want to give up on anything especially not something as easy as communication I have also met many people through my job in the cafeteria at Michigan State Iknow that Iwill be working with them all semester so Ithought it would be best to be friendly with all Name WRA 110 Writing Science and Technology Trade vs Scholarly Article Exercise Instructions 1 A A 01 O Choose two articles one from the Scholarly Journals Go to the ProQuest database through the MSU Libraries Electronic Resources page httperlibmsueduitemcfmitem001118 Do a search for the discipline or an issuetopic within the discipline that you have chosen for your Disciplinary Literacies paper Narrow results by E Source type E Hlsmrlcal Newspapers 193553 V Dlssertatlons 3 Theses 100693 E Scholarly Journals 9995 Trade Journals 71826 Newspapers 37606 More options category and one from the Trade Journals category Print out or download the two articles Read each article and fill out the chart on the next page At the end ofthis document record MLA or APA style citations for each article On the document with your MLA or APA style citations write a short paragraph explaining how and when you would use each type of article in your paper Criteria Article 1 Scholarly Article 2 Trade Audience For whom is the article written Citizens ofthe United States Economists Purpose News presenting research entertainment other Please specify Presenting research News Citations Isthere a bibliography or footnotes Illustrations What type of photos charts or graphs are there if any Graph of gross federal debt as of GDP Picture of author None Author What can you tell about the author His name is Paul Kasriel He is a chief economist Name is Hema B Oza Language List three words or phrases from each article that indicate if the language is technical or general 1 At the end of fiscal year 1950 Treasury debt was 941 of GDP The projection for the end of fiscal 2009 is 841 2 Historical data on government debttoGDP ratios for other developed economies shows that in2008 the latest complete data Japan leads the way coming in at 1676 followed by the US at 702 3 In the first three quarters of 2009 US household 1 While the private placement market has been flourishing in recent years increasing competition from newer players is adding concern to the current supplydemand imbalance 2 While the natural resources and energy diversified industries and food retail sectors are all areas the private market is active one area it has not participated in as much as the public market is healthcare 3 The standard maturity WRA 110 Science amp Technology 10 Nov 2011 InClass Response 7 After watching the YouTube video in which Trevor wrote a letter to his Uncle Ronnie who was gay like him I would have to say that it most closely relates to our rst paper I would say it relates to our first paper because Trevor s letter talks about how he wishes he could have been there for his uncle when he came out to comfort him Trevor and his uncle shared so many of the same characteristics in their life but none of their family or friends agreed with their lifestyles Trevor viewed his uncle as someone he could go to when he needed to talk about something but he never had the chance to do that after his uncle died Trevor explained how they were living in a different world than everyone else and it made communication between them easier He had to revolve his life around things he didn t believe in as well such as when he married a woman He had to do that because it was the right thing to do according to his family even though he would have wanted it a different way He also explained how he might lose his kids because he stated that no judge will allow a gay man to be able to raise his children on his own This video makes its argument by Trevor reading of the letter he wrote to his uncle Trevor noted how everything that is wrong with not being able to be gay He also explained how hard it is to be gay and have nobody to express his feelings with The video effectively satisfies the requirements of the project in that Trevor talks about how communication is different with his uncle compared to his family and friends He explained the differences in the way he uses two different languages will his familyfriends and his uncle His two different audiences created two different worlds for him Trevor could more closely satisfy the requirements of the project Tyler Lynch WRA 110 15 Nov 2011 n Class Assignment 8 After watching the Chrysler commercial featuring Eminem that was first aired during the Super Bowl the purpose was clearly to persuade people to buy their new car I think the quot ofthe 39 39 was quot U because it was one of few commercials that were talked about the day after the Super Bowl I don t know how many cars Chrysler sold after that commercial was aired but I would assume that their sales increased even if it was only a slight increase The imagery of Detroit shown was significant in this commercial production Detroit is not the best looking place in terms of trash and buildings but this commercial showed all the important artifacts displayed in Detroit and made the city look like a great place to live in It was a good idea for Chrysler to include Eminem and his song quotLose Yourself because Eminem is one ofthe many famous people to come from Detroit Also his song quotLose Yourself was about him growing up in Detroit and all the struggles he had to go through This song is also was of his best and a well known song The tagline quotImported from Detroit was important because Michigan is one of the top states affected by the economic decline so this tagline shows that Michigan can still produce great products in a weak economy The voiceover used in this commercial is also important in the production because he is trying to convince people otherwise from what they believe Detroit to be Detroit is perceived by many people to be dirty and just an all around bad city The voiceover also explains how we match up with other big WRA 110 Writing Science and Technology Searching With A Purpose Exercise This assignment is designed to help you start and refine a search for articles related to your Disciplinary Literacies assignment 1 Keywords and Related Terms A Write down questions or ideas that you have about the discipline you have chosen for your Disciplinary Literacies assignment in the box below B Write down some important keywords and other terms that have to do with your question focus or ideas Example interest Why is there so much controversy over global warming keywords climate change environment green pollution Kyoto etc Question or Interest Why does the United States government have so much debt Keywords United States government debt 2 Starting Searches A w 0 How many hits did you get Under your Using your keywords try searching for some articles in the ProQuest database through the MSU Libraries Electronic Resources page httperlibmsueduitemcfmitem001118 In the following table next page under Search 1 write down exactly what you typed into the search box lquotl39l39 l global warming 6 7 Ll Full text l Peer rewe E Create aim a Create F Search Mn 1 search box you should see the number of documents found or you should see a page that says there were no results Record this number under Number of hits in the table below 0 Are there any new keywords that you found from doing your initial search that you hadn t thought of before Record these terms in the New Terms box low E Are there any words that you wouldn t use again in your search or were not helpful Record these words in the Words that were not helpful box below as well Number Words that were Search 1 of hits New Terms not helpful debt 4445336 none none 3 Refining Searches A Try another search If you got fewer than 200 results in yourfirst search try to broaden your search to include more results Use terms like OR with your keywords If you got more than 200 results try to narrow your search by using different keywords or terms like AND Record the results of your search in the box below Keep your search results up on the screen Search 2 Number of hits New Terms Words that were not helpful United States government debt 574550 United States government none B Was this search helpful to you Why or Why not Yes this search was helpful because it gave me a lot of articles that explains Why the United States government is in so much debt 4 Using Suggested Subjects A Go back to the results of your last search Try clicking on one of the Suggested Subjects near the top of the page Record your results below Suggestz subjects Global warming XGlubal warming mar Searth Suggested Topic Number of hits New Terms Words that were not helpful United States and debt 6096 and governement B Was using the Suggested Subjects links useful to you Why or why not No the suggested subjects link was not useful because it gave me a whole bunch of results that were only about other countries and not the United States 5 Reflection A Choose the three best articles that you found from any of your searches Write a brief bibliography with MLA or APA citations for the articles Explain why you thought these articles were the best that you found ARTICLE 1 The Specter of Financial Armageddon Health Care and Federal Debt in the United States Chernew Michael E Phd Katherine Baicker and John Hsu quotThe Specter of Financial Armageddon Health Care and Federal Debt in the United Statesquot The New Englandjourna ofmedicine 36213 2010 11661166 8 ProQuest Web 13 Oct 2011 This article was helpful because it explained how the government pays for about half the health care in the United States and this is a huge contributor to the debt This spending on health care is also supposed to continue to increase WRA 110 7 Writing Science amp Technology InClass Assignment 3 7 The Social Network Response In The Social Network the creators of the movie depicted women mainly as unintelligent Early on in the movie Mark Zuckerberg breaks up with his girlfriend and goes back to his dorm to blog about it He says many bad things about his eXgirlfriend but the one that sticks out to me is when he compares her to a farm animal She obviously disliked this statement as well because she brought it up to him when he went to talk to her about their break up Another scene in the movie where women are depicted as unintelligent is when Mark comes up with his website and they are talking about it in his dorm There are two females in the room and one of them asks if they can do anything to help with the website Mark immediately denies them after he gives every male in the room a job to do Mark is very intelligent and the creators of this movie made his character depict women as unintelligent since Mark wouldn t let them help with the website The creators also depict women in this movie based on their looks In the scene where Mark blogs about breaking up with his girlfriend healso creates a website that allows anyone to rate pictures of females They see a picture of a female face and rate it 110 The creators are depicting women in this scene because they are implying that looks are the only thing that matter for women Another scene that is an example of women being depicted on their looks is when Mark and his best friend Eduardo meet with Sean Parker Eduardo brings his girlfriend along for the meeting just to look good As soon as Sean walks up to them he immediately asks her what she wants to drink and orders it for all of them This shows that Sean thinks she is only there for her looks and not for business


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