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Intro to Engineering Design

by: Leo Johnson Sr.

Intro to Engineering Design EGR 100

Leo Johnson Sr.
GPA 3.99

Timothy Hinds

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About this Document

Timothy Hinds
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leo Johnson Sr. on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EGR 100 at Michigan State University taught by Timothy Hinds in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see /class/207512/egr-100-michigan-state-university in Engineering and Tech at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture What is Engineering Engineering derived from Latin root ingeniere meaning to design or devise Basis of word ingenious Definitions EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture What is Engineering Wikipedia Engineering is the science discipline art and profession of acquiring and applying technical scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials structures machines devices systems and processes that safely realize a desired objective or invention EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 3 I What is Engineering lulhelnuutx y Hardwm 1 39mnpum mummmn FIGURE Ls Engineen wmbim men skill m mulliemaucs science computers and hm dware Wm H in PM lNFRlN Jmaman vwdltert EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 4 Definitions of Engineering Common theme Economic usage of resources What resources are generally available Materials People amp Time Units are typically Many engineers spend much of their career minimizing usage of available resources EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture g What is Design Wikipedia Design is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system What things in the world are designed What are not EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture Application of Engineering Perfect World Welldefined problems worked on by individuals produce single best solutions Real World Openended problems worked on by teams produce multiple solutions to be optimized EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 7 Q What is EGR 100 A firstyear engineering design course taken by all engineering majors with several objectives EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture EGR 100 Course Learning Objectives Students will be able to implement an organized methodology in solving design problems amp effectively communicate those solutions function effectively on crossfunctional design teams and explain unique aspects of the engineering profession EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 9 EGR 100 Mission Develop professional skills in Design Communication Teamwork Engineering To be used throughout your academic amp professional careers EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 10 Q What does EGR 100 do for you Introduces you to The design process lots of handson activities Effective teamwork amp delivery of quality products in a timely fashion Effective communication written amp oral Problem solving amp critical thinking All will be used in this and subsequent engineering courses EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 11 g EGR 100 Course Format Lectures Explore the engineering profession with emphasis on engineering design Labs Develop engineering skills through individual amp team assignments EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 12 i EGR 100 Deliverables Written papers amp reports Presentations Projects Quizzes amp Exams Measured against course learning objectives EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 13 g EGR 100 Lecture HW PreLecture Reading Assignment Text chapter or other materials Quiz on topic using igtClicker2 in I need to have for next week Register at iclickercom bring to lecture every week Writing or other assignment Posted following lecture various due dates usually next week EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 14 igtclicker Registration A MSU netID not PID smith123 MUST be registered before Lecture 02 wwwicickencomsupportregistewourclicker EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 15 I EGR 100 Lecture Quizzes Typically each lecture 2 questions on prelecture material Given throughout the lecture Scoring correct 2 wrong 1 missing 0 Points cumulative over entire semester No make ups given for missed quizzes dead batteries forgetting clicker etc First quiz next week EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 16 EGI 100 Labs Short review by TA Homework assignment in Angel Assignments due by beginning of next lab HW filed in Angel Drop Box Assignment numbers match week of semester ie HW06 6th week EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 17 g EGR 100 Labs Labs are designed such that most nonproject work may be completed in the 2 hours Students are advised to stay in lab for the full period Access to TAs mentors computers printer teammates etc Less outside time required time mgmt EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 18 EGR 100 Labs If you missed lab this week Contact your lab TA names etc on syllabus No lab sessions next week Jan 1620 Regular lab times resume Jan 23 Evening open lab hours begin Mon Jan 23 Lecture WILL be held on Friday Jan 20 W9 safety training prior to start of Project 2 Safety glasses required at that time in W9 EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 19 g Facilities Usage W9 Project Lab Hours are 610pm MoTh 59pm Su Begin Monday 123 May only use when TA is present Must have own safety glasses 287 w hard side shields C4 Computer Lab Open hours during day Some scheduled EGR 100102 labs EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 20 10 Engineering What are your goals as an MSU student Get a degree Get a good job How many engineering jobs are available How many graduates are there each year What majors do they come from What career paths are available EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 21 78347 BS Engineering Degrees Awarded in US in 2010 Mechanical 18391 Aerospace 2218 Civil 11027 Elect Comp 2175 Electrical 9634 Genl Engrg 1335 Comp Science 8651 Materials 1152 Chemical 5948 Architectural 753 Ind Manuf 3744 Petroleum 753 Biomedical 3670 Agricultural 719 Comp Engrg 3340 Environmental 587 EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture 22 11 Engineering Career Paths Busmess Staff Engineer Project Engineer Engineering Manager Principal Engineer Technical Director Tecnnrcal Pain Management Pam Technology Development Advanced Engmeermg Degrees Advanced Busmess Degrees EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture Famous Engineers Yasser Arafat Palestinian leader Cairo gen l engineering Neil Armstrong Astronaut Purdue aeronautical Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean actor Oxford electrical Leonid Brezhnev Soviet Union leader Kamenskoe metallurgical Frank Capra Film director Cal Tech chemical Jimmy Carter 39th president US Naval Academy nuclear Herbie Hancock Jazz musician Grinnel electrical Herbert Hoover 31st president Stanford mining Lee Iacocca Former Chrysler CEO Lehigh chemical Tom Landry Former Dallas Cowboys coach Houston industrial John Sununu Former White House Chief of Staff MlT mechani Boris Yeltsin Former Russian president Ural Poly construction EGR 100 Week 1 Lecture cal 12


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