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Comp Assist Des Thermal System

by: Princess Rolfson

Comp Assist Des Thermal System ME 416

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Mechanical Engineering > ME 416 > Comp Assist Des Thermal System
Princess Rolfson
GPA 3.57

Craig Somerton

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About this Document

Craig Somerton
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Princess Rolfson on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 416 at Michigan State University taught by Craig Somerton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/207529/me-416-michigan-state-university in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
ME 416 Computer Assisted Design of Thermal Systems Engineering Economics Examples Examgle Annual Worth Analysis A machine shop has decided that it needs to purchase a new lathe It is considering two alternatives with cost information shown below Lathe A Lathe B Capital Cost 100000 150000 Expected Life 5 yrs 10 yrs Salvage Value 20000 0 Annual receipts 50000 70000 Annual disbursements 22000 43000 Interest Rate 125 125 Using an annual worth analysis propose a decision to the shop Solution A good tool for these types of problems is the economic timeline On this timeline we show the cash flows in and out of the problem For example for Lathe A we might have Pcap Adisp Adisp Adisp Adisp Adisp TTTTT 01131314 Arec 13990 Arec Arec Fsalv Then our annual worth can be calculated from AWA PcapAP0l255 Arac Adisp FsalvAF01255 ME 416 CAD of Thermal Systems Calculating our interest functions i1iN 012511255 APiN 202809 1iN 1 11255 1 AFiN 4N L2 01559 11 1 1125 1 Substituting AWA 10000002908 50000 22000 2000001559 3028 For lathe B we have AWB PcapAP012510 AmC Adisp Realculating our interest function i1iN 0125112510 APiN 1iN 1 112510 1 01806 so that AWB 15000001806 77000 43000 93 Clearly since AW A gt AWB lathe A should be our choice Now let us consider the following what if questions 1 What would be the annual receipts needed to make lathe B competitive with lathe Solution So we are going to set AWB AW A 3028 Solving for Arec for lathe B we have Arac AWB PcapAP012510 Adisp Ame 3028 15000001806 43000 73118 or a 45 increase 2 What sort of discount on the capital cost is needed to make lathe B competitive with lathe A Solution So we are going to set AWB AW A 3028 Solving for Pcap for lathe B we have Pcap AWB Arac AdispAP012510 132735 or a discount of 12 3 How much beyond 10 years do we need lathe B to operate to make it competitive with lathe A Solution So we are going to set AWB AWA 3028 Solving for the AP function for lathe B we have AP012510 AWB Ame Adisp Pcap 01598 ME 416 CAD of Thermal Systems Setting this now equal to the formula 01251125N 1125N 1 015981125N 101251125N 1125N01598 0125 201598 1125N 45920 Z ln45920 ln1125 01598 13 years Examgle Present Value Analysis The Simon Power Plant on the MSU campus is considering adding a second feedwater heater to its Unit 1 so as to increase the efficiency of the system and reduce fuel costs The following cost information should be used to determine the break even capital cost of the feedwater heater use a present value analysis Interest rate 12 Life 25 years Anticipated efficiency change 52 gt 525 Power Production 150 MW Fuel cost 0010 kWhr Solution We need to determine the present worth of our fuel savings This will be PWfS AfsPA01225 Calculating our interest function N 25 PA7i7N 11 111 112 125 i1i 012112 Our annual fuel savings will be given by Asf reduction in fuel energy consumed X fuel cost X hours of operationyr where reduction in fuel energy consumed FECold FECHaw FEC fuel energy consumed Then FEC power produced plant efficiency PT so that FECHaw 1500000525 285714 kW FECold 150000052 288462 kW We note that the fuel cost is kwhr so we must know the time associated with this consumption of energy We know that this is being done on an annual basis but it is 3 278431 Fall 2004 ME 416 Computer Assisted Design of Thermal Systems Example PipingPump Calculation Consider the piping system shown below 34 ID E 1quotID El 2quotID Reservoir The piping is galvanized steel and starting with the reservoir the details are provided below 90 Elbow 90 Elbow 90 Elbow


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