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Introductory Psychology

by: Newton Cormier

Introductory Psychology PSY 101

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Psychlogy > PSY 101 > Introductory Psychology
Newton Cormier
GPA 3.88

N. Noles

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About this Document

N. Noles
Class Notes
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This 33 page Class Notes was uploaded by Newton Cormier on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 101 at Michigan State University taught by N. Noles in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/207550/psy-101-michigan-state-university in Psychlogy at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY PSY 101 002 Course Overview Instructor Dr Nicholaus Noles Of ce hours by appointment Email nolesmsuedu Teaching Assistant Jennifer Lawlor Iawlorjemsuedu Of ce Hours Thursday 1012 in Psych Bldg 238 Undergraduate Assistant Kristen Korycinski korycin3msuedu Of ce Hours Coming Soon Course Overview The purpose ofthis course is to give you a broad introduction to psychology The scienti c investigations that make up psychology as a eld are broad and farreaching and this class is your rst step toward a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you This class will have three goals To explore the eld of psychology To learn the skills associated with scienti c study and critical thinking To apply the knowledge and skills gained in this course to everyday life Course Overview Exploring psychology The study of psychology is both broad and sometimes complicated In this course you will be exposed to a variety of areas of interest within the eld of psychology as well as the research methods employed to investigate these areas Course Overview Skill Development Whether or not you choose to continue studying psychology after the introduction that you receive in this class there are a number of basic scienti c and thinking skills that will serve you well regardless of your area of study These skills are an integral part ofthe psychological sciences and you will learn to employ them in understanding the nature of psychology Course Overview Improving your life Unlike most other sciences psychology is unique in its obvious relationship to our every day lives Studying psychology directly bene ts you with a better understanding of yourself others and the world around you Course Overview Required Text Psychology 10th Edition by David Myers Tips Do the readings before class Study your textbook Exam questions may be drawn from the text on material not covered in class Can I use the old book Course Overview Course Grading Three course components 1 Exams Four exams will be given in class Lowest exam score will be dropped Three best scores will account for 85 of your grade There will be no nal exam Exam content multiplechoice and short answer questions Each exam will be unique Some exams may be all multiple choice The proportion of short answer questions may vary between exams or there may be none Mwahahaha Course Overview Exam Policies Exams will begin at 300pm You may arrive late but no more exams will be handed out after the rst student completes the exam All exams must be turned in by 450pm Bring everything you need to complete your exam pencils erasers student ID etc Do NOT bring things that you do not need for the exam Once the exam begins there will be no talking or other disruptions Do not touch your cell phone or laptop after you turn it off for the exam period Your nal score will be penalized if you disrupt the class during an exam Course Overview Makeup Exams Makeups will only be given in case of a documented scheduled con ict such as a religious holiday or required participation in a universitysanctioned event In case of a scheduled con ict on an exam date you must submit documentation at least a week in advance of exam day Absence from an exam for any other reason including illnesses family obligations job interviews and other unexpected events will result in a grade of 0 for that exam Remember that your lowest exam grade will be dropped Course Overview Course Grading Three course components 2 Activities Activities can happen any time Some activities are easy and some are more tricky Activities are a measure of both participation and attendance Activities will account for 10 of your grade You must complete 100 ofthe inclass activities in order to receive full credit 14 25 of a point on your nal grade will be awarded for every 5 of inclass activities completed above 100 Extra activity points may be awarded to students who make outstanding contributions to the class in the form of thoughtful questions insightful comments and consistent class engagement Course Overview Course Grading Three course components 3 Research Education Experiencing research is the only way to understand it You must complete 14 research participation credits Eight credits must be from inlab experiments 6 or fewer credits may be earned from online experiments Each credit represents 30 minutes of participation Research participation accounts for 5 of your nal grade Extra HPR credit may become available If so I ll announce it in class Course Overview Course Grading Three course components 3 Research Education You will need to create an HPR account httppsychologymsueduHPRSystem If you created an account before Jan 14 you may need to create a new account Labbased studies will be available starting Jan 14th Online studies will be available in later in the semester 500pm on April 26th is the deadline for completing this requirement Course Overview Course Grading Three course components 3 Research Education Check your HPR account Ifthere is a problem with your account it is easier to x it before grades are submitted Ifyour HPR total is wrong and I have to change your grade due to an error or oversight on your part then you HPR grade will be penaHzed Errors on the system side by experimenters or anyone else will not result in a penalty Course Overview Notes about Research Education Research education is required but research participation is not Students under 18 are ineligible for the research subject pool Timing is key Begin your research participation ASAP Choice in experiments Schedang Avoid the endof semester mess Ifyou have any questions you should refer them to Leslie Baldwin She is the lord and master of all things researchrelated Questions about online registration Leslie Questions about missing credits Leslie Questions about anything else Leslie lbaldwinmsuedu Room 262 ofthe Psychology Building Course Overview Research Consent and the Magic of Being 18 Years Old Eighteen is the age of consent and legal adulthood fyou are under 18 please notify me Also contact the HPR coordinator Leslie Baldwin fyou are under 18 then you will be asked to complete an alternative research program in order to ful ll your research education requirement fyou have any questions you should refer them to Leslie The Research Alternative fyou are unwilling or unable to participate in experiments you must complete an intensive term paper in order to ful ll the research education component ofthis course If you plan to pursue this option you must notify the me ASAP Course Overview Course Grades Grading scale 90100 8589 8084 7579 7074 6569 6064 5559 lt 54 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 05 00 Some quick math Research Education 05 Activities 10 15 This means that you will do poorly in my class if you don t attend lecture and do your research requirement Course Overview Assistance to those in need Academic Assistance You are expected to perform at a high college level Even if your high school education did not fully prepare you for this expectation there are resources to help you catch up or even getahead StudentAthlete Development Center wwwsassmsuedu The Of ce of Supportive Services ossmsuedu Campus Writing Center writingmsuedu Learning Resources Center lrcmsuedu Course Overview Assistance to those in need Special Needs fyou have special needs or are entitled to accommodations please let me know as soon as possible Disorders and disabilities are stigmatized but you shouldn t let your feelings or the opinions of others prevent you from giving your best effort to this class Get in contact with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities RCPD if you think that you might qualify for accommodations call 8847273 voice 3551293 TTY or visit httprcpdmsuedu It is your responsibility to make arrangements with the RCPD Course Overview The Honor s Option There is an Honor s Option for this course for qualifying students Contact the TA by January 16th if you are interested The Assignment Identify two movies depicting a person with a psychological disorder or neurological problem movies must be approved Research the depicted disorder and watch the movies Write a 35 page paper for each movie that Identi es and brie y discusses the disorderproblem Discusses how the movie succeeds andor fails at depicting a person suffering from a psychological condition Discusses ifhow the movie could affect attitudes toward the disorderproblem depicted in the lm You must complete the assignment turn it in to the TA and earn at least a 30 in the course in order to receive honors credit Course Overview The Honor s Option Do s and Don ts Do Use a normal font Double space Cite your sources Put your name on every page ofthe paper Number your pages Don t Don t write a paper shorter than 3 pages Don t write a paper longer than 5 pages Forget to touch on the three main directions for the paper Course Overview Course Policies Respect amp Technology Turn off you ringer and vibration too if it s loud Use your laptop tablets and smart phones responsibly DO Take notes Look up termsde nitions DON T Play games Write emails or instant message Use social networks Facebook Twitter etc Browse the internet Course Overview Course Policies Respect amp Technology Ifyou can t resist the DON Ts please take a seat in the back ofthe classroom and laugh as quietly as you can while you look at pictures of cats Course Overview Course Policies Disturbances Disturbances are unacceptable You will be asked to leave the class You will be subject to disciplinary action Attendance You are expected to attend class Attendance is not graded but you will miss activities which DO contribute to your nal grade Academic Honesty Don t cheat Seriously only really bad things can happen Course Overview igtClicker You need a clicker in this course There are instructions on your syllabus for setting up your clicker Clicker questions cannot be made up Clicker Do s Do bring your clicker to class Do keep a spare battery Clicker Don ts Don t use someone else s clicker that s cheating Don t ask me for a battery Free clickers ASMSU 307 Student Services Building Deposit Required they ran out of clickers in 48 hours last semester Course Overview Questions During class During break After class Via email nolesmsuedu Right now Quick Hits We will have a short break in the middle of each class We are going to try out Desire2Learn httpsd2lmsuedu instead of ANGEL Slides will be posted on D2L after lecture Yes I m going to lecture today Course Overview What is Psychology PhYSiOIOEY Biopsychosocial Approach Neuroscience Computer Science Ph osophy Mathematics Psychoanalysis Pharmacology Pu ppeteering Acting Engineering Subterfuge Writing Biological In uences Psychological In uences Socialcultural In uences Cou rse Overview The Prehistory of Psychology Trepanning Cou rse Overview The Prehistory of Psychology The Seat of the Soul Cou rse Overview The History of Psychology Wundt Set up the rst proper lab studying psychology Cou rse Overview The History of Psychology Titchener Structuralism the idea that the mind consists of basic elemental parts eg like atomic structure lntrospection selfreflective exploration of the mind by experiencing and then noting your phenomenology Weakness Inconsistent and intellectually demanding Psychology The Scienti c Method Data Collection and Research Design


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