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Verbal, Intercul or Gender Com

by: Geraldine Johns

Verbal, Intercul or Gender Com COM 391

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Communication > COM 391 > Verbal Intercul or Gender Com
Geraldine Johns
GPA 3.85

Keri Morrison

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About this Document

Keri Morrison
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geraldine Johns on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 391 at Michigan State University taught by Keri Morrison in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/207570/com-391-michigan-state-university in Communication at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Gendered media exam3 3302011 31700 PM Why it s important to examine gender and media Media reflect cultural values amp ideals about gender Media prescribe cultural views of gender Media are gatekeeperspeople that open the gate Media saturation We are saturated by media in our culture Tv film radio internet Magazines billboards news paper Television are in more than 99 of us households MTV is the number one cables networks for 1224 years old According to Kaiser family foundation 2010 statistics kids between the ages of 818 spend an average of 7 hours 38 minutes using entertainment media across a typical day media multiO tasking That is more than 53 hours per work Theories of media effect Minimal effects 0 Somewhat of selective exposure 0 Selective retention retain information about attitude beliefs 0 Media will have an minimal effect on us Uses and gratification Agenda setting 0 Oprah 0 Shape guide frame our differences Cultivation theory 0 Media cultivates a distorted perception of reality Themes in the media Underrepresentation of certain groups Minorities Elderly Women LGBTQ community Stereotypical portrayals of men 0 Men as aggressive active amp dominant 0 Not seen involve with family caring or nurturing o Stereotypical portrayals of women 0 Young thin attractive and passive 0 Good vs bad women or girls Implications of media representation o Fostering unrealistic amp limited gender ideals o Influences feeling about self amp relationships o Link bt dissatisfaction amp emotional problems eating disorders amp cosmetic surgery o Pathologizing the human body 0 When normal parts and functions are viewed as abnormal amp undesirable o PMS menopause body hair wrinkles muscularity o Creates markets for products Missed April 6 slides 41111 Component of enlightened sexism o Anxiety women are getting to close o Objectification women faces and boys in term of not aging o Duality of sexuality female they exploit people o Division of women age race class o Consumerism you can buy things o Irony watching shows with a smile Explosions of the 3 Ms o Make over shows o Matchmaking shows o Modeling shows o Women become willing participants in their own objectification Divisiveness o Enlightened sexism divides women by 0 Age 0 Class 0 Race 0 Sexual orientation Pulled in opposing directions o Girls and women are pulled in opposing directions of wanting serious success amp respect but also wanting acceptance approval amp love o Want poweramp dread power Myth of superwoman o It is because women no longer have to exhibit feminine personality traits that they are required to exhibit hyperfeminine physical traits II Governmental erosion of women s rights o Us has flimsiest support network for mothers and children of any industrialized country c Estimated 19 million women are assaulted each year by husband or boyfriend o Nearly 18 of women have been the victim of a completed or attempted rape o Pay gap 53 cents on the dollar to 75 cents varies by race age o Majority of children in poverty are single women households Implication o Media offer images of female power while eroding female self esteem Creates the belief and fear that once women have power they become evil amp unloved thus you can t have it all Pipher workshiping the gods of thinness Description of bulimia o Is the most common eating disorders in young women o Occurring in as much as 15 of college age women Is an addiction to the urge to binge amp purge Fuctions as a temporary stress reducer like a drug with women bingeing to relax Food is the narcotic Unlike other addicts they can t avoid their drug Women experience themselves as impulsive and out of control They are more vulnerable to alcoholism Bulimic women come in all shapes and sizes Characteristics of bulimia o Red eyes scar on fingers exhaustion Avoiding social food occasions Loss of enamel on teeth Esophageal tears GI tract problems Electrolytic imbalances Personality changes 0 Secretive depressed irritable withdrawn Risk categories for bulimia o College girls disease o Develops in later adolescne 0 Women who make a living or have an identity based on being thinsimilar to anorexia Similarities between anorexia and bulimia o Both groups of women can be described as oversocialized to the feminine role 0 Ultimate people pleasers o Attractive wit good social skills 0 Often the homecoming queens cheerleaders straighta students o Both affect women who have images dependent on thinness Description of anorexia o Progressive starvation constant hunger o Weight becomes their alldefining attribute 0 Life is reduce to the issue of weight o Once entrenched anorexia is among the most difficult disorders to treat o Has the highest fatality rate of all psychiatrics illness o Less prevalent than bulimia and compulsive eating Characteristics of anorexia o Physical symptoms of starvation distended bellies dull brittle hair weak o Lanugo develops o More vulnerable to infections o Trouble sleeping o Menstruation ceases o Depressed irritable apathetic obsessed Risk categories for anorexia o Often begins in early adolescence junior high with dieting teasing as a trigger o Perfectionists with a high degree of control o Often occurs in overachieving quotgood girls Description of compulsive eating o Frequent binges without purging o Accompanied by intense feeling of shame guilt amp disgust o Often begins on late adolescence or early 20s Characteristics of compulsive eating o mouthhungry eaters as opposed to stomach hungry eaters o eating becomes a way to deal with feeling so they eat to cope o food is used as a drug 0 to comfort amp nurture o dulling their emotional pain risk categories for compulsive eating o women who are caretakers and nurturers o good at caring for others have trouble taking care of their own needs 0 often young women with a history of dieting O o hardworking people pleasers c not limited to the middle class o sexual abuse as a trigger soft armor 3 reasons for increased pressure to be thin c we have moved from primary to secondary relationships o media constanly portrays desirable women as thin o women are growing heavier yet models and beautiful women are getting thinner The Adonis complex o The secret crisis of male body obsession Credentials of authors o Dr Pope professor of psychiatry dr olivardia clinical fellow in psychology at Harvard medical school o Dr Phillips associate professor of psychiatry brown university school of medicine Defining the Adonis complex o An array or variety of body image concerns for boys and men o Concerns are secrets unrevealed to others o Can range from manageable dissatisfactions to fullblown psychiatric body image disorders o It is not just about muscle Media messages o Society tells men that now more than ever their bodies define who they are as men o Media feed them unattainable images of the super male as standard Response to media o This is met by anxiety and humiliation from boys and men o This humiliation is turned inward and not talked about Prevalence o Similar to bulimic women you may not recognize the boys and men who suffer from this based on their outward appearance o Affects men of different classes races and backgrounds o Affects both gay and straight men The double bind of male body image o On one hand surrounded by media images of masculinity perfection and messages from the bodyimage industry 0 Foodamp diet supplements 0 Fitness programs 0 Hair growth remedies etc Doublebind o Men are restricted by the societal taboo against expressing their feelings of inadequacy o Note how this exemplifies how rigidly men are socialized in terms of masculinity Similarities to eating disorders o Research indicates that men with muscle dysmorphia are similar to men and women who suffer from anorexia o Both groups risk physical destruction o Obsessions drive them to repetitive behavior or compulsions 41811 Sources of the obsession o A genetic biologically based component an inherited chemical predisposition to develop obsessive compulsive symptoms o A psychological component one s experiences growing up such as being teased o Media messages about male body image 0 What we see on tv is what we expect is normal Statistics o 1997 study indicated that 45 of American men were dissatisfied with their muscle tone o This number is almost double the percentage found in the same survey in 1972 Other facts about Adonis o Seems to be less prevalent in older men who grew up at a different time in terms of fitness technology and male images c There is a discrepancy between what women want and what men think women want regarding ideal male body image 0 Female perceptions are 1520 pounds Less muscular Facts about steroids o The longer steroids are consumed the greater the danger to the body o Steroids decrease the proportion of good cholesterol relative to bad cholesterol thus speeding up a hardening of the arteries Wood gender power amp violence Gendered violence o Physical verbal emotional sexual amp visual brutality that is inflicted disproportionately or exclusively on members of one sex o It is pervasive throughout the world o Based on needs for power and control o Emerges from anger and desire to dominate other person Continuum of gendered violence o Gender intimidation 0 Results when member of one sex are treated in ways that make them feel humiliated unsafe inferior or vulnerable 0 Women holds key for safety 0 It constrains social freedom o Ipv and sexual assault o Genital mutilation o Genderbased murder Marshall s severity of violence scale o Symbolic violence 0 A violent act that does not involved the other person o Threats of violencevoice o Acts of violencehits o Sexual aggression o Unwanted sex acts Article introduction o Opens by drawing link between romance narratives and interview narratives from perpetrators amp recipients of ipv o Display themes of blame amp how things are suppose to be Theme of chapter o Ipv reflects embodies and reproduces codes of masculinity and femininity and gendered narratives of heterosexual romance that are deeply woven into culture Shared gender ideology o It is natural for men to dominate women o It is natural for women to defer and remain loyal to men who harm them o Ipv is justifiable women accept it to preserve the relationship What is ipv o Consensus that ipv includes physical assaults beyond that there is not much agreement o Broad definitions include verbal aggression psychological abuse economic control physical assault amp sexual violence Why physical violence is the defining element o Most severe amp dramatic kind of aggression draws attention o It exceeds amp often encompasses other kinds of violence o More easily defined amp measured Who is affected by ipv o Ipv cuts across race ethnicity sexual orientation amp economic class o Also cuts across religion o Also affects younger dating relationship 1418 years old 0 1239 victim ipv statistic o 2850 of women suffer ipv o only 25 of physical assaults are reported o 25 of women 30 of men regard violence as normal amp even positive aspect of marriage Gendered division of labor o Women are largely responsible for unpaid housework and care work o Fulltime housewives have higher rates of anxiety depression amp discontent o Exposure to toxic cleaning compounds Health risks amp benefits of women employment o Employed women enjoy better mental health than unemployed o Masculinity professions laws medicine university teaching and business have seen culture changes but not work load o Poor and single mothers carry additional burdens from stress Men health o Men more likely to die of heart disease but heart disease also is major cause of death for women o Men also die more readily from homicide suicide hiv and drug and alcohol abuse o Link to masculinity identity roles and socialization Masculinity amp heart disease o Type A behavior 0 Do more in less time o Impoverished social networks 0 Toughness detachment control and sucking it up o Pro health care 0 Unwillingness or inability to seek help Us health care system c Health care system is stratified along races and class lines o Health care is commodity provided to those affording it o Us health status ranks low compared to other countries Our bodies ourselves o Prompted by social movement of 1960 legislation and the pill allowing women to flood the work force o 1969 Boston women health book collective o take back knowledge amp control over bodies from medical professionals gender and the aids pandemic o poor women of color are the most vulnerable o prevention programs focus on individuals behavior and education abc program Criticisms of ABC program o Abstinence assumes women have control over when they have sex o Being faithful to an unfaithful and or infected partner doesn t protect women o Women can t control men s condom use Gender and organizational comm Intro o For many of us our work is our most time consuming activity o Americans are working longer hours on the job compared to the time spent at work three decades ago Job satisfaction c When asked what makes their jobs enjoyable most employed persons men and women alike say that the relationships with the people they work with make the most difference between job satisfaction and dissatisfaction Being taken seriously o Expectation still exists that men work out of necessity o Women work outside the home for o Mere distraction o A supplemental income 0 An interim activity before family Interviewing o Handshake index 0 Strength vigor completeness of grip and duration o Women and men with higher indexes communicated more favorable 1St impression open to experience amp extroverted o Women more likely to be asked leading question that force you into a no win response o Illegal question 0 Marital status parental status 0 Race age religion disabilities 0 Sexual orientation 3302011 31700 PM


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