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Applied Comm Res I

by: Geraldine Johns

Applied Comm Res I COM 800

Geraldine Johns
GPA 3.85


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Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geraldine Johns on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 800 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/207578/com-800-michigan-state-university in Communication at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
MIBHIGIIN FA RM BUREAU October 30 1991 Vol 74 No 1B Global Climate Change meaty he higher energy prices that would ac company measures to limit greenhouse ssions would severely nlYect farmers and ranchers According to an analysis by the farm um 24 percent ii the equi OCent scenario comes from estimates The AFBF analysis used both call ing them the lo ner price increase sce nario and the high increase scenario The hit h energy increase scenario has the potential for caustn an cconomi own turn in the agricultural sector that would patair hr the experience of the mitHQBOsquot notes Terry ancl an AFBF senior economist Farm income would be sliced and land prices would fall causing another minido pressionquot in the arm sector Francl says In and jeopardize arm loan and mortgage repay ments The low39 energy price scenario would be less drastic he says but would probably induce stagnation in t e farm sector character izcd by low pro ts and slowly declining land prices over an extende e it Under hath scenarios the nation would see increased consolidation ttlagricultutal production Smallerscale farmers because of higher production costs would be orced to sell in largerstale producers Younger farm ets or those who have taken on debt would probably nd themselves in an unpro table bushel breaking me soybeans to maturity Fifteen growers unite to form Michigan Apple Packers Cooperative t s a problem every er may one 39 lace What do you do if turequot says Francl coming outdated and r s l by commodity While the increase by pereent age of a licent hike in fuel costs or wheat and cotton is Similar around 15 percent it translates into a 729peracrc increase in pro equipment Lr so high you have to look for other ways to get the iob done increase or cotton For hog producers an increase in produc dilentma 15 hpple grim ers faced two years ago relatlvely small 19 and 105 perctnt lor the two scenarios However that translates into 39l IPnFmL mg on the fuel price hike quotLivestock cede s and dairy farmets operate on avery thin marginquot explains II I i 39 m A Francl Relatively r I ridge that lines northern Kent County Their snlu rui c Cooperative pooling their resouch 0 build a their production to Operate it 39 is L to bulld a new stateofrheart facility MlClllGAN il l il PACKERS 00 e2 out ye i owe the best Steffcns added 39 39 anything that s nutdatc and this was the best norms Un witw 39lluyiun MMMEIN Mui es 6M an Mani no on mm tutu umimiw mi in aimth v N39 39 39 nvzxn Uri 1 74 million 39 Ah Warni temperatures help crops mature for record yields Ealhcl wom39es subsided somewhat for Michigan farmers in early October when vrarnt temperatures prevailed helping moot eld crops reach maturity levels By now Michigan39s record soybean harvest is complete Soybean production at 74 million bush els surpassed the 1995 record high The yield aver aged 39 bushels per acre up 10 Shusltels from the previous year This year39s crop is estimated to be over 55 percent above 1996 On the other hand US so produciion ms kirecast at 272 billion hushels down slightly from the September 1 forecast bu 14 percent above the 1996 production Dry bun yield averaged approximately 1630 pounds pct acre according to the Michigan Ag Smusl lcs Service MASS which was a 10 percent increase from 1996 attentions 39 lampened the dry bean yteld prospectsquot ex plained MFB Fit 1 Crops Manager Bob Boehm Tht39y ar 1 um navres The recent weather pattern dramatically irnpnivctl the quality of lalL Fh Wc SlCd beans v t l bushel per yarto make this thing yquot explained L quot 39 39 L however i in team L 39 4 oopemttve 39 J 39 r quot L m n lion bushel he etplaineti corn crop The 2 million 42905qtrareftitit lactlityatn Washington state 39 The delay in t 39 39 L A 39 Mammothyd L 39 39 39 L L repeat to the i992 disaster olhigh moisture and to hincmin V hmn hanrlllnn l 39 low test weight lfyou39re putting in something new you want ct irrirtn lino News In Brief Duydt named 1997 Conservationist of Capitol Corner the Year Z need to know Mquot mnduned 1n Market Outlook Anniversary at aean WamrActspurs EPA to push ferroughar regulations 11 Highwesldua farming suns at harvest me Weather Outlook Sell products and servtces in the M c an Farm News classrfteds Page 14 October mutton Commltmtms m agriculture There L sitting ppimll n lty labor ttntuns 30 1997 l B i uuthnnty Ldllll 39 39 it man nttt m t39ttrcntn husntwt s Unit llululclyt these Itlxtr Linti MSUAg Tourism Conference set for November 1 39 tvut ml in man t n tutptt but tlmntv tit t thu ln Fm ml immune lxtse agreements a nmnt tll tum lIIIn nttctnatttmal tnltlu ii gt ting tn Ittppttt tvtth 0r titth outl pumrtpitttmt within the LS accnnnt 39 I a u t w From the Pnsideni gtlurett1 uurgnml tntJ str ib 5 UCLN 5539 in i nlIr Ren l39he l39m us will lit on gelnng peonlc Hi Just about anything a person nectlx to know t nltm mitn 39m 39 the long term will ht talked about at this confer ence Mnhnney said The tmgtuni contains three tracts getting 39 39 rerinn 1 m 39 39 39 39llth inferencetwill thutv MiL39lIY nB httw market fur a product or olicmd experience and guttleltnrs un staying in ltustncss and remaining pro table Fasttrack trading authori goo form write to Mtt htgan Ag St NR Tourism Confer in it nu K v t v I quotsudl tlmrtlhln for afrtculture m Tounst Councll 2300 900 for you Pint tnttr rm 4 39 Furntmc I 5 information quot 39 MU tit hL ittturt pmsptntv of U S ugnt39ulr 39 run The lugisllltu tnuttntt ttttmttmttt the BlLtfih urldpmdl iun5hnn lsinkrynz CRP Signup under way tutltttnt 2 vuuld tnthurrc the prttsidenl tnd innin giomaw 39 39 39 itlttnntxtmttutts tn begin ncvt trttl talk or neguur utldttl products quot L 39 L 39 39 39 quot1W 39 39 quotsaidAgrt cul agreements wtth ttther HAUUIIV WW 1997 r 39 I a 39 inlrv reregjtm I L l ni lhr world The casts of 39 L 7 de ugmcmcms m nugmmd Once a nude mminn ant Itttzh Titt innup 39 39 it term inn nu mrmm 39 tt nf n f39lll 39 39 39 m rmquot ttt l p wytinw 4 I F39m39nP in the Ia ttg pm l t t H V 39 it 39 39 We were rather rushedquot in the last signup disapprm e it in its entirety 39 39 quot Iil kmqn qtd 39 quot 39 L Today rtture 39 t furIlS mm mm L r quot than II quotquot J L quotrentquotpaL 39 39 mmnrr 39 39 quot 39 authontng fasttruck negotiating tuthcrily for the tolls good iubs paying I346 percent more than d I a Fmquot t L ym not get the information and technical assistance that they neededquot w rquot ORGAN ZAI IONIL BRIEFS quot unoqun m Farm nnmn radc we L 39 39 Volunteers needed for Traverse City outreach h I Gm v t n uu quotIn mm m I I M M I L I I stalled I mumn ml vat ttm for U 5 Agricultural exports lion new mth than all the other G countries mquot mm in I Mm t t t t 4 t I quotmquot m m I u me Dec quot rlllant qt 8me Pm V 39 I 39 WL 39 quotUndctstanding man at MFE 800 2922680 at 3206 T WM v m quot W Michigan Farm Bureau offering scholarships I V t 3 r e llll trade negottntttmt has failed wadhm tn the Sincerely I n L pnnmttns Mle lly m l lmdt agtccmmts with H n quotm the Unllt d Sunsottm mummi ed wligill m m quot I Ensure that countries taming the Wurltl Trade an laurie Presnient mh pmg m I le39l mduale degr e L Farmeran r ntmt 39 a quott 39 t I ments l The applicant should have ascholastic average I 1 L Postal regulations lemme that we prim these statements annually nwmmwmutmtnvtemmot nowum mi lywhen lly a l 13MB grimd Ii lllwk wmllmlmbln WNW film MIL 7373 was kwly unnuMlmlganuMlebvx mumstsntwwutvmmu Mlchia39ln rm nanu quotgullnmtnm wantont transcription has mlndium lnguknlgm mmm quotmmmmmmmMumwuMMdmmpunm nmmmmmm has 11 Midiplquot iaml NM SWING9551 Jun And In San mnmmwmmdmmammmhmmummnmmmmomam nmmmumammm mammmmwwmmmonta mmmmmmnm 4 u tunas win maximum mum msmwmmnmwoummnmm um wmgmmmwmm minerlg awn Farm Bureau membership lain nmaga af Michigtn Farm Bureau39s Pttxnotion 39 171 z Michigan State University mmpletedbythe Dec 1 1997 datiline I n 3 Capitol Corner Fasttrack legislation r 139 October 30 1997 Oil and gas lease postproduction cost Billsl39lll 526i and it B SZCZS1UILUY dh Lamv it in lm truth in en NJ 5261 ins 1i it rain who has entered into a gas lease as t u i i m t i in an unit the lease explicitly zilltiws for the Lle duL liOn ui costs 7 l ine pie quIt in 39 39 v pniirid u mt deduction S A l rtivule the lessor mill detailed inlurma 3 Prior to assessing any ptittpriidurtirm costs provide the lessor in writing with a an 5161 nquim A ersun whri has entered into a gas lease a it lessee shall provide the lessor wttli month 1904 v 1 E110 h L 39 nu Trude a quot quotL i r t iimt 39 l i i l pimit iu nn itum name nithc purchaser r r n kemhat Amenran farmers tuuld utherwtse su l On Oct 8 39 39 39 lhr l39l Pm 39 0 quot 39 39 frumthclt39ssor39s uy i Mitlr nl in la 39 39 39 tin negotiations Congreae and interat groups are kept i Representatives The committee included the above a y39 In addition the bill requires that hi lesser i would r 3 Transportation rests alter the paint of wu 39 J nnnqlliliar A contract with a certi ed public accountant or 39 The aud39t malrvinnm 39 I g r r 39 m L line system owned by a gas distribution the lessee or operations Ml the leased property 39 L Lultlpully u a quot x I V t i wt L t uuiiatrrut t L t r t tratll aurrvmmt In men Dc 1 I Theaud m39 x 39 39 I 3 mm charged by the pipeline system have been audited property 39 J F Irm Bureau insisted the language dlrm the president in I Reduce or eliminate foreign tariffs or other pm US agricultural exports ket pl ln umllts iir unfairly dlSiOi l agriculture pm in 39n it the sayheari imp f l7 permit at the poultry production L L I 7 minm nl lh approved by the PSC or if the rates 39 1 mml n Ihelrwatinn ili Man other pertinent latttirs 15a pmm l i x L MFB Position Farm Bureau supports both HB52613ml HB 5262 These bills maybe future Farm Bureau redummends members Slti and summit n c in 1991 Michiganranked 1am amongaii 50 t 1 lessee shall do britli oi the following A l L 39 H3 5262 MFB Contact Scott Everett ext m6 u n inn L mm mm Study shows stronger CID and mad cow link iniv 39 39 gt 39 J 4 39 39 r tlqulnrinn I ni trlr w a r i u r L 39 39 inmwen li Viwt39inlvnmlmi 39 I r t i L 39 39 r m 7 39 39 rwirrl i n n unuth 439 39 I Fm I I39 e 1 39 I l i 39L Adam 39 V V I stnttlunsthatarennlbasud an mundaClL ilCE mm lllL irViiiaSt L L 39 39 rm iiin STATE Electric restructuring and deregulation Methyl bromide bill introduced in House R m 39 SrinOt39t H199 tn the Ctirnrnittee on Piihlic Utilitiis it was referred shop the market for ronipetitive rates MFB Position Require that all mull custom m 7015 t Passengers in the back of a pickup en lruC inni 751 39 39 Tun t1rv emervenrv n mri 39 partau on Committee SlmCliUl L t 4 UL ageol quot l L I an quotIR Meat inspection f repeal rltirerl R 39 l tee on Oct 9 that slaughtcrand prom impersonal usewhezethe 39 A r l 39 nanth t M MFB Position Neutral tiervids tleeranrl elk raru tes 05de and emu and if m 7041 1 i Prescribed burning m ernml H n init L39 39 Senate and Natural Resources Committee tween i imposed burn ara oirmzr 40 acres r y in a cuunrywherc the prescribed liurn is to omit 113 i019 m min sure Firearm deer hunting un 39 39 39 whith tihv the Natural R lll39t Commission in pLTmll deer MFB Contact Scott Everetrext 2046 L 4 Dan Miller mind nninrilallmtiiin 39 x 39 llFla mil Gary Condit DCalil Liam agave tolian methyl hnmiirleon a set date I MICHIGAN FARM Serving Michigan farm famllles Is our only buslness RADIO NETWORK dedication ince its beginning in 1971 Midtigan Farm Radio Network s only objective has been to serve Michigan39s farm families Thi 30 1997 October Fifteen growers unite to Michigan s harvest 4 lit Otplumc d form Michigan Apple Packers Cooperative awed quotm 3991 quotm rolls along with record 39 r39 l l39ulurmncr 39l39m39crse Citylmcd Welds 39 Nlll1hBIlPmduCC werennlsenlnganyming Continued from a p will liverage 11 bushels per acre an Increase of Moquot Slt39lTL39m nd hurt we ul luck it right nr 1wquot Steffen suid 39 v 39 19 bushels from X996 That compares 0 U S billion is lulwn it Applt Mill nun no lllc39ak39 to l pruhcl lmI and than i rr r r r i urln 7 l l H 39 39 l munnon inn ushels 1H l i l n r I L l H up fractionally from 1996 the third highest corn t L I r I l In X39 39 r r Vlulnc39ll KL39n Ni39u rtrrcrmr ul illm Conmluduv mtl Innmmrm rally Gunther welds 39crc untried to amass 39 1 l l L 39 Stu unsttinclud 5 ushelwer utl our in r ulluuuc m lit triple pitting intone they 2 ell H 39 mc39nl l lulu 39 quot Global climate change trea LIU your that 39 Continued from production min result in very significant chang Ca in the resulting pro ts quot An analysis aim commodities illustrate the impact ofhighcr energy unm Com PHXJUL39UDH L39USI would rise 155 percent quot e riotlndilT per cerium Rctums or net rli ll l1lprxlcc 7 would he cut by ll 516 crccnl respccuicl 39 beans Production costs would nsc 157 pcrutnt under ha quotlowquot ncrense sccnnno unll enr under the high scenario Relu s 39 E F tn pl39rlduccn would be cut liy 105 and Zl per t39cnr respectively Wheat Production ms would 5 154 rtr will under the low 39 mucu scenario md zo purcum llndt39rlllL higli39 mmmn lie turn to producch uuuld he cut lry 250 and VJ percent rubp l m t39 y I Hogs Pmlucl39 it costs 39nud rise 19 ltncnl ulldtl the l0quot HIKTL IIK39 scenario and 1 pertem under the quotIugh39 sccnllriu Rclurlh ru prtulut cn would lie Cut by 40 rind 943 per m l1 mml under the quotlowquot in asc scenario and 75 per cent under lhv quothlgh39 cennrio Returns to pm 39 L 39 1 percent tionnelted and Sale 35c per minute for all instate calls I 9c4per niiliiitli fur all calls anywhere else in the United States 24 hours a day 7 Charges are based on sixsecond increments if you talk for unexminute and six seconds you pay for one minute and six seconds not for two minutes as you would with some other companies Dialone service with easy access Free calling cards Personal EGOnumbers are available Low monthly access fee of 50 n President Rob Steffen explain how the mar here they Slmply fall d chine sorts the apples based on the color levy rhrou hart ma 9 their way to me cider lmll ill Foam 3urEau illllll llllllll Cash in on longdistance savings with The Farm Bureau Connection I respectively 39 LETTER OF AGENCY bkle nun 39 ll rrlnuw tlid rlur Ilium dink ln39 1 krugdnunclsscrvltes and museum bung pnmtllu In W Farm numummmmrw Slyy39ulurt39 an Mme mic lclepirunulsi l l l l siner mums CutSlutt39r ljp cumin Nimr For our on Only umc sanlluncr luv mm Hr lul we be thalxs llwmnrlml inhumanimminent Michi an Farm Bureau Membership Services Department PO Box 30960 Lansing MI 489099934 a 4 Where Btlollaillalldulni trm THE STATES LARGBT GENERAL FARM ORGANIZATION MICHIGAN FARM BUREAU 39 I39urv val pack fur hiring The rst in a renes ofarricles to dear same any farming openiitmu could not survch mthout hiring outside lithtir 7 one employee or i many it t c rules regarding the bHMC tmployment of individuals remains the same quotTwo Neutral premises to untlcmantl are the concept of tri permit or suffer toivorir and lion writ law um C nlaln t diiierent de nition of Tannin 2 explains Craig Anderson Regulatory Compliance s cc Program manager In die hroatlust the law de nes employment as to pcmiit LVi su person to work it real terms this nitans any person whiidoei any work regardless il there is any payment for that work mn be cons dLTttl an employee Under this structure the casual help for haying rind caretak October 30 1997 rm Hiring employees Here s what you ll eed to know ifications pronried for tn the requirements many attorneys recommend you srmply pm them all reptir l s eh pawhlc exemption because of the dif culty in maintaining the exemptions dilnl lg quotuncrgency conditions that an likely in occur in typical fttrming operations A nvrrpanel poster pick including all 17 postings is available front the Regu Litury Compliance ASNiSlZlnkE inani RCA 5 In t recorde ng 39 e any Sl lulliryani regulatory rc cunlktxp inp requirements applicable to farm oper ations From an employee standpoint thesu art the minimum records UL39CL SDNI39Y regarding the pennn a Name in full as used for Social Security 39p code u Home a e Date of binh if under 19 d K under 16 1 Name in full t t 39rirrmhr thi hen illg nnnmrr39mt A pemianent address ctiinex39an issue when t is injured while not an quot 3 Date of birth V r l 1 y r r 4gt n 1 r 39 39 in pirhnrzw A 39 39 39 L consent the pmdeiti path 0 follow is every pair of hands gen WNWquot 19 process is completed 5 Keep the minor employee39s aye or 39 eckquot 2 cmpluymcni ccni mtc on le Is lamrlrrg i employees Yrs L m L 39 According to Anderson farming can not he Pmmmquot 39 L t t I V t NW 11 L i it t umt39y tt39irlt llwl lil will 1 I rirrwirlrthtt rtrri L any other produnion laniLS The value contnhuted utmnmnmiinn I l 4 r I L L nIY tgtnt i t r e r I I 3 summitdenim rttent Management beginswitha mi undermini 39 l 39 p 1 39 intltifrlirnir L l titt 39ttn andiftht 39 39 quot r k mttwni inll 39 r L inttt 39tte 4 s Cilnllli tilieiisii39i39 iattttt management ililnr MM Hr tie t t I t M t I AP 1 L FHin 39 ilmi39t try quot 39 l Michigan Farm Butea af liated program by pennn trittipuritimu any ilfkllll your him will he neighbors and friends ploy n mule 39 L l39 D 39 Newhire reporting forms required for all new employees hired since Oct 1 1997 MMIva u lucidnu m In M all support um I f you ve hired any new eiitpluyeci since 0c mm t t A 39 IL I to uni ing to Midnigan Farm Bureau Labor Specialist Hum inl I intended to accomplish seietal things The obiectiye at rite NewHire RL pIJl b mg Program quite frankly rs to nd penpie that may he abusing the system Kelly said quotSome of them might one child support and the start will do a match with hacklogs of child support payments They wlll also do 3 Min mzm h wtth unemployment compensation llial they might be receiving as well even titnugit they are now a new L39riiployce all a new occiipnun liilunmf not nutn39tetl of tit llElI 5 Kelly etttplnyen new unit tttt It innit L I ment tif39l39reasury irregartlless the NewHire ntiwn as the MlW I u still required tetmacnveiy tut tttt employees hired since Ort Nornrali iiiminim Fttmt compensation amountquot Kelly explained En players can npt 3 meet the ttplli ilng requir im nt through regular mail or electroni tally Kelly 5 ifali illitialr prefer ill i the tcptttn he Cumllltltd eietttttntmu especially y I i t E n n ti t t mt Ll tit tttyti procedure Kelly explained Those interested in the electronic reporting op run are cnmur aged to contact the technical support stailat 8006249846quot r 39m r 4 39n r 39s r 39 whichcan t lnl lll lina ntm r t sion for the nuniher oflttrurs worked or Lite r ing Form Mi W4 Required Information for New Hire Reporting Employer Employee informat n Information l Michigan agricultural land values u Take early precautions now for protectron Tuttuemmumtutmgntttt buildings in Michigan amgedanew hightif against harvest dust and molds summonimminent moerercentabmcthexalue omaycarago Fall harvest always carries the potential for dust rootn silo or b 39 h39 L A L Depending on armniing to the FederalState Michigan Agricultural 1 i 1 ti H r nv a I r Qalkrixcervin 39 r39 39 w 39 y 39 ttntti tn tm 39 39 39 and handled into and out orstorage Watery eyes coughing wheeling and repeated exposure Rtsearch Service of the uson Familand valuecontirr itttttmttntt 1quot k v H 39 39 r L lhrn39u lungs are msst 39quot L t 39 m L 39 39 139 39 L expuutetttd is I r I39 peelmp l DL ttttii fav October 30 1997 Market Outlook by Dr Jim HilkL39f Department a Angulural Eratorn rut Mitmgan State University N timing likt i m quotmill In time right Il har tesi luluquot Himfullr lullg th39 Jntl luvr when IltInItItr nt them it tti x l inc tull h It Illch llll gt39f lull prmnttslt expcttmlunii supply H mm nusmn tight ll it39 mill kL39l glL J L d lnnn the u lli L39IL JKC ui vaw I i H Intime Mieui iiipuns i a I i will it ientlia trlu liushcl It mm In tlmi llw Ami unitII i minlnl Mill Iitt lilWL FKl ILm pt llml liqun St utrnll much risk we will 0 uke bl peaks we my experience The trim Uth re Xirt tnIlIctlul that we not unly l lLH39L39 lexs harm than lllt39 tritlr thiitiuht 39 Scptcnttwrmpun shnwedvnnd nn tnpultliat hm hllwn In Table 3 below 005 of this mean we are on nut my to gust not As slum helm ending stocks 1 a pet 39 L uh pawn This 6 55 We Lire tlcltwring soyme int higher than TL L i r i I l pnintmeni Whlle we know we are in i r I r t int I A m ntM percent next year an i ducnnn incr tn yenr etpnnsitm has been this pnint ye i mm MI tzls for this lull lnok IUSilIVL39 demand dissz pears Where L the Japanese demand or dties the 39 ind Iusi haven t gotten here 3 39 we saw little to iltIt xi ham 39r I L t hm nm mmnim Itunc orthu 23 percent lnrtcrtsi that the Septem me quot39 quot Myhytxitlivsts ml storage 39 39 V I 4 3 quot l t L I Tu In m 1m quotItmnnm Itgttn new mm t i x WM it tuimmi r iluciIrm I lint m wlitett 11m ending stark pmjectinn In tN rennin mmu lhlili nlcitnzite ltuwewr thcfl 199 9tl protectium l ruItitmi pmdumon ms n I sun et Prwo lctl ml use was rtme 23 million bushels Itti ih1i mi Ctiltsldd tunng aver hallnf yriur mytmm numng puniun Spmth between Unlml l Hurlle I t L L unmet11 nnepossiblehitchhereistmmzin k temIIIg liicilitv he USDA On built lntn the markets I Senators question source of E 39 quot ndin AliIII approved liy lltc Senate Entimnment and Puhli nrks Committee tliiit pmnintcs In cennt us 7 rather than gnwrninent regulatmns m lawmakers But smvml swarms have cxptes dl rekmml 01 l thawed the intentury ml feed I I t t IK mi untitled wit mmiit em lwrn 15 million L m nnn39nt 39 manti be munmi llll llt h39ttt 39 39 muu 39 limeenIIImlumn alTJJJlelbeltiw whwmshuwnmuhlumm lgtinumhcls L 39 39 39 4 munvim immiunnmw 394 t H lnhn weremtllt39llIiiilytniliestipplysttle39l39lteUSDA 39 n nunrm immum Raritsz rimiirillIrrmiummmm I 39 I I v 39 quot 39 I 39 L iturumi ut unit u 39 L 39 39 mt 39 1997 llnuw prutLnjngsrx cii sthaiigmemnmireguladomdiat hit ks Ilium ul Nl mtlliun bushels rle 3 5 per 3939lll tithe l nmltm 39 ttrnige imitqu pm irluniund 51 hi 1 me numhers would suggtzt Dartuber iuturm tt Irnund S2 93 Lifter udIusting fur the hints iml sewimht quot run it COMMOD TV PRICE TREN mtth IL39SS mhzlble than for the mm resatbam SOVBEANS W theni tnmn m feed now the Its left tor tare Eventually the l pement dcctnm In the 1996 aileron and the Z J m rm mt hethenmeylmtnmtm rm There Is widespread support for dust new r I 39 ruuintuno in above year ago numbers DS 39Thcte Ls also legitimate concern that the bll ptavldd no assured funding mechnnLtm The senators mired Mines to help them nd the muneybefore ulteth tech 2 Senate oor nra vote I q 3quot k lquot Mgrketbasket pnces N4 1 y m it h w Chm 28 cent 1 f l w u 39 Fm Bureau l39cdmtion39s Market IL m IMquot H w M 39 v bashx Sumy revert an mall 28mm mama K 3 Viquot V M 39LV quotI on food items since last quarter The thixdqtmer if a b r magebdichighcstsmdtcsurveybminlm I l J W F 39 Animate pnid 5292 fur the 16 selea items w M M n ml M 9 during the N31011 It nuuksthfdurdsmightquan ran an In I u a A m 1 an an Many olthc increases this quam could 1 z quota specialist with the American Rum Butau Eden Iquot 1 tion labor Day mint minim it sheets the M p t quoti39 I V quot s dairymlfkclilll anlkol t lhcbcdm l iv va uh I MI W 1 g beameol39lheendnllheprdensason l Mquot a I It more consumer demand Is returned to the storesquot w r me 391 Prices tend tu increase during the yar39s third W n I u 5 quarter Smce I981 prints during that period have m m l w IunIpeIl an awnige 5 cents tin cutie Dec 97 6 w 5o uni Doc quot7 an E Potatoes contributed the meet to the Ram l quot A imamquotan Im rmnnaIsqm a w wm Issu Isa Inn AdamWW 62 M on Award nd 711 195 mm ssn m no summed In 35 1171 115 M Minimum 130 at m mamm un 9233 5312 Imports ts 13 to mainm w 9131 ms 0 reedid use 53a ms Wamu was 169 ms mldonmk w ma non am m 1730 2025 rmiun 3522 ma ms Endlmn z d mi g inn 7 Ill lagullrltm me 5139 ms ms ls 39M tantrum 5m in ms increased 3i cents 0 51 T Miller said the sharp mle mu rL1lntv nl III dlustment mm L15 39 tramt Bacon and ground beef also 51w man s be i pct 12 ems D 5248 Ground bed at 1175 a pound dintbed ll cents Oldie l5 items on thesurvey to increased in price A pound of sirloin fell 13 cents lhc shzlpcst dcdlnc on the sunny 1 1 Duyck named 1997 Conservationist of th any County rm rutiv mm annual am At an Oct 11 cittnittiv liar Cutmn lL fL ihltl the 199 ftiitwmttontstolthu I t t his work mnwmng thy natural rcsittlttcs m lth tlit tIrsll tul hunting operation it noted In the Saginaw Kay natmltvtl In rhu tctund year ttiiltc iwllril i 39L39k was cited by Sunjtnul Gitiigton tRll39 39 I an example for utitm to rtttttnt winn pmrttt mg proper ttcwttrtisttttt itllliu liinil tic ttu t t October 30 1997 lralL lnlcgralctl Put Managcmunt sotl rcsi u trials anti hast management ptquot rs itrr lSl Extension Duyck explained Ourt39ouo F ut 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Groundwater Stewardship Conservation Disrricts l announced hyMDA ihls past mt According to MFB Etwironmuntal Dcv partmcnt Managchch Et guns thc grant wtli ride containers While the locus of the program is on groundwater resources alone It has a uni 9 used In a collaborative Sl lcwldc trutrcavlt ltlllL anti ad rams ihi many uses nithcsu li39ori wtth MDA tlSll Extrusion Nulural Rc tennis ntlutling agricultural turlgrass ull ES Conservation Srrvicc and llu titclti and housuhuld applitattoas said tlDA Dtrcr gun Agrtuttstncss Asrnctntttm t39ht primary tnr Dan Wyant quotSince it hcgnn in was lllL39 focus ht says will he on grotiiulwatur L39tlut39rt Gruundwi r Stcwartlship Program has is t 1 LL tn ttt t H n 1 a hispmkramm to over 46000 Lirmcrs via the illichl39 ll Wondrrlul example of puhli Iml private Since 1990 DSR soybeans have general over 600 mp quotan Farm News on it monthly hasis ttvcr llIL ncxl agunrtus worktng in a Comparative spirit to I 39n 13 11 months ward a common goal 4 39 39 395 A H quotSolutions to groundwater issu itch Local Groundwater Stcwattlslttp Teams I quot as wallhead closings and huflcr Mrlpsr w ll dctcrmtnu local needs apply lm protutt Whig you fe lk39quot9 3281 mladrjgcz39 Boll vduquot Reaij hr compiled to help tauntrs practice grind luntllng and Ensure thr Ennrdln llnli nt lu 0Y a 39339 I P 939quot 5 quot 399 Yquot quot 9 99quot 539 stewardship Edgcns said We also tire guing cal resources to HChIcVL th39 community39s he DSR quotneup dellvars39 to focus on the development of locally based groundwater stewardshtp goals Thu teams I L groundwatrr stewardship tcants thIl wt are made up of pcstll itle and mtrogtn ftzrtil wquotva 1v identiiy local groundwater priorities turd their tzcr users represrntaiivcs from commodity you can obt Tax managementItips MP Kelsey Michigan State University October 30 1997 r I for farmers E onferees approve 40 C million Plant Genome Initiative I997 endo39yaf m p anmng 39 39 4 underch Cun hL ham management guIL lL lmc 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turns heads all season long All ol which is why it s become a very important hybrid or a whole lot of growers Filteen years ago Asgrow made a commitment to build a com line on par with anyone39s Today proprietary hybrids like RXGD I are the result So put Asgrow corn in your lineup Then watch your yield numbers start going up WORKING run you SEED CORN 39Fnr pron ol Asgrnw urn suuess call 18009154545 Axgrow Seed nmpany Des Moines Iowa wwwasgrowxom V October 30 1997 re Legislation expected to address p estproduction cost controversy an Prnmllv inn rim r 139 iurnllinrwnlttheterm mstpnxluttmn L quot39 r L 39 D 39 395 39 39 um lrl recent yams Unfortunately manyol Lhmc K L h Everett says Farm Bureau policy on the issue L llnftrmruwlv nil wt 02 wmhwhem m m 39 39 I wumwi A nnm39mir39 inlIIrn 39 L L 39 39 4 quot Everett asked production costs arcspeci cnlly provided fortvitltin Postproduction tom t39cnrdtngtngas 4 Mirhivnn 39 39 39 Iholmv quotEverettsuid I 39I 39v gt 1er r L 39 L 39 m um mm 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process Data collection will continue through the rst world and help to darify the has about chemial use in agriculture 39 mmai Milan and nmdnri alternatives 39 a rel October 30 1997 Agricultural public policy lllr l illr lnull an in vml hallwrr ri nr quot Policy39lbur in The rnllr L er silcexacll391s prac L L uch hyiarmersquotnnll l i 39llleluul 39 gt i u uu i u i 1 i r L gt4 lbflul rum cnwronrncnull routs l l L face wanr colllanunallun ii lire slurlgl ranks slan l ll in in l Iir slrips eslnhiiihcd They underslmxl the lax issues y 1 39 iliL crlnlmunily while helping rile farmer mime Lile u V u my mmlrumun costs lumiii L n L gmup lilelr liiillJgliun appln alurdusigned m nanvc crops l39hungei occurring in rile sails as a rcsuil of Mir lr39Hl I39t l 39 y Gm hgel Mlnllrn Cli explained llnw he is rhea 39nn m h in m In I F rvl slon or others clearly mans The mur partic ln learn lilal lhere realll39 Il39e inrmcrs whu Miler quaiuv Midlife ral Balms Improving com munlcruions learning lliwur 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quicklyquot slack Specialisl Kevin Kirk working through the L L 39 L lnvenlory will lake several months quot The FDA has 39 39 4 r 39 19qu um Ki riml 1 I 39 l a early 1998quot Kirk pmiecled line number of mule on feed is 16 percent above a year agoquot Compounding the problem says m an haw million head as oiSepl l 1997 up It pertenl from yearago levels Based on USDA39s numbers yearlayout quot a it 913 rm said Slaughter hog prices in l998 are forecast nrmpnrim Countrymark Coop continues working to settle d cers g hedgetoarrive disputes with pro u dressodweiylrs could easilymalch 199439s recordhigh l L inrrhequarlcr earm39eryarinumes in slau ller to be down 1015 percent quot 39 39 39 Arrnrrl L 39 L39 39 Emu iuim 39 39 39 mn 9n addilionallipercenrironlm quothesaid 39 V L 39 39 39 39 r quot mlrrnllrt r 4 On a more positive nolc US beef ex ll Ll surplus supplies For lhe rs lime in 1997 U 5 beef exports in July were higher lo all L l r to beefin 1998 contract issues a 0139 our contacts said Parrcnl quotA courl ailaw any legal challengequot slaled Parrenl in IhP In r in riaw issues were unable to be resolved Counlryrmrk Or major iorcign markers r 39 earlier and a year ago 39 39 hnw Welcome to the Waldy family of products Find out what we stand for sturdy wellbuilt Instead products that quietly perform season In and season out Indianabased we know about sleet and heat manure compared to aywmrljer As 1998 progmrgrs fed we mi 39 H nerrwr and mud all the things that challenge farmers and equip ment alike Our product line are all manufactured with this phi lozophy in mind dedication to details that make a difference products backed up by depend able people and parts inventory to keep you operating Weldy products are available through local dealer dealer inquiries also welcome Billed as quotThe Original Energy Free Waterer Miratount ls Just that Over 180 relnus tromthetwo hole 20 gallon model to the six hole 100 gallon model You are certain to ilnd one that will fit your 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Michigan Farm News Classified REED S INDIAN RIVER GROVES MW R0 Box 209 Wiersdale FL 32195 500 CHICKEN CAGES r This all Will save You my IIIIGKS on IE allalla seed TOLL FREE 14002484575 FAX 14528214919 r a sale One Dime Chooseoumnmm r I rgmswyum u u r tractor Varrous otn I X n g 39 rRedGra fruit errsmqurpmm 0quot BB IE 5 quotII NaveIOrangesggIIFnIgIanamve pe Contact Jack at 51743454292 or Call today to get yourpn ce Ilst and variety description from leave message h Geerslon Seed Farms We have high yielding University Price Include lsao FORD soon P k KISH Tandem axle tested vanettes and top qualtty seed We can sell allalla 3 quot 9 PF39quot ssonp taspeod MemberolFortda Farm ureau puns quotansmsmm seed for less because It comes lrom our farm to yours sasoo HAVEN 330 spray monitor One gar olo 800 TO SAVE 95 Steel Plains all seeds no m SEED FARMS BIG BUCKS as I planter and arm a 800843 03 9O leestock HERITA 15177235575 am DETASSLEquot We also have other lorage crop seed and hybrld corn SAVE 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Laundered durable very comrortable Money back guar a c express toll free 1BOOlt909lt9025 18009683129 3 39Hanubslarfge LOG CABINS Open Year Round Call Toll Free IN THE 1388200 0625 SMOKIES for a FREE color bmchun For Display Advertising Information Call Josh Merchant 8002922680 Ext 6543 Deadline for next issue is Noon November 6 1997 13 Call 1800 9683129 to Place Your w Classified Ad Today or use the coupon below and mail or fax your classified ad to Michigan Farm News Buy LineDaily News P0 Box 6 Stanton Ml 48888 FAX 15178315063 Classified A d Codes 1 Farm Machlnery 10 Work Wanted 20t Wanted To Buy 2 Livestock Equipment 11 Agricultural Services 2t Special Events 3 Farm Commodities 12 Business Services 22 Recreation 4 Seeds 13 Business Opportunities 23 Financing 5 leestock 14 Real Estate 24 Investors Wanted 6 Poultry 15 Real Estate Wanted 25 Building 7 Dogs and Pupples ts Estate Sales 25 Lawn And Garden 8 PoniesHorses 27 Announcnmunls 28 To Give Away 17 Auction 9 Help Wanted 18 Antiqueslcollectlblu 19 General 29 Vehicles Name Phone Address City State Zip Classified Ad Code Requested Number of Issues Desired insertion Dates Method 0 Paymen Check payable to Mlchigan Farm News Classi ed Visa Card Number Exp Date Master Card Number Exp Date Classi ed Rates 8 for up to 24 words 30 cents each additional word Write your ad here including phone number and area code Circulation over 49000 in State of Michigan


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