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U.S. & The World (D)

by: Jeanette Collins

U.S. & The World (D) IAH 201

Jeanette Collins
GPA 3.51

Adam Capitanio

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About this Document

Adam Capitanio
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeanette Collins on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAH 201 at Michigan State University taught by Adam Capitanio in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/207593/iah-201-michigan-state-university in OTHER at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Glossary for the Final Exam Units 8910111214lt1516 Final exam will be worth 200 points One essay question worth 100 points Ten shortanswer de nitionexplanations worth 10 points each Possible essay question themes 0 Role ofthe news media in globalization 0 Music as a form of soft power 0 Debate over beauty culture and cosmetics o Cosmoglobal brandlack ofdiversityis this a standardized notion of beautywestern standard 0 Skin lighteners middle eastern fad western beauty standard Helpful or harmful to women in south Asia 0 clash of capital and culture especially in sports 0 LaFeberMJ bookrelationship between celebritymarketing globalization of sportslabor Ethnoscapesatellite availability of sports MediascapesoccerAmerican sport 0 Regulation and cultural expression 0 Regulation gov tbancontrolling contentimport export restrictions incentivesquotas 0 Industrial strictures put on material entering the industryratings board 0 Futures ofglobalization and popular culture ie will the US lose its dominance over global popular culture Beauty culture A socially constructed ideal ofbeauty supported by advertising and other media images Beauty industry A network of industries devoted to the social construction ofbeauty including consumer magazines fashion events and beauty product manufacturers Bollywood The primary Indian movie industry Indian directors and producers do not necessarily embrace this term because they do not like to see their movie industry described as secondary to Hollywood BottomofthePyramid BOP The 4 billion people in the world nearly 23 ofthe world s population who live on less than 2 a day Celebrity star ascribed achieved attributed A persona that is both a commodity to be bought and sold and a vehicle for creating social meaning Collective intentionality According to John Searle we are born not only with an individual capacity to shape our individual actions but with a need to be part ofa group and to shape our intentions to group intentions Our participation in a group activity such as game playing or economic exchange is collective rather than individual Commodity fetishism The seemingly magical properties of consumer objects that go beyond their mere use value Commoditization The transformation of things into commodities objects to be bought and sold Constitutive rules In the theory of the social construction ofreality constitutive rules create forms of social action Constitutive rules are different than regulative rules which impose conditions on prior forms of activity Convergence Large media companies own several types of media outlets book publishing radio stations lm studios Thus they can promote and deliver content across all of these outlets Convergence can be technological delivering content across multiple platforms and economic resources are shared among media outlets Consolidation The recent trend has been for a few large multinational media companies to buy up smaller outlets Thus through mergers and acquisitions media is increasingly consolidated in the hands ofa few companies Creative Commons License A license whereby a creator determines the use of his or her own work A freer version of intellectual property than copyright Cultivation research The theory that if the media continually presents a certain view of the world that audiences will come to believe that this view is reality Democratization The transformation of more authoritarian societies to societies based on the selfdetermining power of citizens Deregulation Usually refers to the notion that economic trade should be free of state interference Governmental rules imposed on the economic system are withdrawn Doing Well by Doing Good The idea that corporations can pro t by selling to the world s poor and at the same time help the poor out ofpoverty Copyright the legal right ofownership over any original work of authorship in a xed medium of expression Corporate social responsibility The notion that corporations should not be solely driven by pro t but also by ethics and social values Most large corporations have corporate responsibility statements but some critics view such statements as pure cynicism disguising the true pro t motive Cultural imperialism A controversial theory that the spread of cultural forms from hip hop to Hollywood blockbusters has been driven by the commercial and political interests ofWestern powers such as the United States The fear is that the spread of these forms threatens local cultures and identities Fair Use Exceptions to copyright rules that allow free use Fan culture An important component of media marketing fans shape the production distribution and reception of media content Film distribution Major movie studios have worldwide distribution networks that ensure the smooth export and advertising oftheir products Film genre A type of lm shaped according to expected formulas such as science ction or romantic comedy Film production This term may seem obvious but the important takeaway is that Hollywood moviemaking is often a global enterprise with actors movie effects settings music and startup funding coming from many locations around the world Firsttier media institutions Primary news outlets owned by media conglomerates Formula A repeated set of elements such as plot character and setting Format A formula owned by a media company that is licensed to another broadcaster in another territory Four Freedoms Free Software Foundation the proposed freedoms to study apply redistribute and modify media content Franchise An authorization to sell a company s products in another location Functions The roles we assign to things in our social reality Gatekeeper Because media companies investigate and select the content to be delivered they act as gatekeepers deciding what we can see and hear Globalization of sports A complex phenomenon that has transformed major sports into global prof1tmaking engines through a combination of promotion celebrity product endorsement and media coverage Mashup A creative work consisting entirely of other works a creative work made up entirely of samples Free culture movement A studentled movement to revise restrictive copyright laws Media conglomerates Large multinational media companies that own many media properties Traditional Functions of Media Information entertainment advertising Media effects Communications researchers have long been interested in the effects of media especially on children They have proposed different theories about how the media affects us Some have believed that the media has a strong hypnotic effect while others have been more interested in how audiences consume media for their own uses Nation branding The notion that countries can be branded like consumer goods in order to attract tourism and business investment Neoliberalism This term usually refers to economic rather than social liberalism It refers to economic policies of free trade the promotion of capitalism worldwide and the association ofcapitalism with democracy economic policy the US follows nowhow contributes to growth ofglobalization Ability to regulate products without strict regulationcapitalismcompetition Nollywood The Nigerian movie industry Technoscape expansion of technology around the world enables Nigerian film industry to shoot Oligopoly An economic system dominated by a few wealthy traders Regulation National governments may regulate media in three ways censoring content imposing rules over media ownership and protecting intellectual property Regulative rules In the theory ofthe social construction of reality regulative rules are social conditions imposed on prior forms of activity Remix vs Permission Culture The idea that cultural creativity comes from modifying prior cultural forms and that a culture that restricts this ow too much ie through copyright restricts creativity Permission always have to have permission to do anything from copyright holderRestricts creativity Ex YouTubeSampling RemixPeople believe everything produced should be fair game to alter and produce something new or comments on original Ex GirlTalk All day Production quotBiblequot The formal description ofa media format owned by a corporation as intellectual property Sampling Taking a clip ofmusic and using it in another musical composition Secondtier media Small news outlets that interpret and analyze news from firsttier media outlets Alternative media t into this category as would news blogs Social construction The theory ie through John Searle that we exist in a social world that shapes our most fundamental beliefs and behaviors and our view of reality Some things like money marriage and citizenship could not exist at all without a collective intention to treat them as real and meaningful Taste As a sociological idea taste is associated with 1 individual choice among many choices 2 a preexisting menu ofchoices provided by a culture and 5 a form of practical knowledge on how to live and succeed in that culture


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