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Wstrn ArtRenaissance

by: Loraine Ortiz

Wstrn ArtRenaissance HA 102

Loraine Ortiz
GPA 3.71

Leonora Smith

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About this Document

Leonora Smith
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Loraine Ortiz on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HA 102 at Michigan State University taught by Leonora Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/207598/ha-102-michigan-state-university in Art History at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Picso Spanish Les D emoiselleer39Avignon 1907 m r Weslemmstxlgu rm mmmm culmz manesmm and falkpasam 2 spmhnl pnmnwls cums seen as am ma mtgardz 7 113mm quotJamaach and mdmumd mm m ex m mnaffmmal qualmzs Expusamm mm s mqu vlsmn a zn m an emnnmml dmnsmn Fawnsmr 55ch a mpessmnlsm mmmm skztthmzss mam Impresnars exaggemzd m calm D12 amp Th2 Endg2gmngs afamsls whnthnught hymn mndi ps n m mw Dex am Rum r gmnp afams39s mlexestzd m canveymg emnnmml and 5mm Lhmughfann 1m and calm C msmr anm mmst and murmmnllson Flames affmns and slaps as dznved rmm mm mm m synthoc cmsme cansmwonns rmm pup ax mth matenalsyIqu sme 111mm mung e csmpcsmnnarmssrsbjecqsenewsppec cuahsmcmeegmeam surface pupa can e iyp afcallzgepmmmg technlqu mwhlch peces af M mm pp clmh mwspupx m gluzdm 6 surface and me peces m abjects LhzmseMs mesme enhancedaspcts afmavemzm m C msm dymmlsm and semeumny megssae usth In 5 MW era Guiana Mmqexe Kudmskys puma sungmmme mmmnsxmph zdfanns am anthras Fame calm DMhampern h r Fanntnm m7 Georgia O39Keefe American New York Night 1929 pictorialism impressionistic interest in light selective focus photography as art soft tones and atmospheric effect Hannah Hoch interest in contemporary women one of few women in Dada movement Elsa von F reytagLoringhoven fantastic clothes unconventional life abused child bisexual prostitute art model Dada artist precisionism stark contrast to Impressionism streamlined slick forms machine aesthetic George Eastman American inventor and photographer Kodak camera Armory Show major American exhibition catalyst for American artists designed to introduce New Yorkers and other Americans to EuroAmerican modern art Wm delzx AmmanAfrican Amman r Ethmpu Awakzmng 1914 Augusta Savage AmericanAfrican American The Halp Lift Every Voice and Sing 1939 Archibald Motley AmericanAfrican American Octoroon Girl octoroon 18 black heritage lightskinned hard to tell by looking at them Negritude an imagined African personality and aesthetic Lois Mailou Jones African American woman known for painting quotThe Ascent of Ethiopiaquot went to Paris to study art in uenced by Cubism and African art New Negro contrasted the old Negro by stressing African American assertiveness and self con dence new identity Eugenics quotscienti cquot studies that supposedly proved racial inferiority Harlem central to public imagination to the black renaissance of art and culture not just a location more of ametaphor now but also a destination for many blacks as they migrated Otto Dix German The War 19291932 Meret Oppenheim Swiss Object Le dejeuner en fourrure 1936 Fa Kahlo Nlexxan rThe Two rdas 1939 7 k duect and honest mags ofwar A A L swannscmushemath mum afmonmhanonml Man Ray mm gure m gmnpafamsls Amman mmgnphzr and mm fnquntzd m Annmyshnw nyugnph tachmquz nyugnph r methnd afpmdvcmg Images dnzcdyfmm abjec39s an phnmrsersmve pupx unpedmahlz plum O Io MalmcMRussm rSuptemaustCampummn Amquot mm Mnnmmmmh r Cmnpugonn wnh m Elvaand mm mm Gropius German Bauhaus 19251926 Supremaosmr ehmmanun afabjects 5e afshaps squares mt related m mm m mm mm ns mummy mmbmmd m mum wuxld vm Ta m r masl warm mm mm Cansmrhvls mavemzm Camuvlsm 7 mm mm y m mzxgmg wnh mxydayhfe carsmlcnars change m way we see an De Stijl inspired by utopian ideas of Russian revolutionary artists integrate art with life diVine geometries simple truths verticals and horizontals Le Corbusier rst Swiss to adhere to International StyleDe Stijl Rodchenko painter and graphic designer before turning to photomontage avantgarde photographer Picasso Spanish Guernica 1937 HIHHHHI 1 w a 39 ll F i quot 39 A ltn Diego Rivera Mexican Ancient Mexico 19291935 American Artists Congress artists committed to ght against fascism fascism political philosophy or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual Regionalism look to various parts of country to express the various positive attributes of Nation folk style attened space and simpli ed gures rejecting academic art languages authentic American expression at and linear Jackson Pollock Anglo American Number 1 1950 Lavender Mist 1950 Norman Lewis African American Arrival and Departure r quot quot 39 Sand Painting from the Male Shootingway Ceremony of quotBlue Mother Earth and Black Father Skyquot Navajo c 1936 kokopelli gure frequently depicted in southwestern art and pottery fertility gure Navajo ways ceremonies to restore balance and healing irascible irritable shorttempered color field painting large fields of at solid color spread across or stained into the canvas creating areas of unbroken surface and a at picture plane Abstract Expressionism Lee Krasner abstract expressionist painter manied to Jackson Pollock Eva Hesse Amman 7 Hang up196571966 mmmallsmr may Llhsmnlsm mum manual ka am are reduced m essemal qualmzs mumsxamswmme msm s njectaxmmhve Ehnbe39h cm 7 whom an af196U5Ea k Na mlah n ard cm Rjgh39s mmmem m1 Schnldzp m Name Amman ma mt gmwnp Indun Alaska1 Expressmnlsm and apAn pnmnngs afNauve Amman m W s F P Judychcaga AnglarAmzncan 7 Th memy 1979


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