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Phys Scientists & Engineers II

by: Quinn Larkin

Phys Scientists & Engineers II PHY 184

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 184 > Phys Scientists Engineers II
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 184 at Michigan State University taught by Schwienhorst in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/207611/phy-184-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
F EIPCH IC current gt Magnetic dipoles Torque an potential energy iB For a c 391 ofmre y NI A F The BioteSm39iuquot an i i q s pmwn up dB ig ids x r gt0hrns law electron down 4 r1 A e er AcosedBdt gtArnp re39s Lau Bi 9 Vi 39B 5edAd i 7 r IA B V F i3 39 d5 Uo 39ericlosed The resistance mfa urte wrth length L and area A is R 39 L A when 1 mm gt Examples of magnenc tlelds dent ed from 39 Ant l e s law FResislols in series R 1L P 7 1 Y 917 T l T R Rn A B i ii long stl aightwlle FResismm in parallel I I 2 1 1 1 N c 7 i r B no 1 k ideal solenoid R R1 R2 L gt Fun ct The power supplied by air ernT device is PW i w The power dissipated in a resistor is P 39 v R Jamie s law gtRc c39 ruit uith eint detice when the capacitor is herng charged srRc qtqu1equotquot I E qlttgt cvemf when the capacitor is discharging m gtRC r quRC e39 qttl qoe The time cons39ant is t RC Recall c 4W gtThe magnetic iorce on a charged particle 7 q x niagninrde qu sin 0 A charged particle in a unifolm magnetic field moves on a circular il ajecmly in accord urth Newton s second law mv r qu gtTl e magnetic force on a sttaight length of Current ca 39yn1g wire i L X B Elech omngne c Induction Fal adny s law states dd 5 Power Dissipated P Itmthmscosm Velnf where 15 sAcosd 0139 in temls of the elds Force Wife 1 on 2 EdseijBdA RPM d L M F 591139 Inductance d L 1 if The inductance ofa solenoid is L ilunZZA where n w L and V emf 7 1 FEneI39g stored in a solenoid U V FRL Circuit in emf device A el he emfis applied the current in the inductor increases accordr tr itrnai VeL Vernf R R itt lee tRL quotA Final i 19 innai if the emf is removed from the circuit the current in the inductor decreases as it ioe t Tire tinre constant is I LR FAC circuits IRMS VRMS Z I NE and v v nus max rms max 1 X 7 x wL c DC L impedance z R Z XL X52 1 resonant frequency are i w 2 f ACpowel P ifmsii F Series LRC cil cnii irll no driving emf i l R 2 too i where we L V 7 coslw d2 E i qmax RtL ZC gtTransrorrner Equations V v 175 anti I5 Np 5 Powers at Ten luilli m i ianonlo r p lian mm mars up 1 tall 502 gtltlif19 67 x 10 o coulomb 7 TinA Permean tp no 41rgtltlo Equation Slle l m3931idlerm Exam 1 gtE1emic clmge Q N p e r N e e e 1602 10719 coulomb gt Coulomb s Inw F where 1 899lt10g le cz gt Elemic field E0 qa iest charge 70 gt Electric eld from a poim charge 7 k e E 73139 r gt The Superposition principle for elecnic eld vecmrs EE1E2 E3 gt Gauss Law 11gt qmdosed lag ID is he electric ux cuan Ihx augh a clnged surface which is defined by q E u T e pelmi iwty of Khe Vacuum is so 8 35 x107 gt The Coulomb consiam is relmed m 50 k 1 4x50 rmampxes derived from Gmlss Law im the elecmc eld produced by 3 charge zhsn39ibunou 2 2a 50quot Charged cylinder E amnde 7 Charged Insulating plane E T 0 Conducting plane E Unifmmly charged sphere EU 3 inslde 475 R outside E r 4n sor gtIhe elecn39osmtic pmemial VLx VileVflt1jf Ed E0 evv eg Ex The work done by the elecm39c force ifa charged particle moves from Xi w x is w e V 1 i 2 gtIhe electronVolt eV 1eV 1602 x107 joule VThe elecmc pmemml as a function of hsmuee 139 from a pen c11ax e is Vr kj r gt apaciior equations E A Parallel plate capacitor C 07 d Dielee 1c uedcapncnor C KCuwm gt For capacltars conuemed in parallel Cq c c or capaci ors conuecxed in series c c icZmc en General sin 6 all 0 cos B bk a mu c2 a2 b2 b Powers often milli m Y3 micro u 10396 new n 10399 ico p 103912 Volume and Area Sphere V 43 7 13 and A 47 r2 Cyhudei V 7r rZL and A 27 rL nn arms I m 2 gt I lnnu EM wave a When mm is me unguldv Mn 2 numhvr 7 n vzlvclcnglh arzxfi Im ungulm cqucncy and mm cqncncy gt PAanng mum Mummy I Sm where 3quot J gt5 nlLighK L 4 JIITE r Energv Illllslly n 1 ak Q5 and gt Rnd mm pressure F0 lowlly absorbed wuvc p 1 For a mmlly m ocxcd nsvc n 21 ruin m Unpolmxzcd lighl pasdng though me win mensi A In Pnlnnzcd11g pausingllunughllm palanzcr quotcos w on s x angle hclwccn m incidclu polmlmmn and Im palurlzcr gt Mirror Inw n re ecriu and IL nlwnysposmxc 4 and In are me mgc dismnccnndhclghr 1 mmivcforalcal inmgusnme bjccrfornmlrmrnn npposuc side 1 ens nnd ncgnlivc ran vinual Hung n is pasinvc fur an u39nigln inmgc und negative for nn imcrrcd mmgc gt Foul um I nrn syhpritu Inlrmr 5 m2 pas wcfolcmucnvc converging or Ind ncgmiw fortunvcx divcxging mmom gtLm Inakerequakinn l V 777 sosmcarcunvcx V cunvclging clues and Magnum rm connm Hive n gnanmc lirrnreq umzllwlznsequalion l 1 I d r gt Magm luliun m I gt Index nr refracliun v when is me speed ofllghl n the medium gtSnell s LAW ormnnuian 1 9 mm gt Puwcr M n In angles grcmcnhtm 9 gt Mngn g glass m gt Micronme m 1 gt Rafraui ng Ktlescnpz K i nvcncd m f c Irunlive interfemnc n 1 1L wpnmion and L m ccu and gt Single 5 quotML u di mclinn y 3 asin 1 3mm sh inxcnsily m 3 whma smenndu a 1 is the Size mm 1 Rayleigh criterion nnazl 225 whmdis xhc diumcml mnc opening


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