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Introductory Physics II

by: Quinn Larkin

Introductory Physics II PHY 232

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 232 > Introductory Physics II
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67

Stuart Tessmer

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About this Document

Stuart Tessmer
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 232 at Michigan State University taught by Stuart Tessmer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/207612/phy-232-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
PHY 232 Homework Hints Spring 2011 SET 10 Moving Clock Here is an example At39 T i s e Propgr Ewe period d vest U 068c gt 5 066 I Tum autumn Ap y 1M 31 4 carcook while AL 1335 P Homquot f movcuch mx39tln 5 ace Speeding Rock Star Y Uxe AZ xl vZcZ You are given At and At Jolve for v Al Crossing the Milky way mg LL WL 7 39 12gtltIoska CA12gtuOSla E Proper IeMQ HL 0 089 c lgt f5 0 L L Ceutmcigd husk U l 5 1 b L AL39W W V39 U u r 39 1 39l b 42xlosna 392 AZHOS Gle D 3 g 500 e g 3 gull avg Iowa 39Lvora Spaceship at relativistic speed LL 1 v2 c2 L 7 tofind yand then 3vc Now thatyou know 7 you can ndAt om At At Spaceship equipped with a proton cannon Here is an example Eiwwovrok backmcavok 39u u L EI nr amp Nr 0G03 Esocos l U I u U u 52550846 L 0 5gt c by I I i is39 5 mm M QSGS Lo5053908 6 I aces 086 rim Momswisee mfg QJAOL g CM 140M WM sigma HM weld013th veloodua oddikmux bramkm we work 315 0550 I Protons from the Tevatron Here ix an examp e39 proton mc 5 33823 MN 12 E 1T2 406 Hey io ZeV E fmc 15a C a i L W 10658 f E 8382HQV L gt 4 139 4 17 4 5 5 ft 4 1 i W E 1 o9qltmqqsc T I 39 sex ms The Spegd L39s vewa dos LO 44 speed c light However HA prom Cam nevev reach Luz speed 01 Unit build beam d has a nonzero res wuss Relativistic electron 2 pans Forpart 1 potential energy ix converted to kinetic energy Remember that the change in V potential energy is AUqA Forpart 2 ate nextpage ta ndyand fhen The restenergy ofan electron ms is 511 keV Energy to accelerate a spaceship to relativistic speed 2 parts A metric for ix i1000 kilograms Here is an exam eorparrl m Ll3tilr3oook rho 23 K7 mcz W C l wort K i MI 2 K i 3 83 x to a For parf2 be Care tl or the fraction of the sun 5 energy For example 1 05 percent 00105 Number of photons emitted by a radio station Here is an example P385uu 3gsxo w 43a 82HH2 82 039142 EMEPa s 6 out photo 3 2 E 36 3on 35 Xingu sumo 3 Number One PL OBM Quali ed per Samuel P 385xlol3935 1 4 10sz0 5 E 519xl0 3 FL Photoelectric effect In the photoelectric e ect light photom are quantize all the energy om one photon it delivered to one electron Electrons can escape the metal if the photon 5 energy it 1 L m z 7 The A 5 ewe mun l m Now to be extra nice here is an example MWM Qwemmun He exert 0f UAt Pl otok ang bvers Mae war thicken but haiku more h P 1 i2 75ev W P W IL 41351x1539Sev3 1pm RUB THE 9 gt i5 a i quot 10 manHa 2 H QZOwax lamvia ucchc vcalelz I LL 93 ch 0 UN prhow L39s doubled Una 295 Wars kt wowk Md sw ikc w e V 1 C ownrok Lz KE at the Aachen PHY 232 Homework Hints Spring 2011 SET 11 Cosmic background radiation Use Wien s DisplacemenILaw temperature in Kelvin K F or part 2 you just need to convert to frequency using fc1 Surface temperature of a star This is another Wien39s Displacement Law problem Here you are given the peak wavelength but you need to find the temperature So solve the above expression for F Atomic number from Xray wavelength In this problem you are give an ionized atom that has only one electron and you are asked Iofind the atomic number which is the number of protons in the nucleus You need to use the energy formula for Schrodinger s quantummechanical hydrogen atom and other atoms with one electron E1 136 331 the ground state energy of hydrogen Z is the number of protons in the nucleus Z1 for hydrogen The integer n is called the principal quantum number For Z1 these energies and radii are the same as those for the Bohr hydrogen atom There is an example on the next page Here is an example r153 n4l 22 2 2 l 4 r lael Ere EITLE El to PE t E r 2 gears 3912 9 52 V L fLFAE 11 I I 4210qu 39 15 4 4 ll nil 7915pm l5CcVTii 22 42959 9 z5c Electron energies in Hydrogenlike ions This problem also uses the Schrodinger s quantummechanical hydrogen atom and other atoms with one electron The hydrogen groundstate energy is calledEg insteadofEl it means the same thing 1 WEJLZ a 44 E1 136 ey the ground state energy of hydrogen Z is the number of protons in the nucleus Z1 for hydrogen The integer n is called the principal quantum number For Z1 these energies and radii are the same as those for the Bohr hydrogen atom re are some additional hints HeJr has twoprotons Z2 and one electron LiM has three protons Z3 and one electron Suppose you are given some element with Z 84 from the periodic table and it is ionized 83 times so that there is only one electron left To nd the ground state energy use 284 the numberofprotons andn1 Energy number of shells orbits and electrons quot 39 I that 39 1 39 VJ AMI quot 39 39 M mil electrorl atoms Remember each state of an atom is identified by 4 quantum s n l m and ms n is the principle quantum number The orbital quantum I 01 2nI The magnetic quantum m 1 41 0 11 The spin quantum ms 2 or A shell refers to the particular n value ie the 716 shell The number of subshells is the number of lvalues of a particular shell The number of orbits means the number of uh combinations in a particular shell of of orbits of subshells electrons 1 s 1 2 2x1 2 s amp p 4 13 8 2x4 3 s p amp d 9 135 18 2x9 n n2 2n2 mM x Carbon14 dating In thispmblem you need to use The Activity R of a radioactive sample is the of decays per second R rate x ge rig SI unit is hmuei em 1 Br 1 decayS 1curie1 i 3 7 x 10 5g I 7 T T radioactivity of the carbon in living plants thix is RRo which we call q in the exarrgzle on the next page


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