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Introductory Physics I

by: Quinn Larkin

Introductory Physics I PHY 231

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 231 > Introductory Physics I
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67

Tibor Nagy

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About this Document

Tibor Nagy
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 231 at Michigan State University taught by Tibor Nagy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see /class/207619/phy-231-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
pV ii erreveryle Cs Hue plane so SPEQQL Work me ha LFlA39x P P 1 The war 03 cs HQ okay pV oert Hmo 5628 95 8mm SPWJI w g V L we I 55 D n 0 ran 5 Wm 6Q VWFltP am Fm rocky cquot wi ISO ckovcc pvo cess ISO chovcc UoLuvwi New mamas Csovomwe cvCcl csometvcc WO because AVO 7Tz VD cs bus gydc kfcsoikevms r VD AU 34 4009 Q n CVAT M m CV 39AT CV COVLSW39L vohwe IMolow head 41 39 339 2 K R 85 WO39K N 1 lt N 3853 boar cc pro cess Isobarcc mmsLank oresSuve P W A P 4 Q ndPAT AUQw 4 deATy3AV VLdVA COMS39LQI VL PreSSWQ Malaw head 9 1 Q7 z 42 AU we Qm ooicc 906653 Hd doakcc QO 0 ad 93 mums eweoL 0 Q gtAuw W aomplCCQ ol Au Qo f w b 139 P4V4 PZV I 10 15 E z aotabochc molex OV Lift 62 39 speakC Moi rodzco P 4 O0L obcd5 p1 39cho wrmy P kgtg The o olgo lcmis Mt Qastev Lkm Una Eso UAQyM3 becmse Tgti v v n s 4 Ea wastewt 1gtAE k 0 0 39U gs WW Q We Susi covwer kc wevckawlcd work W345 w Ctk 1 7o e koczwcsa 4 3H we do 39OV EMGV 9 No ow as long as Jake rats asLs pro ceases 3912 be practccd a devcce that tramsporms Magi wart remw 4m t cs cwtim side be readu POV comic med W 39 r 39 empre SCiom W4 gt0 124039 ww w ug ll laese war25 we 4M 00 l 39as WW3 Una work b3 ike 7v rav eggmako w o ovpzvoizt M Eetk modes I FEE pi Q amp 39I39H It TH H FWD we TC I T la at II c Qc head QVCVQ s reQchevoiov wpump eMcccewcT 2 WM caeQPccceui 0 0 PerkyW Q K 4 0 1 lt i O 4 k lt 90 T an T we or MQCJANMZCOJ Work CM be Converted 0 head with 4007 ewccewca 3 TH TH H wand 39Tc r NO Qg no Second law o4 tk rwcd nmwcs Treve cs no perkct kept 2AAng wk 31 Tkev cs no Fenced heat pump wctk 406 39 The a Ta 39 T c 39l 39 Tc 7 0 th i T TH law No ken operang Mani resev vows w HA MpmtkvES TH Md Tc com exceed the Nu pump H quotI I exceed ue Cmvwo t mamm a pwslormce 9 You CQKKO L the Cowmoi ewche Egg cu underperPovM CE exithev RH veversc ole aw was have k3 Scum Qov Ck comem TH Tc nap has riff ng Ger W 89V 310v A Lguxwl pw 4V I05 an The ang e 04 enigma EAAdOl ip 48605 quot cav 9 0 ae 0 scs wca 39 catLisa w aquot beaversdole processes gt S cs 0 like US39Em H lat L3 om ke 69 and moi how twat s r 1 39f dagsmug 454 AU QW T AS 4 Pgw Crr evevs ble they Ludwx magmva 14539 tubal W t car pr39al oa a ub 92 cpsbias oa o oJoo Homework i quot I Q 02 42 392 ol 04 f a R 0J 2 2 30g ZWLVT 2mm Homework LC PLQW39 L 39 M a 3 I 2m 3 39Evarue s 49 P 7 V 6 01 T dose sme 9 304 T masm wumme Case M2H G T Brewes wc k resped 0 P W T Lsme T 04 quotWoe e Cecemw lgt T M3 me e ce 92gt T S Mag e0 C5 Icm oossc39ole Homwovk 1 know HLdH Torques with res reech 0 P TL39 3amp9 Neg o T 4 Mad I LG Etna 01M Q T f e Notcce all Mpovtmt pochs Lie oh carcot L vdzev Sechous a baa x Torque weUa vespac39k Lg Pquot T1 smocf5 W163 39 Les 63 HalmsTrO 239 L a x L X 3 t CO S F q 7 smoc d05xt gt o f gt at 5 su 2 f5 w rm gt 4 b T Him39ewovk Ll Homwt 93 Hav 62 v s NWWW HW wot L s wart Cm tug W1k3 mm Layman VEL I gram 39 j kzsasx an i I 39 350 4 ij Q39 IE pi gt ove 9 3 agree F Ma39va SIMt to he cew er C as zero Icyc ke arm zero gt 14 quotL 0 zke Manned um L 3 Lx 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