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Introductory Physics II

by: Quinn Larkin

Introductory Physics II PHY 232

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 232 > Introductory Physics II
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67

Tibor Nagy

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About this Document

Tibor Nagy
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 232 at Michigan State University taught by Tibor Nagy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/207620/phy-232-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
39Eevcew i Csu omls39s F 39 2 k d d 343 Uquot ov CVL F i L 6143 W205 dz wax a2 M o olxelechCc maternal F olec rises ua a has 94 g or K ercgti k 899 X10 Coulomb consign 42 8 39 885x IO C7 per W sz E 00 Nm uacuum k 4 or 85quot 32 Qch Elemewlznxka Chara e 460 l6qu elec von prawn hawk Pow are 3 PP 3 rn 0 4 Wk Elecbrcc held Force per orE39 r M 7 1 ledx CC chd creperim Ckavo e pro per tsa 99 the ckcwge39 7 ngpoggLCOVL a r a vane owss 3 1mm 39 Q a Q LFITlltQ c quot 39 E dig an L 0 H beggar clnwr cae absorbs more Add a smoJlejr 03948 IL Rev can Vabsohlze ic obsow oe PE so Eaniwb V re pent Cwecwi csa my cn cmg w PEZ F E i pat new Charge Vela or po cemkcal dLMevewce looL Jawwee dad e PE APE V1AV3 V or 4quot c1 2 1 vow C su PQY39POSC39LCOW pr Cwoqalge po emt ods V I4 Vzvg 39 Q POCWL charge f lt 49 V A V39k d quotLara a Ike Rev cam Lt ggpachavxce charge vole 7 w amp CZV PC31C5AVI AVE a F Fwd 16 HF PF mud pa e capacGaow K J 2i Q H V C KEoa 55 amp 8ri Elecbrcc celd made ex capaa or f capgchche 06 0ij er6esg o io 1 CZ Ememagf sbrgol M A z 439 C312 WQ39AV 420 39239 2


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