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Atom Molec & Cond Matter Phys

by: Quinn Larkin

Atom Molec & Cond Matter Phys PHY 491

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 491 > Atom Molec Cond Matter Phys
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67

Carlo Piermarocchi

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About this Document

Carlo Piermarocchi
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 491 at Michigan State University taught by Carlo Piermarocchi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207624/phy-491-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Lemmae 19 J 00 4 3 4 Char 8 Li METAL bcc sraucwrcE ELECTKONLO PKOPEWHES Li 97 Qs125gt V Paw39aw m dN 23 lt2 Dug T0 ayrmms NW 4 z is EtemaoNs PZKUOUN 1 mmv A H ESQ 2 wuixm th ov 5 911 P NVNWQZZ 392 2 447m 34m14r 3x 1me 62M Va mrmiwim wjchZ m wv wvmj MQromoZ mF Nacwdso SP MVmSnoZ me lt3 2 1M 3 36 2 u u i V H 53 4K 2 lt32 5 33539 a m M067 mmwrm T DQEH w WNDENED mm TrL PHVSlc IbLocH s er0 man GWEN ELchyu mauve w THE 175mm 0T WTlAL Vlmmz ElGENs TTES Mu Awmve a re 0 h W U73 1 MMW V MTH MMECFNRW MM m v R EV LE Mts pr 39PE39QWD C FUNCTION 7 K RH K I k1 gt 6 A Qumh wuhf am l M L V39b H OMSTAL n nzw wr l 9 Ufm om 5 W FEWch g I V E 7 Wk WMZ HN MMPJ A z E39 E 7 c 4 MMWF3 6 KW v R7 T ELLS ma HDNU WAVEFUNGTLJN saws 3 UNDW 1 mommanow 01 R 6 KQ Vquot 3 gt T b qmkvlquot4Qgt e W PineM MlUk39g FOR Yb RN fON KARMAUM bQUDODPrQ f WIND ops g Q 35 x A V DH is v j gZx M25 x 1 A gun A xi 3 2ng amp 94x 0 u I a I a in Q g g I M K Na 1 I M N N Lynquot f E i k lrlulllun n o 2 1 MW MN 0N emu uwrr cup 01 Th KECLPROC4L LM HCE L Hem THE SW NMMK W K Pam rs WHLLH L5 SGML 1 0 M 39TD MI MUMHUYL op UNkT Gems w beew z AAZV wgwo 9ij nd xii n 44mg 57 LL13 nwo u i R I i gt nkzamyi i 3 CLmJ Jsoisme 35283 wxcE a J Ag lio o I 0 2 m mu 523i J quotm m nq A 3 mm mm Tm ngwwmo 135de m A0 52m 42L 3502 gavmnw 2amp3 23 53 wm AR gum 637655 m 785mg mi HS Euimini E sz wit K2 we N 736 0 n A f j 4 rm 55 L1 7 L 15 52me 16155 gmagz rigm 093 La 9 L ma a m3 mg 2 Sgt 933 N2 23 P 57 MW ArEM WWWr1 Lg WMR El VSW rTE 0quot an gt quot3 KV 3 cm39iukme 1 mm AM 7M 10 m M dorumg NSFEA Zdog md mg H 2mi8 WA Mn YEAw mtlu 91 abm i XEZ JSo smM E S Smo E13 J 29 gt i 1 Fz ya b3ij ALE 853mg E a BQGNEK 3 3 35 AMQQ JMMMJMMW no 9 HM Mg MITRE r x Q Rtswucr Dis ammov n ELENWLL 9mm 0 w W 1 9 0 BRKUWUKN 21054713 Jr 4 ON VEKquot WEAK WM NM eIKK g A zkl c o o a o 9 s y


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