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Electricity and Magnetism II

by: Quinn Larkin

Electricity and Magnetism II PHY 482

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 482 > Electricity and Magnetism II
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 482 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/207635/phy-482-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Moffam EMF EM 3 Elec o 1651 Fort m Dc hC 1 EE J2 Iquot 91 MaeS xze dadka rm darker z w W bradFwy 7W Max M a WaPL o gl 7 wave FT 39 39FI e Q g c 141 91Ffr a4v a Vm Wb aw 3 j vm cm big 91 a A 3 r EMF IFCIXB w quotmy 0W3 M 9 4 Maw We WWW Tire fuan i h39 f Cd39 Cm h au s J E M F I Wk Vol35 We 717 all llth Salve Vo 3 WP 1622 If a wire WW3 in a W fall H ew a EAF Mm Me Mr E 2quot wiri Emuf GXEJ AN R m R G 3 Montgm wire ym 7L EMF M 4n 4 H1 1 EM Aquot witc 5 nr mull96 4 I 7111 g It 7L gamble C W e Wv w m MAMvmu m 771w p41 13 7321 j 3 0 3 J mMaLwisg 39 A it com we 14 MJ my a Empf ma 265 Will u b 3 EMF 2 u 1 1 wwwso sz 39hMi e Zicmmll CQB MW mzzo mm M1 mjmmzsw 0 I B D I TIXE 32 mW ik o 45 arm hrS akMALAWI I EMF 13325 WatVwaMm EMF 0L5 f LMIMWR AMI armrqrc EMF 1 ngd39c Y A 3 M 11quot 2 BA 13539 Relak ln dander cleanu EMF 1a amp 1 1W4 4W aqmg haw team a 5 EMF 39We39 w vE Mf 139 3 41 Lee 92 M ff 4 My 7 mow M wa ACMEL 73 at EMF m4 C A 7 44 In J x 5 We EMF Er anyau f x ycc quotClaw CW 5Z amawM c 4455509 8 L SZHSze g39stm ug39w rXx TE 53 MW 13 5954 5 r A7 oa jff0 I 44511 4quot 50 4quot 3 MA 7321 1 quotv 6Mquot g SH456 fry gaunt 7A 59 2 g rm 5t 31 N W 3552 C EWJXE 339LB JIJUE 25 XE 53 3 gzmwi we 9 ED Edam 39 Q M a 03 Cquot EMF quot4 quot he EkC WWAWA Q 72 W 3 J39xd mem m awcwp mww ithC mw quotV THquot RAMS al Ema 72 Iquot an INPUCep EMF 3 Chivas 15 51 c 2 r M MPMELTK2V 1 m J 3LT I Tms L 39 V5 933 Az Lec 103 D3z Ezra4 Mr W A km 19 0 MW 9406a Mr 5 Fr a fQ XeJ 0 0 A sigma z quot WWW4 rm 7 amaze M E s ke M 3 gg f 7x54 M561 W WW C am 4 FOR 59 394 FIELD E bsci quot 277 4139 ACQHJA s Lec 103 VXE E39 5 39J39 WW39Ma f mm 43 147 M g J H g 455 5 PHI 1 Cit93quot 5 13 MENUr114 Cquot As t armrj 6x Ihcrcskc Jig Whol a wl39rn EMF 4 C I o blt 13 m Imam mam 04 v Chewy H IB39 rA In Ming 5 f 511 g 5amp9 km W 1F 4 MM law we I 2 Mg 65 2 AW WM thse 39 39Ke agenf Z Mayelf fax 179 t MolauJ Konrer Mar 4 wwa e 4471 5W m 4de 4 wagme 2amp2 MW x j Leo 103 594th m 37 WW Cc 7amp540724 W M ta W Jaime 05 54 w 7 Pk 7 B b Miamrl yaW Vlu a39 vadw A x I 39 w Li39eim e g l i at 2 14 Ddcrmf g aiwk c QWEE ma Y x e 9025M rt l q 1 4112 s 6 Wm Wag maid aksfz b 4 E E 3 3 9535 5427 My 47 w2 I Equot do 15 aver r 252 ow a MM E TSEJZ Fania M a Early at 4772 E 4i 4 22 Lee 103 7 Baldw ID3 5quot 2T am WW27M4 75 06c a My EM WC MkWMAnyllrr m Mafia 1 C vmaemam wrw 4gt I32 hanks Ma fI Jj LeachL92 4 r E AL gm N5 03 AI WAMJ we ALU cede 52 221 ms MALJ WM AnnIcy 94044ng 12 V KMkh 79192 39 M a Vr 2E 4 v eU EV Lee 103 Raa fa qhh 429W M 19147 5w 5 3 9 12 2 AW eh all 77quot 3quot Ma M9 RM 42 WM quot04 K I viz2 B I 1742 12 39 392 3 5 f Barnum WWW 34 quot kquot alx n 44 1 5 ZSW39JL n 7 39Bmx 2 5115114 xi f Tr L TITquot 3amp5 h l9 5 a quotis gt a r a e PM a e 3M4 F 7f lh Lee 103 First betatron 6MeV 1942 Donald Kerst University of Illinois In 1950 a 300MeV betatron more powerful than that called for in the original design goes online in its own new building on the corner of Stadium Drive and Oak Street U of Illinois 037 Cur ws 39u 44 we M vx pamae rx 39 04M elecfwr em HeV 30w 812mm W 5777M V 39 was n 20 cm W 23 fwd magaJrc fax IBJA Maya area 755 The Electromagnetic Field Tensor 0 EXc Eyc EZc Fm EXc 0 BZ By Eyc BZ 0 BX EZc By BX 0 Table 123 Lorentz transformations of various plantitiee The inertial frame f moves with velocity v with respect to frame f i The components denoted H and l are parallel and perpendicular to V coordinates 1quot 51 7 In r392 t quot1quot U1 392 It 7 ml 7 m rl 7 ml M xi XL XL xi energy and momentum E E KPH E ME 17 pl quotx 19H 7 vECZ 12H x lPl KEV32 pl 7 pi in Pl velocity ul UH 71r1 7 HUM392 uH uh I 1 TIM02 ui 17ul1 7 zruHez 11L 17uLl Huh 2 electric and magnetic elds El EH EH l El rlEiVXBil EL7 EL VXBLl Bl BH Bu Bl BlrBi7vxEl2 Blqu LvxEc2 7mg m4 my at 1quot 51 i iiif i v z A my 573 m 41 m 59 5103 East3b m4 HE Sit 39 4 d wr l F 139L aquot la pm MK ansm4 mica kl Jr UziL4 L LIL Eh W Jt 441 frng yg Zr mbg39 quot U39 2 a paM g m and rm1 3 1Fgt t39m 3 2 at 9E LIZ 4 5 M u a r P3661 b 5 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wr39r KW Fquot 2 1 ma a a Ema a it 13v xx whimFm mquot x m 1 g 23 fax1Q l H E x l a 5 7A j m 232 xW J39 3 505620 Z L lt f 7 41179 aj 39f hy i aquot W dw 3 2 I Z tenl fIr IL warm m 43 amp M 44 JPr m xii 17 e ftr4 J42 x Firm zz War F zr 4m Iii 23 fig at 2 wank A gr VA39WEJ we 32133 lei wb w 4 imim 3239 cm Am a g m a mdA Lec l t h etlhleSlZ 5 U39I lg 55 f5 F d 3 quot2 s 541 fang A arfj gif r 539 quot 3i m I 4 7m 75 quotWit39439 wk iquot 43 391 Er 54 5 2 BEL 1 e 3239 yr 3 NJ 2 A I31 439 39 Cni ai 39 18 To x gm L39jgnh 4 3amp1 J F 3 A Q a a 1 5 4 q 1 E Z E 1 l xquot ff z j 39 m 3 p 33137 L P MFAwquot Wm 0 MMZ 7 W zl39w4 hd 224 X na39MS z z quot 715 7 W r J ltu at x ELArPg armyvf 1 4 5 392 W1 Ll X g I 3amp7 1 C5 61 C3 501 221 4 r x w JJmiv93 I Lm VJjS39y 2 23 Za it 3 39 E j d1 UL 37 M al lw w We 13 gt Lec l oihe etmleSEAZ 5 HQ 47 l Lec 126Lecture 125


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