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Thermodynamics & Modrn Physics

by: Quinn Larkin

Thermodynamics & Modrn Physics PHY 215

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 215 > Thermodynamics Modrn Physics
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 215 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/207636/phy-215-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
Thermodynamics Chapters 19 20 21 HRW Relativity Chapter 2 Photons Chapters 1 35 Quantum Theory Chapters 5 6 Atomic Theory Chapters 4 7 8 Nuclear Properties Chapter 12 Nuclear Reactions Chapter 13 Elementary Particles Chapter 14 Conduction Radiation P V Diagrams 1st Law of TD Engines Entropy F L Contraction Time Dilation Addition of Velocities Rel Doppler Rel Kinematics X rays Photoelectric Effect Compton Scattering De Broglie Bragg scattering Planck Heisenberg Schrodinger Square Well Simple Harm Osc Pot barriers Tunneling Bohr Rutherford Atomic Q numbers Zeeman effect J LS spect Notation Anom Zeeman effect Nuclear composition Binding energy Sizes and shapes Radioactive decay Half lives Reactions Q values Fission Fusion Fundamental forces Particle classification Quark structure PMT11 PFl H1 1962 MT13 PMT12 MT12 PF2 PMT13 H3 213 MT21 PMT21 PF3 H5 251 MT22 H6 343 MT23 PF4 PMT22 PMT24 H8 S3 H6 333 MT31 H9 65 MT32 PMT31 PFS H9 637 H9 639 H7 423 MT24 PMT23 PMT32 MT33 MT34 PMT33 H12 124 H12 1217 H12 128 H12 1250 PF7 PMT34 PF6 H13 1330 PF8 Useful Constants 1 calorie 4186 J Latent heat of vaporization of water 539 calg 2256 kJkg Latent heat of fusion of water 795 calg 333 kJkg Specific heat of water 1 calg 419 kJkg 1 atmosphere 101E5 Pa Universal Gas Constant R 831 JmolK Boltzmann s constant k 138E23 JK StefanBoltzmann constant 0 567E8 WmZK4 Avogadro s number NA 602E23 mol391 Coulomb s constant 1431580 899E9 Nm2C2 Speed of light c 300E8 ms Charge of an electron e 16E19 C Mass of the electron m 91E31 kg 511 keVc2 549E4 u Mass of the proton mp 167E27 kg 9383 MeVc2 100728 11 Mass of the neutron 1nn 1675E27 kg 9396 MeVc2 100866 11 Mass of the OL particle ma 37274 MeVc2 400151 11 Planck s constant h 663E34 Js 414E15 eVs Planck s reduced constant h h2It 105E34 Js 658El6 eVs Compton Wavelength of the electron A hmec 24263E12 m The Bohr Magneton uB 579E5 eVT Atomic mass unit 11 166E27 kg 9315 MeVcz 1 Curie 37E10 Bq W AQ chT where m mass c specific heat Heat conduction I ATR in Watts Where R thermal resistance AXkA and AX thickness A area and k thermal conductivity of the material PRAD oeAT4 where e emissivity and A area 1St Law of Thermodynamics AQ AW AU Ideal gas law PV nRT Work done AW deV vm V3RTM Molar specific heats CV AUnAT Cp AQnAT Cp CV R y CpCV Adiabatic gt AQ 0 and PVv constant Entropy change AS delquot Carnot engine efficiency 8c l QcQH l TCTH Pot energy lost by a charge q in a potential difference of V is U qV Wave relation v v where v velocity v frequency A wavelength vc y 1N1 2 Length Contr L39 L Time DilationT39 T Y Y Addition of Velocities v39 v u1 vucz Rel Doppler Effect v39 11 my 1 3 Momentum Energy relations E2 pzc2 mzc4 Eymc2 pymv KE mc2 Planck s Relation E hv Einstein s Photoelectric Law hv K q Compton Effect AA 7quot 2 1 cos8hmec Elec potential at a distance R from a charge Q V 14rt20QR Bohr Quantization Relation L mvr nh Atomic Radii rn n2a0Z Atomic Energies En Z2E0n2 Where a0 529E11 m where E 136 eV Impact parameter b Lllzgz cot82 n pNAA 83180K Est5w 0F some IDEAS svzcmc HEATS Q CM AT mur MEAT mm d mushm m a SMEM 0 mung v v V I UM aw mmwmwcs A6 Au Aw K Mum LU qu WLWE MJ gtTA39rE mum nous 7 4 3947 wa uTPv WICIJLAI2 Focus 0 Tsnwm Fromm 1570 5 AM 0 Adi Aw 2 adinbm t pmczssas AL 0 5 AM AW 3 1456 IDEAL GAS Neutral POM wssss WOWVaUS gt Pram SIMPLE HEWTMIIAU LDEASt Pv n 24K 3 x W mZT T I 44er cf K PV39 HLT wamlt W by Med 45 B Aw I AgTam 21 114 VnV A WLA IZ SWLLHL W5 aaucvaTlv lnIZT a A MCPAT P 2 gm Mu CpCVIZ ADk k nc procasibs PVrv Lanyard K E W PBVB P4VA lY Mariam 39T T V IDE lL AS FfV Mom 3amp1 Sd39oshsws was auti aus 9294M 7 be an 554 04 0 6 VmML mor 5 ErrCAL POINT 1 iwmaus MAKING 139 REAL nfk size malzwles V DuelLN vanwe b votdwa no Fi d mnlomuss V b V b sMLVL Alm z me aHvuL zH P w P4 92 V1 gt a pH ET LVAC P a 2 hr an MAINnihzk39 Cuw39 n lt 2M quotmw a mnuoommccs much suerY Here 511 ngy T MOVIES QQ HNFHATICgt Home L bandaged worms quotEVWVJ gt3 th itd K ws meMuzz nwf ltuT39LLk CHE kblcck mm Jan uzsn r The slid 170ch aka 5 sign Mahler I fpsward r mamas 1 11 s N am IKIVV Cu cF w lWEVEKs39BIW n a 4amva can pccess Malenaales 9124 amers WJM down me ns LAW 0 mmmwxwucs Pegs MDT INCLUDE Ms Luddl lwzl up 2 a 14ch 4174 17gt warm yuu39rsuf Is unwisqu wimw l f L414 911 mfurc 35234 mark was 05414 Tuemoqumc s ONE MY Esmequ A omennon For nus n79 Ms Maud14 421 a piI 52 Muse v Ema wwuug 43385 4 nztm u232w SOKSS van thmt was munst no 54 S0rn N uxg VNXEQT g 2 J k 6315 n 30 304 35 8333 ch 6 at 3036 24 343 t s m aspg 03 gt3 43 6 J Ir if 8 Qusbnw 435 wa iwsd mp MEN NEW WE mac 3 533 3mg 3 yvg 13qu 3338 Jags gtN1 3 WW232W qui QuSlt a 9quot st 34 hqu on 3ltIgu3lt 33 Sci 3 5 gt54 ma wsfwhqav 312 ANSAOSN A uusDum 6 MS 3 5323 H 9333 Sew Numt fa s Fonda mummy man was aalnlzons um m Experimemany delevmmed phase uansivion me 100 r r Ivapulalsd 400 Phase boundavy ol melasvahle phases Liquid 9 o x 300 g 0 c i E g E 200 a 1 00 g E o l n 100 200 I quotDA I X I I I I I L I 0 1 100 mp mummma IIIwomanlvnlzwLsxuzsslilimnulmedmmillsime ml 7mg 1 Wm Q n h 33 1 IQQISU 34Sltu34 Qn szd An ninjas I am I d Em h 2535 wt E 9qu 33 t 4336 my m3wa m5 mm mm J eSCWN A mpxmr mmm zv m n 2 4o Ah FSh 5m 7E m n PEI D nquot 87 n 1 mm a 9 Tinquot 30 50 a Emmi5 Sc x HS APR wan 59 Khanm RF 5 swanky 5 u a 9 921 V Sn5 1 hm gv w 3 fly Sin m T F was I win m 6quot we 04 Moi O vgkg E0330 u w 1omvdn nyn n2 0 3 8 SKer mArmrmeix uwh n mxu mu 3 mg FE av 4652 c5535 N2 A H H 4w ysAsnumtnF u nhxixnom D E Nihzx 353 n ughisn MS n 9 3 99an lt8 u Plt 0 353 ix asmk dwx um 336 nxhxi an m Rugs 9i arr Eigshr L 3 REA foti 9n Evin limit 1 Quart 6 w J EmmO 4O Ebu4m main 1m nm1ama d as u gt mfl mz zm E nhcm wm Ewan 3 F Q53 0km 9n axis 8 on quotE Igneoni afni 3015 war u h it 5 watt mgrav En a K22 E 251 ii 2 00 03 330 0 33a 33 d it Eug xu 1 u xiii 9 5 Y wa 303 3 N033 Pr 4po 3 usurer s 033 3 323 nquot H u v Juae 1 I n L8 A 8 1 2 1 quotI M nwzmv M ng Wdlwz gmw n M WMJyg m5 mu k nth Z 24 Rm cw N bra Em NEED WI W


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