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Introductory Physics I

by: Quinn Larkin

Introductory Physics I PHY 231

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physics 2 > PHY 231 > Introductory Physics I
Quinn Larkin
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Larkin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 231 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/207627/phy-231-michigan-state-university in Physics 2 at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
MICHIGAN STATE U N l v E R s x T Y Class 20 Torque PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Announcements MICHIGAN STATE UNIV39ERSlTY 0 Exam Friday next week class time based on HWs 6 7 8 PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Concepts overview MICHIGAN STATE U N l V E R S T Y 1 Torque 2 Center of gravity PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Problem Solving Overview W UNIV39ERSlTY PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billjnge Torque MICHIGAN STATE U N l V E R S T Y 39c Fd Use this equation but remember everything is perpendicular 1 d is the perpendicular distance 2 F is the force acting perpendicular to the lever arm PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Torque 1 Fd MICHIGAN ST Sign convention U N l v E R s l T Ve if Torque acts in counterclockwise direction Ve if Torque acts in clockwise direction Net Torque The net torque is given by the sum of all the torques acting taking into account sign Equ111br1um PHY 231 A solid body is in equilibrium only When the Fall 2004 net force AND the net torque are both Prof S Billinge zero Center of gravity MICHIGAN STATE center of mass W The point Where the gravitational force weight appears to act For a series of small masses m1 m2 x 2mixi C g Zmi y 2 Z miyi PHY 231 Cg 2 mi Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge The Moon does not fall to Earth because MICHIGAN STATE U N l v E R S l T Y 1 It is in Earth s gravitational eld 2 The net force on it is zero 3 It is beyond the main pull of Earth s gravity 4 all of the above 6 none of the above PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Suppose Earth had no atmosphere and a ball were red from the top of Mt Everest in a direction tangent to the ground If the initial speed were high enough to cause the ball to travel in a circular trajectory around Earth the ball s acceleration would A A Mr Everest lt Earth mm unemuu 1 be much less than g because the ball doesn t fall to the ground 2 be approximately g 3 depend on the ball s speed PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Gravitational potential MICHIGAN STATE energy W PE GMm r Note very similar to the force equation except 1 Minus sign 2 lr dependence instead of lr2 PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge A rider in a barrel of fun nds herself stuck With her back to the wallWhich diagram MICHIGAN STATE correctly shows the forces acting on her U N I V E R S l T Y PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge Consider two people on opposite sides of a rotating merrygoround One of them throws a ball toward the other In which frame of reference is the path of the ball straight when Viewed from above a the frame of the merrygoround or b that of Earth MICHIGAN STATE U N l v E R s l T Y 1 a only 2 a and bialthough the paths appear to curve 3 3 only 4 neither because it s thrown while in circular PHY 231 motion the ball travels along a Fall 2004 curved path Prof S Billinge You are trying to open a door that is stuck by pulling on the doorknob in a direction perpendicular to the door If you instead tie a rope to the doorknob and then pull With the same force is the torque you exert increased 1 yes 2 no MICHIGAN STATE NIVERSlTY PHY 231 Fall 2004 Prof S Billinge You are using a wrench and trying to loosen a rusty nut Which of the arrangements shown is most effective in loosening the nut wrench w ranch F wrench wrench PHY 231 g Fall 2004 mu 3 Prof S 3


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