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Greek and Roman Mythology

by: Evalyn Kautzer

Greek and Roman Mythology CLA 140

Evalyn Kautzer
GPA 3.85

John Rauk

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About this Document

John Rauk
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evalyn Kautzer on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 140 at Michigan State University taught by John Rauk in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/207675/cla-140-michigan-state-university in Classical Studies at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Exam One CLA 140 Characters Thersites A greek who does not want to play a role in the Trojan war because he claims that Helen is Manalous problem Odysseus beats him for his actions Diomedes Wants to kill Glaukes but does not because they are llGuest friends Helen DemiGoddess Older than Achilles Manalous wife taken to Troy because she was offered to Paris by Aphrodite Paris prince of Troy Brother of Hektor and son of Priam Brings a ten year war upon Troy because Aphrodite offered him Helen Priam King of Troy Laomemdon Father of Priam Founder of Troy Cause guilt of Troy by not paying Apollo and Poseidon back for building the temple Poseidon God of the Sea Hates Odysseus because he blinded his son the Cyclop Ancestor of the Phoenicians Aphrodite Goddess of Love Caused the Trojan War by giving Helen to Paris Briseis Achilles geras Taken by Aggamemnon after he is forced to return Chryseis Menelaos Brother of Aggamemnon Agamemnon King of Mycenea Older brother of Agammenon wants to destroy Troy Chryseis is his geras Hera Wife of Zeus hates the Trojans amp Hercules Herakles Hated by Hera because he is destined to b e great HeraKles Ganymede Zeus kidnaps him because he is in love with him Metis God of wisdom swallowed by Zeus in order to break the succession myth Odysseus King of Athica takes him 20 years to return home Hated by Poseidon because he blinded his son the cylop Has metis Uranos The frst titan Cronos cut his genitals of therefore killing him Cronos Swallowed his children to avoid the succession myth Zeus survived amp killed him Ares God of War Hades God of the underworld Odysseus amp Aeneas has to travel there Hephaistos Hermes see Psychopomp Messenger God Hektor Andromache married Prince amp princess of Troy Hecuba Queen of Troy Mother of Paris amp Hektor Aeneas Survivor of troy believe to be the first of the Romans Aias Ajax Second highest Achean warrior after Achilles Dolon A Trojan sent to spy on Achean camp Partoklos Father figure to Achilles Wears achille s armor in the war amp Hektor kills him Causes the rage of Achilles Astyanax Hektor amp Andromache s son Peleus Father of Achilles Andromache Hector s wife Andromache begs Hector to withdraw from the war and save himself before the Achaeans kill him Her father amp husband are killed by Achilles Myths and stories The Judgment of Paris Hera Athena and Aphrodite wanted to know who was more beautiful of the three Decided to ask Paris Hera bribed him with power Athena with wisdom and Aphrodite with the most beautiful woman in the world Helen Paris chose Aphrodite The Succession Myth Every God is killed by his son Pattern between Uranus Cronos Zeus Zeus avoids this by inheriting metis The llGuilt of Troyquot There is something wrong with troy Laomemdon caused this by not paying Apollo amp Poseidon for the temple The Epic Cycle Cycle of stories that the Odyssey amp The Iliad belong to quotAgesquot or Races of Man Gold Silver Bronze Heroes and Iron Iron is the lowest humans has lost complete connection with Gods The Doloneiaquot A chapter that is not necessary in the Iliad Dolon is killed Both the Trojans amp Acheans are spying on each other breaking the warrior code Concepts terms and objects Xenia All guest must be welcomed into household no questions asked Diffusion The spread of a myth from one people to another Cosmological myths Origin of Gods amp World Norse Myth at see the personi ed goddess Teichoscopia View from the wall Syncrentism Correlating one set of Gods with another Roman amp Greek Monomyth All myths are parallel to one another tripartation see comarative approach to myth Saecula Ten periods of ten thousand years each After each cycle the world would be destroyed and renewed again Important Individuals Milman Parry Developed the theory of Oral Composition Heinrich Schliemann Decided to Look fro Troy Archeology Xenophanes Criticized Homer s perceptions of Gods Hesiod Greek Oral poet Lived around Homer s time Joseph Cambpell see monomyth Universal Approach to Mythology Carl Jung Prodigy of Troy Universal Archetype Places Sparta Menelaous is the King Mycenae Aggamemnon is the King Rome Romulus is the founder taly Where Aeneas is headed amp destined to go Signi cant Names Achilles Akilaos people pain He who brings pain to his people Priam The one with ransom Ransoms Achilles for Hektors body Xanthos Commander river Greek terms


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