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General Chemistry

by: Ladarius Rohan

General Chemistry CEM 141

Ladarius Rohan
GPA 3.66

Masha Savelieff

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About this Document

Masha Savelieff
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ladarius Rohan on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEM 141 at Michigan State University taught by Masha Savelieff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/207677/cem-141-michigan-state-university in Chemistry at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
CHEMISTRY 130 General Chemistry Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles Winter 2010 Syllabus Chemistry 130 is a general introduction to the principles of chemistry Chemistry 130 meets as lectures and discussion sections only General Chemistry laboratory is a separate course Chemistry 125 which can be taken concurrently but does not need to be it can be taken in a later term Some entering students have had the equivalent of Chemistry 130 in high school and proceed directly to Chemistry 210 The usual requirement for this is advanced placement AP 4 or 5 credit In Chemistry 130 you will attend lectures three times per week The lecture sections are listed below In addition you will meet once per week in a discussion class lead by a graduate student instructor GSI who provides individual help with assignments Weekly quizzes 1015 minutes will be given in discussions unique Lecturer name Office Section Time Room Jadw1ga Slpowska dot1e 3545 Chem Course Coord1nator 100 9 10 1210 400 1 1 12 1200 Barry Dunietz bdunietz 2000 D Chem 200 1112 1800 Required Course Materials 1 The required textbook for CHEM 130 is EbbingGammon Chemistry 8th ed Media Enhanced EditionThere are three options when buying your textbook a Purchase custom 8th edition of textbook for the University of Michigan with access to OWL online homework system This textbook is available at all Ann Arbor campus bookstores and has been specially designed to save students money by i including textbook material that corresponds precisely to course syllabus ii including the partial solutions manual b Purchase a used textbook Sth or 93911 edition and OWL access separately If you choose this option please follow the instruction posted on CTools in the Additional Resources folder in the Purchasing Access to OWL document c Purchase ebook with OWL access This option gives you access to an electronic copy of the 93911 edition of the textbook through the OWL website 2 A g Zwizdom remote at Showcase for 3500 with a UM ID Keep the original receipt to get a 1500 rebate for up to 1 year 3 For exams and quizzes you will need a nonprogrammable scienti c calculator Programmable calculators are not allowed Any TI 80 or above is unacceptable CTools httpsctoolsumichedu CTools is a web site that contains information assignments etc related to individual courses and sections at the University of Michigan The CTools site for Chem 130 is used by your lecturer to post courserelated material of all kinds including supplemental information information about tests and quizzes assignments lectures etc You should check CTools often The Science Learning Center SLC The SLC is located just outside Chem 1800 the large lecture hall in the mezzanine of the Atrium of the Chemistry Building The SLC contains many resources to help you learn chemistry It is where the GSI s hold of ce hours and where the PeerStudy groups meet see below Of ce Hours of GSIs Chemistry 130 GSIs hold scheduled of ce hours in the SLC where they can provide oneonone help to Chem 130 students You can get help from any Chem 130 GSI at of ce hours it does not have to be the GSI who leads your discussion section The schedule of of ce hours will be posted in the SLC and on the CTools website Peer study Groups You can sign up for peerstudy groups in which small groups of your classmates lead by an upperclass undergraduate student discuss the course material These groups can be extremely effective aids in helping you to master course material They are organized through the Science Learning Center httpwwwumicheduslc Grading Policy Your grade will be determined based on your performance on two onehour exams the nal exam 10 best quizzes and 10 best homework assignments Quiz grades will be normalized according to the average of midterm exams for the discussion sections Class attendance and participation are an important part of learning in any course and in this class they will be rewarded with extra points towards your nal grade Please note that this is the only form of extra credit available in CHM 130 The weighted points are assigned as follows 2 hour exams 100 pts each 200 pts 44 22 per exam nal exam 200 pts 26 10 quizzes 5 pts each 50 pts 20 2 per quiz 10 homework assignments 10 l per assignment Total 100 Class attendance and participation up to 4 extra credit 2 homework assignments up to 2 extra credit Comments about the letter grade The nal letter grades will be assigned based on the total percentage of points you earned for all components of the course As a guide the following minimum will guarantee you a letter grade as follows 9000 A 7000 B 5000 D 8500 A 6500 C 4500 D 8000 B 6000 C 4000 D 7500 B 5500 C lt4000 E I Hour Exams Exams are scheduled from 600 to 800 PM on Wednesday evenings The exam is 15 hours long Additional time is for lling in scantron forms signing rosters and collecting exams There are N O MAKE UP EXAMS The hour exam dates are Exam 1 Monday February 15th from 6 8PM I Exam 2 Monday April 5th from 6 8PM Final Exam Monday April 26th from 800 to 1000 AM The nal is 2 hours long and starts promptly at 8AM Students with a nal exam con ict will take an alternate nal exam on the same day from 1030 AM to 1230 PM Exams cover the following chapters Exam 1 chapters 1 2 3 4 5155 6168 Exam 2 chapters 7 8186 9 10 111113 and 115116 Final exam approximately 65 cumulative and 35 chapters 15 and 16 Quizzes A total of 12 weekly quizzes worth 5 points each will be given during discussion The two lowest quiz grades will be dropped There are NO MAKE UP QUIZZES Online Homework We will use the OWL Online Web Learning system for homework assignments A total of 12 REQUIRED homework sets will be assigned Each will be worth 1 giving you a total of 12 of which 2 counts as extra credit There will be 13 OPTIONAL assignments that are recommended to practice problem solving skills OWL registration instructions are posted on CTools The rst required assignment provides you with OWL instructions along with examples for entering symbols subscripts superscripts etc There are NO MAKE UP HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS no matter what is the reason that you missed the submission deadline SAMS is the course s gradebook where you can check your quiz lecture and exam scores Homework scores will be available on the OWL website and they will be transferred to SAMS after the submission deadline for the last assignment Websites SAMS httpsamslsaumichedu General web page for CTools httpsctoolsumichedu Science Learning Center httpwwwumicheduslc Textbook web page http nllecre enoaoe I I I I 394 I I 0 1 39 1 vnnunnnnauy gcumai pumu IIIIr him OWL httpwwwcengagecomowl ExamQuiz Con ict Students who have any of the con icts listed below can take the alternate exams that are offered on the day of the regularly scheduled exams usually directly before or after the regularly scheduled exam 1 religious holiday 2 course con ict 3 of cial sport events not practices or club sport events An event is only considered a con ict if it is at the same time or overlaps with the exam time Personal scheduling con icts ights home club meeting work sport practice etc are not considered We will try our best to accommodate your con ict but we cannot guarantee that we can nd an alternate exam time that works for all students Thus please rearrange your own schedule as best as you can Detailed procedures for alternate exam requests will be posted on Ctools during the second week of classes Illness or other emergency Sometimes students miss exams because of illness or other emergencies If you are ill for an exam email your instructor immediately and ask the Health Service or your doctor for a note that includes the date your name and the fact that you were ill the day of the exam For the hour exams there are no makeups If you miss the exam and have an acceptable excuse a grade for this exam will be assigned at the end of the term The grade will be an average of the midterm exam you took and the nal exam For the nal exam there is a scheduled alternate exam that can be taken with your lecturer s permission in the case of a nal exam con ict If you miss the nal exam due to illness you will receive a course grade I incomplete Please check the LSA bulletin for details about this grade and procedures for completing the course The two dropped quizzes and extra 2 homework credit are to be used in case of illness andor other emergencies that prevent students from taking the quiz or submitting homework You may ONLY request to take a makeup quiz if you miss more than two quizzes and have adocumented acceptable excuse Any course grade appeal must be made by the student within six months after the end of the term in which the original grade was assigned Special Needs If you have a Universityrecognized disability and require special accommodation for exams you must give your paperwork to the GSM of the course by January 22nd An announcement with more details will be sent out the second week of classes Schedule of topics to be covered in lecture assigned readings and recommended end of chapter problems It is recommended that you read each assigned chapter before coming to lecture The lectures will provide a broader perspective and help you understand dif cult material Suggested end ofchapter homework problems see below are representative of questions you will encounter on exams and quizzes It is essential that you keep up with the homework on a weekly basis as you read the textbook chapters Practice with the homework problems while reading the text is probably the most effective way to study Dates Subjects Reading Suggested Problems 8th ed 01 060 1 08 matter classi cation measurement Chapter 1 Review questions introduction to the Periodic Table conceptual problems and physical chemical odd number problems from changesproperties 31 to 147 01 1101 15 structure of atom nuclide symbols Chapter 2 Review questions atomic weights atomic masses conceptual problems and nomenclature balancing equations odd number problems from 31 to 129 118 Martin Luther King Day 01 2001 25 mass relationships stoichiometry Chapter 3 Review questions the mole empirical and molecular conceptual problems and formulas Avogadro39s number odd number problems from percentage composition yields 21 to 115 01 2702 01 reactions in aqueous solutions Chapter 4 Review questions electrolytes molecular and ionic conceptual problems and equations precipitation reactions odd number problems from acidbase and redox reactions 23 to 139 oxidation numbers molarity titrations gravimetric and volumetric analysis 02030205 behavior of gases ideal gas law Chapter 5 Review questions 1 7 14 5155 conceptual problems and odd number problems 31 81 from 99115125 127 129 02 0802 12 thermochemistry enthalpy Chapter 6 Review questions 1 7 21 standard enthalpies Hess39s law 6168 conceptual problems and calorimetry thermochemical odd number problems from equations 35 to 125 2 15 Catch up review 215 Exam 1 600 PM 02170222 quantum theory light waves Chapter 7 Review questions photons the Bohr theory quantum 7 17 5 conceptual problems and mechanics quantum numbers odd number problems from atomic orbitals 29 to 83 02 2402 26 electron spin writing electron Chapter 8 Review questions 1 7 21 con gurations orbital diagrams of 8184 conceptual problems and atoms odd number problems from 35 to 87 0301 0305 Spring Break 38 periodic properties 8586 03 1003 17 ionic versus covalent bonds lattice Chapter 9 Review questions energy Lewis structures conceptual problems and resonance formal charge bond odd number problems from polarity bond order bond length 29 to 117 bond energy 03190326 molecular geometry VSEPR Chapter 10 Review questions dipole moment multiple bonding molecular orbitals conceptual problems and odd number problems from 27 to 83


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