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General & Inorganic Chemistry

by: Ladarius Rohan

General & Inorganic Chemistry CEM 142

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Chemistry > CEM 142 > General Inorganic Chemistry
Ladarius Rohan
GPA 3.66

Lynmarie Posey

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About this Document

Lynmarie Posey
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ladarius Rohan on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEM 142 at Michigan State University taught by Lynmarie Posey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/207697/cem-142-michigan-state-university in Chemistry at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
CEM I42 Prelude Important Information Syllabus Course Calendar amp OWL Instructions Sent to your MSU email account this morning at 8 AM Important Web Addresses r i Syllabus Links to Calendar and OWL Instructions Linkto Prof Posey s CEM I42 course information r i Prof Posey s lecture slides Prof Posey s of ce hours Help Room Schedule Otherlnformation Recitations A new recitation section Section I3 Tu I0120 I I I0 AM ms opened this week People Prof Lynmarie Posey 6 Chemistry basement poSeyImSuedu 597l5 le 0 NB When sending email please put CEM I42 in the subject line and send email from your MSU account Of ce Hours Tuesdays 030 I I130 AM Wednesdays 45 PM and by appointment General Chemistry Of ce Staff Ms Wendy Whitford General Chemistry Coordinator t5lljlcemtmslltedll Dr Steve Poulios Undergraduate Program Director paulias nsuuedu The General Chemistry Of ce is located in Room I35 Chemistry and is open from 3 AM IZ PM and I PM 5 PM M F The phone number is 597I5 X323 Teaching Assistants Koyeli Banerjee Shaun Bruno amp LeighAnn Jordan Help Room 33 Chemistry Hours Wednesdays 2 3 PM Thursdays ll 2 PM Fridays 2 5 PM The Course CEM I42 General amp Inorganic Chemistry Tuesdays and Thursdays 240 400 PM 38 Chemistry Sections ll3 Prerequisite Passing grade in CEM I4I or CEM I5I or CEM IBIH or LBSLBC I7I urse Descn39 tion Kinetics gaseous equilibria acids and bases pH buffers hydrolysis titrations heteroger neous equilibna the dynamics redox and electrochemistr y transition metal chemistry nuclear chemistry main group chemistry Course Materials Textbook Chemistry The Practical Science Volume 2 by P Kelter M Mosher A Scott and C W McLaughlin Houghton Mif in Boston 2008 ISBN 97B06IB99035I NBThis is a custompublished edition that contains only the chapters of the full text that are used in CEM I42 In addition a supplementary chapter entitled Chemistry ofMain Group Elementsquot taken from General Chemise try 3th ed by Ebbing and Gammon is included OWL Homework System Access Code Required See detailed instructions for accessing OWL that were sent to your MSU email account Supplemental Materials Recommended Chemistry I42 Lecture Notes by P W W Hunter ISBN 0963047l75 is available from the General Chemistry 0 ce and local bookstores for 0 2 Chemistry I42 Examinations and Solutions 2005 mm ISBN 0963047l24 can be purchased in the General Chemistry Of ce and local bookstores for 20 3 Chemistry I42 Study Guide P W W Hunter and A M Pollock are available with ISBN l426637802 and without ISBN 075935457X OWL access codes at the local bookstores Important Dates Tuesday October l2 240 400 PM First MidTerm Examination Tuesday November l6 240 400 PM Second Midterm Examination Friday December i7 l000 AM l200 PM Final Examination Saturdays at 3 AM OWL Problem Sets are due See CEM l42 Calendar for dates No alternate exams will be given For one missed midterm exam the lower of the weighted average scores from the other midterm exam or nal exam will be substituted for the missed midterm exam For a second missed midterm exam a score of0 will be used in computing the semester grade NO ALTERNATE FINAL EXAM WILL BE GIVEN PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY Students who miss the nal exam will receive a semester grade of 00 Resources Prof Posey questions related to course content 2 General Chemistry Of ce administrative issues and technical problems with OWL 3 Lecture 4 Recitations beginning Tuesday September 7 5 Help Room Bl83 Chemistry The sta ing schedule is posted on line and will be posted outside the room 6 Tutoring sessions o ered by the Learning Resource Center in Bessey Hall and at other campus locations Addie tional information will be provided at the beginning of class on Thursday September l6tb 7 Study groups 8 Course website httpwwwchemistrymsueducoursesceml42indexhtml Prof PoseYs lecture slides will be Grading There will be i000 possible points this semester First MidTerm Examination 220 points Second MidTerm Examination 220 points Final Examination 350 points OWL Problem Sets l65 Recitation Problem Sets 45 Grading will be based on the following xed absolute grading scale gt 300 40 gt740 35 gt680 30 gt620 25 gt560 20 gt500 5 gt440 0 lt440 00 Academic Honesty Students who cheat by copying the work of others or by using unauthorized materials when taking midterm andor nal examinations will receive a score ofzero Tips for Success l Schedule some time every day to work on CEM I42 Do not wait until the last minute to prepare for tests There are only two ofthem Work on the OWL problems as the material is covered in lecture It is important to stay current with the material in the course N Do the reading assignment before lecture w Take notes in class and review them the same day Take doing the OWL problems seriously They count for l65 e of the semester grade and learning how to do these problems will help to prepare you for exams Collaboration with your peers on solving these problems is encouraged however you are responsible for submitting your own answers before Saturday 3 AM P Come to recitation prepared to put in your best effort on the recitation problem sets Participate in the discus sion ofthe problems and presentation of solutions 0 Practice working problems from old exams 7 Take advantage ofthe available resources Course Topics Learning Objectives 92l0 l Chemical Kinetics 2 Chemical Equilibria a Aaueous AcidBase Eauilibria b Heterogeneous Eauilibria Solubility and Precipitation c Thermodynamics and Eauilibria 3 OxidationReduction Reactions and Electrochemistry 4 Patterns in Reactivity of Main Group Elements 5 Coordination Chemistry of Transition Elements 6 Nuclear Chemistry optional You should I be able to explain what a normalized reaction rate is 2 know how to determine average reaction rates and instantaneous reaction rates from data or graphs giving reactant or product concentrations as a function oftime 3 understand the distinction between average and instantaneous reaction rates 4 know how to relate the rates at which reactants are consumed and products are formed in a given reaction to the overall reaction rate using the stochiometric coef cients from the balanced chemical equation 5 have a general understanding of how reaction rates are affected by reactant concentrations temperature and catalysts 6 recognize that the rate equationrate law is an experimentally determined relationship between the reaction rate and concentration of reactants 7 be prepared to use the method ofinitial rates to find the order of a reaction in each reactant the overall reaction order and the rate constant Related Problems from Spring 2008 Exam I I 5 a Spring 2009 Exam I3 Corresponding OWL Problemsl53b I53e Learning Objectives What are they Learning objectives are things that you should a know I understand be prepared to do a know how to use or apply Learning objectives will be provided at the beginning of each lecture and will also be included in the lecture slides posted on the course website Taken together the learning objectives can be used as a study guidechecklist in preparing for the midterm and nal examinations Chemical Reactivity Kinetics Rates or 39 39 39 39 pp and pr appear in a reaction How do reactant concentrations and temperature affect reaction rates Reaction mechanisms microscopic level What is the detailed path followed by atoms and molecules in a chemir cal reaction In what or er are broken and bonds formed Which molecules in a reaction mixture react with each other and in what order Thermodynamics EnergeticsHow much energy is released or consumed in a reaction AE or AH Energy is required to break bonds and is released upon bond formation Extent ofreaction chemical equilibrium AGDoes eauilibrium favor reactants or products Rates of Chemical Reactions amp Stoichiometry a Reaction rate the number of times a reaction occurs per unit time observable the change in concentration of reactants andor products per unit time Areactant lt 0 and Aproduct gt 0 At At The relationship between the reaction rate and changes in reactant and product concentration per unit time is provided by reaction stoichiometry Consider the reaction N105 a moi 02 The rate of reaction is 7 M02 7 AN02 7 7 At 7 4 7 l AN205 in general the rate reaction for reaction aA bB a cc dD isgiven by l AAJ IAB I AM M01 R t t t a e a At b At c At d At Note that reaction rates are always greater than zero The terms reaction rate rate of reaction and normalized reaction rate are synonymous The term normalized reaction ratequot emphasizes that the overall reaction rate is independent of reactants and prod cts The rates of disappearance of reactants and appearance of products are normalized by dividing by the stoichiometric coe r cient to get the reation rate Instantaneous and Initial Rates instantaneous Rates or 739 undo 4 r v v v r Slope or gradient of a line tangent to the curve at time t39 A reactant dreactant llm A240 At t r dt Aproduct dproduct llm AQAO t ain remember that the instantaneous rate of reaction is found by dividing the instantaneous rates of reactant consumption and product formation by the stoichiometric coefficient initial Rate ofReacti39on Instantaneous rate of reaction at t 0 Average Rates Average Rates ofReactant Consumption and Product Formation Areactant reactanthl reactanth lt 0 At t2 ti Aproduct pmducth product g gt 0 At ti Recall that the average rate of r 39 or 39 quot J39 39J J quot h 39 h39 ric coefficient to nd the average rate of reaction mu unmnr tremrr Alva H mm M At l i u l Uri sauna rtr Are inn quotlt 1i 7 llllms M E 4n mu inn 7i aim 39l39uucfsl Note that the average rates at which reactants disappear and products appear and hence the reaction rate change as the reaction proceeds 14 no AINOZ c a range to arrrnanl LU bquot I u an inn zoo am a s a a n Tmle Instantaneous reaction rates and rates for consumption of reactants and formation of products change over time


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