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Organic Chemistry I

by: Ladarius Rohan

Organic Chemistry I CEM 351

Ladarius Rohan
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ladarius Rohan on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEM 351 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see /class/207711/cem-351-michigan-state-university in Chemistry at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
CEM 35l FSO8 Organic Nomenclature l Newman Projections Cycloallltane Strain Manes Organic Nomenclature Complete Condensed Molecular Name Structural Line Formula Structural Formula Formula Formula T T T T Butane H clz clz clz clz H CH3CH2CH2CH3 C4HIo H H H H T T T T T T T Heptane H 9 9 9 9 99H CH3CH25CH3 C7Hl H H H H H H H TTTTTTT F 2 fluorooctane HQQQ Q IQQQH W CH3CHFCH25CH3 CanF H H H H H H H H 3 W CHaCHzCHllllCHzlaCHa C12H25 Iodododecone HHHHHHHHHHHH F Cl H H H I I I 2 Chloro 1 H C C C CID CID H FCH2CHCCH22CH3 CjHIOCIF fluoropentane L A l PI F H B B H i Br BCHCHBICHIB CHB I39 trIbromopentane I l l BrBr r 2 r 23 r 5 9 B H H H H H H H a 2 Iodo 3 HgEgiHlT CH3CHCHlCH3llCH2l2 tn In I l I T T CH3 C7H15 meyexone HHHHHH CH3 4 sec 3356 CH3CH23CHC H c 0 butyloctane T xH OCTgtICTOT T Vj H3CHCH2CH3HC cal 3926 T H CH HRH HRH OIH H H22CH3 CI H CI CHeH H I I l 2 chloro 3 HCCC c CH3CHCCHCH3 C HmCI methylpentane I I I I I CH2CH3 H H H H H CH3 4 5 7 it t r WINH H law r CH3CH22CHCH3C H999 399c99H H CH CH CH CH trImetnyldecane H H H H H H H H H 2 3 3 C13H28 CH22CH3 hexane CEM 351 Organic Nomenclature t Newman Projections Cycloalkane Strai Manes Ethane CH3CH3 C2H6 F 23 CH CHFCHFCH C H F difluorobutane 3 3 4 8 2 F 111 Br Br tribrOmoheXQne WW CBr3r6H24CH3 carran tiodo55 30 CH3 dimefhylhexone HSCWI CCH33CH23CH2I CanI methane na CH4 CH4 trans 13 1 dimethylcyclop CHCH3CH2CH C7H16 CH3CH23 entane 11 dimethylcyclo CH32CCH22 C5H10 propane CI cis t bromo 2 chorocyco CHBrCHCICH22 C4H BrC butane Br trans 13 dimethylcyclo Im CHsHCt ltlt3HH2lt3HC CSHM hexane 3 2 3 Br trans t bromo 2 iodocyclo amp BrCHCHICH24 C HIOBrl I CEM 35l F808 Orgath NomethaTure l Newmah PrqecTTohs Cycloalkahe STraTh Mahes Newman Projeclions Look aT The followThg seT of Newmah prqecTTohs aha aeTermThe thch coh guraTTohs have The thhesT aha TowesT sTabTTTTy E H ET H H E El H Me Me NET g Me Me ET H A B C H E1 Er H E El ET Meg M Me Me MEQIRH H H H D E F a Wthh of The followThg sTrucTures above is mosT sTabTe A all groups slaggered and largesl group elhyl is belween 2 H s and 2 melhyl groups b Wthh is The TeasT sTabTeZ F Bolh elhyl groups eclipsed mosl slerically slrained c WhaT compouha TS ThTsZ Draw The The sTrucTure aha hame TT accoraThg To TUPAC rules H30 CH3 33dimelhylhexane XA CEM 351 F808 Organic Nomenclature l Newman Projections Cycloallltane Strain Manes Draw the Newman Projection of 2 bromo 3 chlorohexane looking down the C2 C3 axis Br Br H H Cl 039 Conformation Choir Draw the most stable chair conformations of the following molecules a trans l 4 dimethylcyclohexane b cis l 2 difluorocyclohexane F c cis l choro 3 methylcyclohexane Cl CEM 351 F808 Organic Nomenclature l Newman Projections Cycloallltane Strain Manes Draw the chair flipped conformation of the following and circle the most stable conformation and name it Cl cis1choro4t butylcyclohexane E F trans1isopropyl2 methylcyclohexane C H 3 Br F Br H 30 k cis1bromo3 methylcyclohexane


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